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One Step Closer: A Guided Tour of the Spiritual Life
Published in Paperback by Howard Publishing (1999)
Author: David Edwards
Amazon base price: $5.99
Used price: $3.32
Collectible price: $6.95
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I purchased this book at the Singles conference in Florida. It is awesome in everyway. I love the layout and the questions are very stimulating. It is just a wonderful book. Get one, you will love it.

This bok Rocks
I have read this book and I found that I didn't really know where I was in my walk with Christ. This book will lead you to where you are and then help you to go further each day. You will not want to put it down.

You will not be able to put this book down
I am a college student and my prayer group is now using ONE STEP CLOSER as a weekly study program. It is right on target for college students. It will help you with your walk with Christ and it is easy to share with others.

Harvest Home: American Settlers Gather the Harvest in Four Inspiring Novellas
Published in Paperback by Barbour & Co (2000)
Authors: Janet Lee Barton, Ellen Edwards Kennedy, Debby Mayne, and Janet Spaeth
Amazon base price: $6.97
Used price: $0.88
Collectible price: $4.19
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Debby Mayne's "Sunshine Harvest"
Debby Mayne's "Sunshine Harvest" stands out in this anthology with a tale of deeply inspirational romance. She has painted a colorful backdrop with the citrus groves, migrant workers and tropical Florida locale. Her heroine takes us through a gamut of emotions after her father dies and she must summon the strength to hold his dream together while dealing with his loss. But what I liked best about this story was the hero! Daniel is a sensitive, intelligent, spiritual leading man, and I did some swooning along with Anna as I got to know him. Debby Mayne writes with a very visual stroke; "Sunshine Harvest" would make a stunning and romantic movie!

Harvest Home Anthology -- ONLY BELIEVE
In the fourth novella of the Harvest Home Anthology, talented author, Janet Spaeth, weaves an emotional romance filled with love for God, family, and the Dakota Territory of 1879. ONLY BELIEVE shows the hard work and faith of two people, Catherine and Micah, who fall in love in the midst of trials they both face as they harvest the wheat crop. Woven into the story are touches of the humorous talent of this endearing author. Janet uses the embroidery of the bible verse, 'Be not afraid, only believe,'(Mark 5:36), as a memorable setting, along with that of the beautiful prairie of the Dakota Territory, for this wonderful, heartwarming harvest story of true love. I could not put down the Harvest Home Anthology from Barbour until I finished Janet Spaeth's novella, ONLY BELIEVE. I know you will enjoy Catherine and Micah's love story as much as I did. And that like me, you will remember to -- be not afraid and only believe -- for miracles in your life.

Harvest of Love
A very well-written decent story for everyone of any age. It was easy to read and to relax with. I would recommend this story to everyone. It takes you back to days of the American Settlers when times were simple. It is refreshing to read and to escape the confusing, busy, and complicated days of today.

Camilla (Oxford World's Classics)
Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (1999)
Authors: Fanny Burney, Edward A. Bloom, and Lillian D. Bloom
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.61
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Loved every minute of it.
I just finished reading Camilla. I'm very sad it is over. I am not an avid reader, but Camilla has made me one. If I can read a 900 page book, I can read anything. But I don't know if anything will be as good. I am a big fan of the Austin movies. I finally read Pride and Prejudice when my friend wouldn't lend me the tapes. I was a little disappointed that it was slow moving. I found Camilla the opposite. I just ordered Evelina and Cecilia. I can't wait.

Should have been called Eugenia.....
Why do I think it should have been called Eugenia? She is the character whom you will respect and adore the most at the end of this book. But before I elaborate on that further, let me say that this is the second book of Fanny Burney's that I have read and she is the author who has, by far, the best gift for pulling her readers into the very emotions of her characters. The characters in Camilla felt like very real people to me by the end of this book. This is not just due to the fact that it is almost a thousand pages long - I felt this way within the first few chapters. Ms. Burney was a great inspiration to many later authors, most notably, Jane Austen. In fact, scholars believe that Camilla was the direct influence for Austen's masterpiece, Sense and Sensibility. The flavor of Austen's books were clearly cooked up while she was reading Ms. Burney, and you'll find that the inspiration and enjoyment Ms. Austen received while reading Camilla, as well as other Burney books, is no mystery.

