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William Henry Harrison: Young Tippecanoe
Published in Digital by Patria Press ()
Authors: Howard Peckham and Cathy Morrison
Amazon base price: $7.95
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A Great Read
William Henry Harrison, second book in the Young Patriots Series, doesn't disappoint, but makes an excellent read, and both entertains and educates. The illustratins are simply wonderful and truly enhance the story. Geared to the 8 to 12 year old, it's a must on every family bookshelf!

A welcome, highly recommended biography for kids.
William Henry Harrison holds the distinction of being the United States President who delivered the longest inaugural address and served the shortest time (30 days) before he also became the first president to die in office. William Henry Harrison: Young Tippecanoe is a superb biography for young readers ages 8 to 12, written by the late Howard Peckham, and originally published in 1951. Featuring the childhood adventures of our ninth president (including the thrilling rescue of his sister from drowning when he was only seven, and the courageous capture of a British soldier just one year later when he was eight, William Henry Harrison is a welcome, very highly recommended addition to school and community biography collections for children and part of the Patria Press newly designed "Young Patriots" series.

Henry V
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (October, 1999)
Authors: William Shakespeare and John Russell Brown
Amazon base price: $12.65
Buy one from zShops for: $10.96
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Profoundly Brilliant!
Written by Shakespeare for Queen Elizabeth I amidst a time of Irish rebellion, Henry V more than adequately serves its intended purpose of galvanizing nationalistic fervor. It proved itself to be an unwavering and unfaltering impetus of patriotism in Shakespeare's day, during WWII, and still today it continues to resonate and reverberate this provocatively telling tale of the most gloriously revered monarch in English history.

Henry V's stirring orations prior to the victorious battles of Harfleur("Once more unto the breach") and Agincourt("We few, we happy few, we band of brothers") astonish and inspire me every time I read them. Simply amazing. Having read Henry IV Parts I&II beforehand, I was surprised Shakespeare failed to live up to his word in the Epilogue of Part II in which he promised to "continue the story, with Sir John in it." The continuing follies of the conniving Bardolph, Nym, & Pistol and their ignominious thieving prove to be somewhat of a depricating underplot which nevertheless proves to act as a succinct metaphor for King Harry's "taking" of France.

Powerful and vibrant, the character of Henry V evokes passion and unadulterated admiration through his incredible valor & strength of conviction in a time of utter despondency. It is this conviction and passion which transcends time, and moreover, the very pages that Shakespeare's words are written upon. I find it impossible to overstate the absolute and impregnable puissance of Henry V, a play which I undoubtedly rate as the obligatory cream of the crop of Shakespeare's Histories. I recommend reading Henry IV I&II prior to Henry V as well as viewing Kenneth Branagh's masterpiece film subsequent to reading the equally moving work.

Excellent Publication/Version (Arden Shakespeare)
I looked long and hard (and asked many a scholar) for the "perfect" Shakespeare publication that I might purchase to study "King Henry V" (for a experiential education requirement, I had undertaken the translation of Henry V into American Sign Language). The Arden Shakespeare came highly recommended by everyone, and has lived up entirely to all its rave reviews.

I will never buy Shakespeare from another publisher. While these books may be slightly more expensive than a "mass market" edition, I believe that if you are going to take the time to read and understand Shakespeare, it is well worth the extra dollar or two. The Introduction, the images, and plethora of footnotes are irreplaceable and nearly neccessary for a full understanding of the play (for those of us who are not scholars already). The photocopy of the original Quatro text in the appendix is also very interesting.

All in all, well worth it! I recommend that you buy ALL of Shakespeare's work from Arden's critical editions.

We Few, We Happy Few
On D-Day British officers read Henry's famous words to their men as they approached the beach. When Churchill needed material for his famous "Few" speech, his thoughts turned to the pages of Henry V. From "once more into the breach" to "we happy few, we band of brothers" this play resonates with Shakespeare's paen to England's warrior king. Oh, you'll be a bit confused at the start if you haven't read Henry IV parts 1 and 2, but this is primarily the story of Henry V's victory at Agincourt. Whether the play glorifies war or just Henry you will have to decide. There is much food for thought here for the perceptive reader. But then Shakespeare is always provocative.

Henry IV
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (October, 1999)
Author: William Shakespeare
Amazon base price: $11.50
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henry iv is misnamed since the play isn't really about king henry but about his son, prince hal, and his enemies, especially henry percy (aka 'hotspur') who is a rival to hal. hotspur is one of the leaders of the rebellion against the king and, at a tender age, is already an accomplished soldier. his story provides the drama of the play. hal, on the other hand, has fallen out of favor with the king, and is whiling away his days in the company of dissolute company, led by sir john falstaff, one of shakespeare's great characters. his adventures with sir john provide the comic relief. fortunately for the king, hal sheds his prodigal ways in time to save his father and his crown in the battle at shrewsbury, where, coincidentally, hal meets and slays his rival, hotspur.

this is one of shakespeare's best plays. the story of the rebellion is intriguing, and the adventures of hal and falstaff are laugh-out-loud hilarious. the culmination of the two stories in the final battle scene is wonderful. this is a fitting sequel to richard ii.

note that there are some historical inaccuracies and even outright inventions in this play. foremost is the character of falstaff who is pure invention (and genius). the story of hal's adventures stems from his reputation, enhanced by legend, as a playboy. falstaff was the perfect foil for a carousing prince. the biggest inaccuracy is hotspur's age. he was actually of the generation of henry iv, and not as young as he's depicted in the play. shakespeare made him younger to enhance, maybe even create, the rivalry with hal. there are other inaccuracies here, but better for the reader to consult 'shakespeare's kings', an excellent book by saccio that explains the history of the period and the discrepancies in the play.

