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The Wings of the Dove (A Norton Critical Edition)
Published in Paperback by W W Norton & Co. (1978)
Authors: Henry James, Richard A. Hocks, and J. Donald Crowley
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Wings of the Duck
Yes, it's a great novel. Yes the language is rich, the story is subtle, and the psychology is complex. And yet, I didn't like it.

Of course, who am I to review Henry James? Granted, I read more books and watch less television than most of my peers, but still I think I might be too "late Twentieth Century" for this book. Maybe despite my strict avoidance of video games I just can't help detesting the millipede pace of this book. I've never had much affinity for drawing room conversations to begin with, and unlike my father I don't believe that wit must be meted out in tortuous sentences.

But it isn't my background or personal prejudices that make me recoil from "Wings of the Dove". There is something about the deliberate quality of Henry James that bothers me. He knows perfectly well what he's doing with his fat succulent sentences. He won't feed you a meal of lean pork and vegetables. He'll serve you tons of tiny truffles and oil-oozing, crispy skinned duck.

To read "Wings of the Dove" is like encountering a cookbook that decided to include as much of the delicious fatty foods as possible. Of course its a rare meal and quite wonderful in its way. But some how, it made me a little nauseous at the end.

Complex and Hard to follow, but still good
First things first, it is a very nice novel, but very hard to follow. Personally speaking, sometimes I couldn't get very exactly what Henry James was trying to say, but I could understand the situation as a whole and be able to move on.

As everybody knows, Hery James is not an easy writer. His appeal is very difficult and complex although it doesn't read very old-fashioned. The story is very interesting and timeless, because it deals with passion, money and betrayal. The books follows Kate Croy and her beloved Merton Densher when then both get involved - in different degrees and with different interests- with the beautiful rich and sick American heiress Milly Theale.

Most of the time, the book kept me wondering what would come next and its result and the grand finale. But, that doesn't mean I was fully understand its words. As I said, I was just feeling what was going on. As a result, i don't think I was able to get all the complexity of Henry James. Maybe, if I read this book again in the futures, it will be clearer.

There is a film version of this novel made in 1997, and starring Helena Bonham Carter, Allison Elliot and Linus Roach, directed by Iain Softley. Carter is amazing as always! Kate is a bit different from the book, she is not only a manipulative soul, but, actually, she is a woman trying to find happiness. One character says of Kate, "There's something going on behind those beautiful lashes", and that's true for most female leads created by James. Watching this movie helped me a lot, after finishing reading the novel.

Through a glass darkly
I've carried on a love-hate affair with The Wings of the Dove for more than 20 years. In that period of time, I started the novel (the same beautiful little Signet paperback edition) at LEAST 15 times and could never get past page 30 or so. But it kept nagging at me to read it. Last summer, I plowed through its dense prose thicket, and I felt as though I were peering through a glass darkly. Several times I felt like tossing it aside. I've studied Enlish and literature all my life and yet I had one heckuva time with those daunting banks of prose. But I'm glad I read it. It's masterful. Worth all the effort. Those scintillating scenes in Venice. Nothing like them! I just read The Golden Bowl, another difficult but rewarding book. There are astonishing scenes in it, like when the husband of the busy-body watches her in a pensive mood as if she were in the middle of a lake, coming closer. It's just an extraordinary scene! I love early James too, like that perfect jewel of a book, Washington Square. Sometimes, great as the late books are, I really do think they lose something of the wonderful clarity James achieved earlier. There are still a few scenes in Wings and Bowl, for instance, in which I have NO IDEA what James was trying to express. Talk about super subtle! But do make the effort, folks, they're incredible books.

Favorite Scary Stories of American Children
Published in Paperback by August House Pub (1999)
Authors: Richard Young, Judy Dockrey Young, and Donald Bell
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this book is not geared for American Children
We have just begun camping with our children and I purchased this book for campfire stories. Unfortunately, I started reading one of the stories "Wham! Slam..." which the book said was geared to ages 7 and 8 (my audience). The story told of a witch who axed two children to death and then chased two others, killing 11 dogs with a swinging ax and knife. Luckily, she was killed by the 12th who jumped at ther throat. THe children who survived cut out her heart...etc. Not appropriate for most 17 year olds, much less 7-8 year olds. The cover of the book says "for classrooms, storytelling settings, etc." What school? Rated "excellent" by the very conservative Washington Times...

Why don't these books take their audience seriously?
Stories of fright are designed specifically to re-engineer a classic theme in such a way as to leave the reader laden in a substaintial residue of unsavory - yet all too realistic - possibilities. The stories contained in this book fall so far short of said uneasiness that they seem to only encourage the already painful onslaught of boring children. Let us take our children seriously and follow through with a collection of scary stories that actually fulfills its promise of restless dreams.

Just what I was looking for
I have three children, ages 8-2. The oldest two enjoy me telling "scary" stories around the campfire. Some stories were just too scary to tell them. These are just right for their ages. Scary enough to make them huddle close, but not so scary that they have bad dreams or are too scared to go to the camper alone! The stories are also short enough that they can be committed to memory easily enough. Thank you!

Effects of Disease on Clinical Laboratory Tests
Published in Paperback by AACC Press (1989)
Authors: Richard B. Friedman and Donald S. Young
Amazon base price: $135.00
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Geology of Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona With Colorado River Guides: Lees Ferry to Pierce Ferry, Arizona (Field Trip Guidebook (American Geophysical Union), T115/315.)
Published in Paperback by Amer Geophysical Union (1989)
Authors: Donald Parker Elston, George H. Billingsley, Richard A. Young, American Geophysical Union, and D.C.) International Geological Congress 1989 Washington
Amazon base price: $35.00
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Presenting Richard Peck
Published in Paperback by Laureleaf (1993)
Author: Donald R. Gallo
Amazon base price: $4.99
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The Young Oxford Companion to the U. S. Government
Published in Hardcover by Oxford Univ Pr Childrens Books (1995)
Authors: Oxford University Press, Donald A. Ritchie, and Richard M. Pious
Amazon base price: $120.00

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