The story follows two sisters, Eugenia and Camilla, and their cousin, Indiana, in the months preceding their marriages. Not only are the lives of these three women explored, but we see several equally strong male characters and the supporting cast is as delightful, frustrating, and dramatic as good supporting characters should be. Although Camilla is darling and sympathetic, you may, as I did, find that much of what she goes through could have been easily avoided. Much of what occurs involves Camilla's suitor, Edgar, who decides, based on the advice of a friend, to look for her faults and be sure she loves him before declaring his love and asking her to marry him. On the other hand, Camilla, who is deeply in love with Edgar is given advice by her father to avoid him and hide her feelings for him as much as possible (to avoid complications in their already established friendship). This of course, places everything in a muddle as both are working against each other. On top of this, Camilla seems to have a knack for finding herself in situations, which Edgar always just happens to witness, that appear less than flattering to her character. The reader finds themselves frustrated with the continual thousand page cycle that ensues, but fear not, by the end you find that Ms. Burney planned and shares these frustrations. As you can imagine, the book deals greatly with the expectations placed on young women, trust, prejudice, and giving individuals, especially those we love, the benefit of the doubt.

Ms. Burney writes about her characters in such a vivid manner that you feel as if you can actually see what's going on. Facial expressions, emotions, settings, etc. are painted with subtle yet strong master strokes. Besides giving us Camilla's story in full, Ms. Burney gives us multiple strong sub plots. Eugenia's story is perhaps the most dramatic and in my opinion, more powerful and moving that the main story. I will not spoil the book by giving you the details other than to say that she overcomes insurmountable odds, and does so with a grace that will endear her to you.

Besides giving us wonderful human interest stories, Ms. Burney once again weaves intrigue, wisdom, tragedy, comedy, and a host of surprising plot twists in this book that will hold the reader glued to every page. It's length was never felt. In fact, the closer I came to the finish line, the slower I read because I didn't want the book to end. Despite it's being a thousand pages long, I finished the book rapidly and never felt a numb, boring moment. Camilla will capture you from her opening pages and hold you betwixt the beginning and end in utter turmoil, suspense, awe, and, most importantly, rapture.

Worth the effort
This is a long novel, but well worth the effort. If you like Jane Austen then you should find this a rewarding book to read.

Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and Ventura
Published in Digital by Falcon Publishing ()
Authors: Steve Edwards and Wills Young
Amazon base price: $20.00
Average review score:

Excellent Climber's Tool and Literature
Steve Edwards' book was my first purchase as an avid rockclimber when I visited Santa Barbara in January 2002 to prepare for my transfer to the area. Even before using the guide to locate the local climbing I enjoyed it immensely for the history and personal flavor given by the author.

There is much more to this book than a climbing guide. It is also a personal pilgrimage. Steve experienced a golden era in Santa Barbara climbing that he describes so vividly yet knows has passed forever. His is the passion of a personal life transition that we all go through and there is both joy and sadness in the writing. His obsessive intensity and endurance for physical training is mirrored by an affection for caffeine, alcohol and nicotine that make him such an interesting character. Steve is also a movie connoisseur from his early days running a video shop in the student quarter (Isla Vista) next to UCSB and he blends this knowledge with climb descriptions for occasional flashes of brilliant humor. And I should refrain from commenting on the Reverend Speefknarkle! Steve's defining picture is buffed and honed on "Pieces of You" atop the fantastic Pine Mountain boulderfield.

The book fulfills its primary purpose as a tool for guiding the climber in locating and selecting appealing routes exceptionally well. My copy is already dogeared and marked up with yellow highlights after just one season and it has never led me astray. Only rarely have I disagreed with the grades Steve gives for difficulty and quality but this is to be expected for these subjective ratings.

In summary, this book is a must buy for any climber interested in the Santa Barbara - Ventura region yet it has deeper appeal as literature capturing one man's personal journey through the 90's. How we all wish to turn back the hands of time!

A non-climbers review of a rock climbing guide
I visit the Santa Barbara area often. So I picked up this book and thumbed through and became intrigued enough to buy it. Not for the rock climbing information (although the personality and names given to each trail had me captivated); instead I became curious to know this philosophical guide writer, Steve Edwards. Formerly thinking all rock climbers were a bunch of daredevils, this guide opened my eyes to the depth of committment it takes to be a rock climber, much less, write a guide! And their love of the earth is more honest and real than most armchair environmentalists. Reading this book definitely helped me grow. I hope you will read it and then go hug a rock - and maybe even a rockclimber!

