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My Friend, My Hero
Published in Paperback by A & B Book Pub Dist (2001)
Author: Jerald Levon Hoover
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Great book for today's youth
My Friend My Hero is a great book that all young people and parents should read. It shows a great portrayal of how our youth can make intelligent decisions, despite all the negativity they're faced with everday. The author did a wonderful job of displaying realistic everyday situations that a youth faces along with a good mix of humor. This book is a winner!!!

The ability to effectively grasp the attention of teenagers without using the profane language was most impressive to me. My friend, My Hero, definitely, is able to touch the hearts of readers on all levels. I ended with my eyes wide opened and my mouth to the floor. My friend my Hero reached my heart and my emotions. It starts off light, but ends deep and touching. There is no possible way you could leave from reading this book without your eyes being flooded with tears. ................ and if you think this book is great wait until you read Jerald Hoover's next book, "He was my friend too".

Moving & Inspirational
I read this book in two days and found it staggering. As a single mother of a 10 year old daughther, and a resident of the Bronx, I found this story quite riveting and inspiring for young people. It is great to read a book written by someone from the community whom you can truly relate to. I was able to visualize and feel compassion for all of the characters, I was able to identify as a parent the plight and true nature of peer pressure and the pressures of every day life in this environment. This book is a dose of reality that all children, urban and suburban should have as a part of their home-library and if they don't already have a home-library, this book a great place to start.

She Never Said Goodbye (My wife's disappearance down a road of no return - Alzheimer's)
Published in Hardcover by AquariusHousePress (14 February, 2000)
Authors: George Vernon Ellison, Loy Young, and Loy Young
Amazon base price: $24.95
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Insight for Caregivers
A thoughtful summary of how a family member with a debilitating illness can change the lives of the whole family, and community as well. Invaluable insights for family and friends; how to deal with a disease that can be all consuming, how to find support and peace for the primary caregiver, and how to negotiate some of the legal and financial pit falls. A real eye opener!

A Wonderful Love Story
Alzheimer's disease is a terrible disease that robs the essence of a person, and leaves families in turmoil. In the book, SHE NEVER SAID GOODBYE, Vern Ellison tells his story. The story is about his love for his wife Sara and his family, and the tradedy of watching Sara fall into the Alzheimer's abyss, knowing there would be no return.

To be diagnosed with Alzheimer's at any age is tragic, with most of the burden resting on elderly spouses or children who care. But early-onset Alzheimer's is even more cruel, robbing the victim of prodtive twilight years when they should be watching their children marry and blossom and enjoying their grandchildren.

This book brings a story together of love, life and what is ahead for millions, if there is no cure or prevention for Alzheimer's disease.

A necessary read for everyone, particularly those in their 50's.

A "must-read" for anyone caring for a loved one with AD.
A 'must-read' for anyone caring for a loved one with AD As many books as I have read about this devastating disease, I must say this one rates among the very best. It takes you through the complete journey and gives the reader every opportunity to anticipate the inevitable, yet throws educating surprises along the way. It is not a mystery, but a true account of one very devoted man's caregiving journey. I highly recommend She Never Said Goodbye and extend my heartfelt "thanks" to George Ellison for writing it.

Escape from Fire Lake (The Last Chance Detectives, 3)
Published in Paperback by Tyndale House Pub (1996)
Authors: Robert Vernon and Tyndale Kids
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $5.65
Collectible price: $10.00
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Good Christian adventure video!
This video is the story of Mike being kidnapped by bank robbers and then left in the desert alone. The other Last Chance Detectives keep searching for him. They follow Mikes clues until they find him. I liked this video a whole lot. by Derek, age 6

Eight Who Made a Difference: Pioneer Women in the Arts (Avisson Young Adult Series)
Published in Library Binding by Avisson Pr Inc (1999)
Authors: Erica Stux and Vernon M. Neppe
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $4.29
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The gender gap
The talents and accomplishments of women are often neglected despite remarkable achievements. Britian's flowering under Elizabeth I owed much to that ruler's direct influence. The Hermitage exists only because of Catherine the Great's extraordinary taste and insight. Fanny Mendelsshon was as gifted as her brother Felix and Kathe Kollwitz's self portrait is a match for Courbet's, Durer's or even Rembrandt's. This book, intended for teenagers, attempts to remedy the historical neglect of women by presenting the lives and works of Maria Tallchief, Lousie Navelson, Marian Anderson, Nadia Boulanger, Mary Cassett, Margaret Burke-White, Beverly Sills and Julia Morgan, all of whom made major contributions to their eight different fields. While the writing is a bit dry and a more detailed expostion of their work would be useful, the book is a must, even for adults, interested in redressing the gender imbalance in history.