This is King Henry IV Part 1
This is the play where the Percy rebellion begins and centers around the Achilles like Hotspur. Eventually, Hotspur (Henry Percy) and Prince Hal (Henry Monmouth - later Henry V) battle in single combat.

We also get to see the contrast between these young men in temperament and character. King Henry wishes his son were more like Hotspur. Prince Hal realizes his own weaknesses and seems to try to assure himself (and us) that when the time comes he will change and all his youthful foolishness will be forgotten. Wouldn't that be a luxury we wish we could all have afforded when we were young?

Of course, Prince Hal's guide through the world of the cutpurse and highwayman is the Lord of Misrule, the incomparable Falstaff. His wit and gut are featured in full. When Prince Hal and Poins double-cross Falstaff & company, the follow on scenes are funny, but full of consequence even into the next play.

But, you certainly don't need me to tell you anything about Shakespeare. Like millions of other folks, I am in love with the writing. However, as all of us who read Shakespeare know, it isn't a simple issue. Most of us need help in understanding the text. There are many plays on words, many words no longer current in English and, besides, Shakespeare's vocabulary is richer than almost everyone else's who ever lived. There is also the issue of historical context, and the variations of text since the plays were never published in their author's lifetime.

For those of us who need that help and want to dig a bit deeper, the Arden editions of Shakespeare are just wonderful.

-Before the text of the play we get very readable and helpful essays discussing the sources and themes and other important issues about the play.

-In the text of the play we get as authoritative a text as exists with helpful notes about textual variations in other sources. We also get many many footnotes explaining unusual words or word plays or thematic points that would likely not be known by us reading in the 21st century.

-After the text we get excerpts from likely source materials used by Shakespeare and more background material to help us enrich our understanding and enjoyment of the play.

However, these extras are only available in the individual editions. If you buy the "Complete Plays" you get text and notes, but not the before and after material which add so much! Plus, the individual editions are easier to read from and handier to carry around.

Top 5 Shakespeare!
Having just completed Henry IV Part I, I must say that I came away delighted and impressed with Shakespeare's genius once again. Shakespeare's ability to intertwine the arduous dichotomy of the impcomparable comedy of Falstaff and the meaningful history of Henry IV, Prince Hal, & Hotspur is impressive to say the least. It comes as no surprise that this was one of Shakespeare's most popularly staged plays during his day and enjoyed an unusually long stage run.

Falstaff is undoubtedly the most infamously famous literary comic character in the history of English literature. The scenes of him being robbed by Prince Hal, feigning his death, stabbing the already deceased Hotspur in the leg while claiming victory, and his employment of beggars as his foot soldiers galvanize the comic aspect of the play and make for a hilarious & farcical sublot. Interestingly, in the bar in Eastcheap, Prince Hal alludes to his future persecution of Falstaff when he is crowned king.

I strongly recommend Henry IV Part I to all Shakespeare aficionados seeing as I deem it in the top five of all Shakespeare's works along with Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, & Henry V. Now on to Part II. Adieu.

"The better part of valor is discretion." - Falstaff

Henry 4, Part 1 (Oxford School Shakespeare Series)
Published in Paperback by Oxford Univ Pr Childrens Books (October, 1995)
Authors: Roma Gill and William Shakespeare
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $6.20
Average review score:

good but a little hard to understand
i liked it that hal killed hotspur because in the movie hotspur was ugly and disgusting. everytime i looked at him i felt like i wanted to puke.

Andrew Jackson and the New Populism (Profiles of Great Americans for Young People: Henry Steele Commager's amerIcans)
Published in School & Library Binding by Children's Book Press (December, 1988)
Authors: William Gutman, Rodger Xavier, and Roger Zavier
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $2.22
Average review score:
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The Best of O. Henry
Published in Paperback by Pendulum Pr (June, 1977)
Author: William S. Porter
Amazon base price: $4.95
Used price: $10.59
Collectible price: $16.00
Average review score:
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A certain young man of Assisi
Published in Unknown Binding by ()
Authors: Alfred Sutro, May E. Southworth, John Henry Nash, and William Wilke
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $30.00
Average review score:
No reviews found.

The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen (Popular Culture in America)
Published in Hardcover by Ayer Co Pub (June, 1975)
Authors: Frank Forester and Henry William Herbert
Amazon base price: $40.95
Used price: $12.00
Collectible price: $12.71
Average review score:
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Fan: The Story of a Young Girl's Life
Published in Hardcover by AMS Press (June, 1923)
Author: William Henry Hudson
Amazon base price: $35.00
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Four American poets : William Cullen Bryant, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greenleaf Whittier, Oliver Wendell Holmes : a book for young Americans
Published in Unknown Binding by Norwood Editions ()
Author: Sherwin Cody
Amazon base price: $
Collectible price: $45.00
Average review score:
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