The definitive climbing guide for the Central Coast!
Whether served up with a tray of Bombay Sapphire martinis (shaken, two olives) or a six-pack of ice cold Oly, let this text be your companion to some of the best and most scenic climbing areas in America! Looking for steep, gargantuan sport routes that make your tendons twitch just looking at 'em? How about classic sandstone slabs with holds so fragile they may break if you merely pass gas? Or maybe you're into divine boulderfields so vast that first ascents are possible until Jesus comes back to spot you? This book has it covered. Steve Edwards has done a first class job of directing you in entertaining fashion to the climbing, history, and lifestyle that Santa Barbara climbing is all about. Read it over coffee and cigarettes not just as a guide, but as fine literature. It's better than 'Atlas Shrugged', and shorter too!

Little Boy Blue
Published in Paperback by Griffin Trade Paperback (1998)
Author: Edward Bunker
Amazon base price: $11.16
List price: $13.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $9.50
Collectible price: $274.24
Buy one from zShops for: $4.99
Average review score:

another solid book
I had only read Edward Bunker's 1st novel before I was arrested for armed robbery and I had this book sent in to me when I was in Snohomish County Jail awaiting sentencing and it gave me a strange courage when I read it. Edward Bunker is the real deal.
Nobody can touch him in terms of understandng and experience. Prison is like war; you can never understand it unless you've experienced it firsthand.Most people will never have to endure what Eddie Bunker(and me) have had to endure but because Bunker is so talented, they can get a little taste by picking up any one of his books; I've read them all and they're uniformly awesome. Edward Bunker is my hero. My first book STONE HOTEL was strongly influenced by him. I think he's the greatest.

Societys Underdogs - Not for sqares- Brings back memories
I have read all of Bunkers books and love this one . A story of a boy and the cycle of life of crime trouble depression... if youve been there you know already. So there is hope out there a way out of the darkness.. Read all his books.. real gritty gangsta ..

it could happen to you
All I can say is that "Little Boy Blue" is a blueprint for how a troubled boy can be transformed into an adult sociopath. Ironically, the system that is supposed to reform him is the culprit in pushing him toward further hopelessness and delinquency. Alex Hammond is basically a good kid with good instincts who is battered by authority until he lashes out and becomes submerged in hatred. There are many instances when he can choose between obedience and rebellion, and even though he inevitably decides to rebel, he often seems to have little choice. Frustration with a dictatorship of adults who have little patience or tolerance for the special needs of this disturbed boy sends him hurtling on a collision course with tragedy. Especially troubling is the scene where Alex is placed with relatives who are inflexible in their method of discipline--he seems to be making slight progress when a fabricated lie shoves him back down the mudslide. Here Alex actually shows a hint of conscience--or has he simply gained dominance over the aggressor? The harrowing course of his life is told in uncompromising, brutally-honest terms. Every professional involved in rehabilitating children should own a copy of this book. It chronicles the downfall of innocence, introducing a doomed child whose life is always threatened by an undercurrent of depression.

Anne of Avonlea: An Anne of Green Gables Story (Illustrated Junior Library Edition)
Published in Hardcover by Grosset & Dunlap (1990)
Authors: Clare Sieffert and Lucy Maud Montgomery
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.70
Collectible price: $7.40
Buy one from zShops for: $4.91
Average review score:

Anne of the Island
In Anne of the Islnad, the character that I have grown to love and become familiar with, grows up and moves on to college. With college, comes new friends and new romances too. The only part that continued to annoy me was how Anne was rejecting everybody who asked her to marry. However, Anne learns through her failures and to my contentment, ended up with the one person whose heart truly belongs to her.

Admirer's of Anne of Green Gables Won't Be Disappointed~
If you loved the first novel in the series, Anne of Green Gables, you won't be disappointed with it's sequel, Anne of Avonlea. Continuing where Anne of Green Gables left off, we meet up again with our kindred, bosom friend Anne, as she has graduated from Queens, and begins her teaching position in Avonlea. Living at home with Marilla at beautiful Green Gables, Anne & Marilla find themselves the caretakers of six year old twins, Davey & Dora. As Anne embarks on a classroom full of new students, and life at home helping to care for the twins, L.M. Montgomery provides us with more delightful stories and hijinks with our favorite characters of Avonlea. Mrs. Rachel Lynde is still up to her old ways, Diana remains Anne's dearest bosom friend, and we meet some new characters too. What does the future have in store for Anne & Gilbert Blythe? Anne of Avonlea is full of the magic and charm that one can expect from L.M. Montgomery. The ending will leave you yearning for the next in the series~

A Timeless Classic
Maud's "Anne" series has captured my heart since I was a young girl. I can relate to Anne because we share a lot of the same characteristics. We are both hopeless dramatists and romantics. Anne is as hilarious as she is touching. I know I will share this beautiful story with my own daughter some day. A MUST READ!!