A charming collection of stories about 8 remarkable women.
Eight Who Made A Difference, by Erica Stux is a charming collection of stories about eight remarkable women who contributed to the arts. Stux brings together stories that transcend time offering motivation to all ages present and future. Her subjects and their stories will inspire anyone to strive for goals beyond their immediate reach. To become more than ones belief is the common greatness of the art-filled women highlighted in this collection. Each of the eight women that "Made a Difference" manifest a sense of courage and strength to endure the obstacles before them. This reader was enchanted by their success and honored to know more about them.

a wonderful book by an obviously talented author
This is a wonderful and insightful book about strong and brilliant women who made a difference in the arts. Their stories are inspirational. Stux is obviously a talented author who has done her research.

The Popularity Plan (Sweet Dreams, No 2)
Published in Paperback by Bantam Books (1984)
Author: Rosemary Vernon
Amazon base price: $2.50
Used price: $0.01
Collectible price: $11.77
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Good story with a hidden message
This book started out a little slower than I liked, but it eventually got me caught up in the story. I wasn't hooked until halfway through, but at that point I couldn't put it down. The story is about a shy girl that is given lessons by her friends to help her talk to boys. The girl learns, though, that popularity isn't everything that she dreamed it would be.

Silly fun
The popularity plan---a plan devised by 4 girls for Frannie, a shy and awkward teen, to find love. And it worked! Soon, Frannie's social calendar was filled with dates and parties. She was suddenly one of the prettiest and most sought-after girls in the school. The only problem was that the one boy she wanted, artistic and quiet Ronnie, wasn't interested in her. Then, her friends began to avoid her and her whole world fell apart

Does anyone else miss this series from their teen years?
I have always enjoyed the Sweet Dreams series and have kept many of them from my teen years. This book was the first one I had ever read in this series. Frannie is painfully shy, but her friends can solve that! With their "popularity plan", Frannie is destined to become popular and over come her shyness in no time. Frannie begins to have eyes for Ronnie, but will her popularity push him away? Great book - I also recommend it's sequel "The Popularity Summer" (Sweet Dreams #20).

The Film Criticism of Vernon Young
Published in Hardcover by University Press of America (17 August, 1990)
Authors: Vernon Young and Bert Cardullo
Amazon base price: $65.50
Used price: $7.18
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Unpopular Critic on a Popular Art
From the polite distance of his home in Sweden, the Englishman Vernon Young quietly established himself as one of the greatest critics of film during the medium's most tumultuous decades - the '60s & '70s - when the roseate promises of Truffaut, Antonioni, and Bergman went unfulfilled, to be replaced by the isolated, tenuous successes of Tavernier, Wertmuller, and (one of his own favorites) Jan Troell. Remote from the notorious in-fighting of the New York critical scene, in which Stanley Kauffmann, Pauline Kael and John Simon reduced film reviewing to a blood sport, Young commented - selectively - on a film scene which had driven some spectators away from film completely. Long out of print, his two books On Film and Cinema Borealis (his brilliant Bergman study) have finally been supplanted by this direly needed overview, gathering together his far-flung reviews in one invaluable volume. I am certain it will at last convince everyone that Young belongs on the list of film critics which includes Otis Ferguson, Robert Warshow and James Agee.

African American Males in School and Society: Practices and Policies for Effective Education
Published in Paperback by Teachers College Pr (1999)
Authors: Vernon C. Polite and James Earl Davis
Amazon base price: $23.95
Used price: $14.37
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Basic bookkeeping for young churches : a programmed study guide for individual or classroom use
Published in Unknown Binding by William Carey Library] ()
Author: Vernon Swenson
Amazon base price: $
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Cinema Borealis: The Art of Ingmar Bergman
Published in Paperback by Avon (1975)
Author: Vernon Young
Amazon base price: $4.95
Used price: $4.79
Collectible price: $65.00
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The Secret Code on Your Hands: An Illustrated Guide to Palmistry
Published in Spiral-bound by Mandala Publishing Group (2000)
Author: Vernon Mahabal
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.92
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