Rilla of Ingleside (Gramercy Classics for Young People)
Published in Hardcover by Grammercy (1997)
Authors: Robert McGinnis and Lucy Maud Montgomery
Amazon base price: $7.99
Average review score:

Rilla of Ingleside
I would recommend this book if you wish to find out the fates of Anne's children as adults, but don't expect it to be as enchanting as the rest of the Anne books. I felt that it was too sad and had a rather dark and unhappy air about it; none of the characters seemed really happy through any of it.

I felt that although this book was very well written and portrayed the effects of the war on Rilla and Prince Edward Island very well, it didn't quite reach the same caliber that the rest of the Anne books did.

I loved Anne and she is my favorite character in any book I've read. In "Rilla," however, Anne seemed completely erased. Montgomery persistantly referred to her as "Mother" or "Mrs. Blythe" and never really opened any window into Anne's feelings or reactions to the war. Susan, who is just the maid was more of a mother than Anne was, and I find that to be backwards. I also felt that the rest of the cast were really not involved enough at all, except those who had something to do with Rilla. For example, I would have liked to hear about the romances between Jem and Faith and Jerry and Nan with a little more detail. Furthermore, there were times I even forgot that Di, Una, Nan, and Shirley even existed. The entire book revolved far too much around Rilla, with not near enough emphasis on the minor characters, except Walter and Ken.

I did enjoy the transition between Rilla becoming a frivolous, vain girl to a responsible, mature woman and I respected her for the trials she was able to bear. However, I felt that she lacked the vivacity and other qualities that make a heroine memorable.

The best book in the series!!
I have read all of the books in the Anne series and I must say that this is by far my favorite. Even though it is not so much about Anne as it is about her daughter it is interesting to read because Rilla is very much like her mother in some ways. I loved the parts with Rilla and Kenneth Ford because their families have history which caused for entertaining reading because it also tells how a girl feels when she likes a boy. The best but saddest part of the book was when Walter died (sorry to spoil it for you but if you read the other books you would remember something about "a white cross somewhere in France"). When I read Walter's letter to Rilla that she recieved after his death I cried. If you like to cry I would recommend this book, even if you don't I still recommend it and the other Anne books.

A Great Book!
By far, I feel that this is my favorite of the Anne of Green Gables series. I truly loved this book. Rilla Blythe is, at the beginning of the story, a vain and naive young girl, but by the end of the book she seemed to blossom into a sensitive, unselfish young woman. She is strong despite the cruelty of the war and the loss of her beloved brother, Walter. When Walter died, L.M. Montgomery painted the feelings of the characters so vividly that I shed a few tears along with his family and friends and with the one young woman who loved him, but was too shy to let him know...and lost him "somewhere in France." I had learned to grow fond of Walter, and I was very sad to see him go. All in all, this book is a very heartwarming, loving, classic book that I found very enjoyable. In the preceeding 7 "Anne" books, the scenery and way of life on P.E.I seemed calm and perfect.....but in Rilla of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery lets us know that perfection can be spoiled and our lives could be waken up with a jolt, although at times not a very pleasant one. For anyone who is a fan of L.M. Montgomery and of Anne Shirley, her family and friends, I would recommend reading this book. It is a treasure.

The Cave of Time
Published in Turtleback by Demco Media (1991)
Author: Edward Packard
Amazon base price: $9.50
Used price: $7.00
Average review score:

Book 1 in Choose Your Own Adventure Series
I remember this gamebook series from childhood, though I was never particularly good at them. "The Cave of Time" starts out with the reader finding a cave and deciding whether or not to enter it. From there, the reader travels back in time to the Ice Age, colonial America, the Dark Ages--even traveling ahead in time. There is no one ending or quest to this book, so you're not in a mad dash to win. In fact, there is no "winning" in here, just 40 possible endings to certain situations--some good, some fatal. Younger readers who like gamebooks will probably like this book/series, though there's not a lot of action.

My Library Report
Its not really about anything you get to be the character in the book and you half to make the decions.It takes place in a cave in a castle a ranch and it was a long time ago alot of years ago .my favorite part of the book was when these two guards draged me out of the chamber and put two spears at my back and just about killed me.I dont no what kind of people would like this book but i do recomend it because its a short, easy, and fun book to read .

This book takes some time to read-good time!
I've read this book many times and think it's one of the best Choose Your Own Adventure Books ever written.

Published in Hardcover by HarperTrophy (1990)
Authors: Judith G. Brown and Julie Andrews Edwards
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $4.44
Collectible price: $10.59
Average review score:

This story is about a young girl named Mandy who lived in an orphanage. She lived there as long as she could remember and had lots of friends who supported her. There was a wall behind the orphanage where no one has ever climbed over and no one knows what it's like behind it. One day, Mandy started getting curious if there was a whole new different world behind it so she climbed over the wall when no one was looking. When she got over, she found a small cottage that was deserted. Everyday she climbed over the fence and she would clean the cottage with tools that she borrowed from the orphanage. Then there was a stormy night and she fell ill and couldn't even move, but then a mysterious person rescues her and she returns back to her cottage.
I read this book because I read the summary behind the book and thought it was a good story because I like adventorous stories. This book was also recommended to me by my cousin. This was one of her favorite books and told me to read it becuase it was written by the famous Julie Edwards.
My favorite part in this story was when Mandy finds the deserted cottage and cleans it all by herself. She plants flowers and she decortates the house will shells and other things that she found in the forest, next to the cottage. Also when she gets saved by poeple who were vistiting and they care for her. The part when I didn't like was when she got very ill and no one was there to help her and no one could hear her because the storm was so loud.

I absolutley love this book. My Grandma gave it to me as a present when I was 8 or 9 and I didn't even really like to read, but this was an amaizing story that really captures the reader. Mandy was so interesting to read about. I couldn't put the book down when I started reading it. I would fall asleep reading it! It was an easy book to read, no difficult words or ideas, so it would be ideal for a younger child, but it was also so interesting that an older person could definatey enjoy it. It is still my favorite book. I've loved this book for almost 10 years and I have no idea how many times I read it. But it's still good and draws me into the fantasy ever time I read it. I'd reccomend this book for a mom to read to her daughter. I'm sure you'll enjoy this book.

I am a student at Waldron Mercy Academy. (ADH)
The story takes place in a stone orphanage close to the woods. In the orphanage lives a 10-year-old girl named Mandy. Secretly Mandy's heart pounds for a family and a place to call home. One day Mandy follows her heart and travels in the woods. There in the woods she finds a cottage and a little garden. Mandy loves it so much that she dreads leaving. When she gets back to the orphanage she swore herself to secrecy. Soon Mandy falls terribly ill and is forbidden to leave the orphanage. When
no one was around Mandy sprints towards the cottage. Outside Mandy hears loud crashing thunder and is so sick she can't even move. The only person who can reach her is a secret admirer.
This book kept me reading from page 1 to end. You should defiantly read this book.

To Sir, With Love
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Author: Edward Ricardo Braithwaite
Amazon base price: $11.08
List price: $13.85 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $3.50
Buy one from zShops for: $10.41
Average review score:

To Sir, With Love
Edward Ricardo Braithwaite To Sir, With Love is one of the most infinitely rewarding books I have ever read. The story is about a man, Ricky braithwaith, who after getting out of the Service looks for a job in the growing technological field in which he has exceedingly good qualification. But when he returns to England to look for a job he soon remembers, after numerous shutdowns, that his skin color is impeding on his career chose. But he eventually finds a job as a teacher of a tough group of lower class youngsters who have made many a teacher turn tale and run. But with amazing perseverances our hero is able to tame these children and show them and all the others at the school that there is an other side of life.

First things first. I am not related to E.R. Braithwaite. I teach high-risk students in one of the most impoverished schools in the United States, not in the United Kingdom. I am an author--my debut mystery is in its initial release. With those disclaimers in place, I want to clearly state my unequivocal admiration for TO SIR, WITH LOVE. It is a must-read book for any teacher worth her classroom. It tells the tale of Mr. Braithwaite and his struggles to teach poor teenagers on the verge of adulthood in one of the poorest neighborhoods of London. His story rings true. Being a non-Latino teaching Latino students, I understand the racial tensions in the story. The difficulties in getting students to focus on goals more distant in the future than the upcoming weekend are also painfully true. The need for creative and heartfelt approaches to these educational challenges is additionally made clear. And, of course, the inspirational tone of the book is exactly what is needed in this day and age. TO SIR, WITH LOVE should be more widely read than it already is, and I hope every teacher has similar inspirational tales to tell, as does E.R.Braithwaite and this reviewer.

Tearful and Touching
I loved this story so much that I read it twice, which is rare for me. The way a single teacher can so greatly touch the lives of under-priveleged students is awe-inspiring. Through Braithwaite's extraordinary writing, the reader learns of how a teacher transforms a bunch of unruly teenagers who have a bleak future, to a group of mature young adults. The gentle ironies are eye-opening; I love the teacher's teaching methods. The best part, the aspect of To Sir With Love that really touched me, is that it's based on a true story. This is a must-read....for anyone.

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