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Women and Pain : Why It Hurts and What You Can Do, Including Complementary and Holistic Remedies, As Well As Traditional Medicine
Published in Hardcover by Hyperion (1902)
Authors: Karen Baar and Dr Mark Allen Young
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A Woman's Pain
Finding relief from pain is sometimes a desperate struggle. Often it seems that some physicians and other health care practitioners take the easy way out and will throw low level narcotic relief at you with the hope that you will just go away. Its cheap, easy, and eff... well two out of three isn't bad. At other times they will deny your pain experience, and invalidate your suffering, especially, if you are a woman. The very complexity of the pain experience is often ignored.

WOMEN AND PAIN: WHY IT HURTS AND WHAT YOU CAN DO is both amazing and helpful. The authors discuss traditional methods of pain relief and control as well as alternative methods. The explanations of both vitamin and herbal aids for pain relief and the many other methods are elegantly expressed in plain, simple language that can be understood by anyone.

WOMEN AND PAIN: WHY IT HURTS AND WHAT YOU CAN DO is a masterful work about pain relief for women for this new millennium.

Very Helpful Book
Dr. Youngs new book "Women And Pain..." led me to a life which someone like me would only dream of: a life with no pain. This book is the best book I ever bought. I suffered from migrains and back pain for over 7 years and the pain vanished after about 2 1/2 weeks of trying Dr. Youngs methods, I tried almost every other method out there and this is the only one that worked!

Now I am Pain Free!
After about 2 weeks of trying Dr. Youngs methods I was pain free. I wish I had bought this book sooner. This book is packed with complementary, holistic and traditional remedies for almost any type of pain you can think of.

Laurel and Hardy : The Magic Behind the Movies
Published in Paperback by Past Times Pub Co (1994)
Authors: Randy Skretvedt, Jordan R. Young, and Steve Allen
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $52.60
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Randy Skrevedt finally shows us the creation of L&H'sfilms!
For years.Many film history books have tried to give some insight into the creation,development and the successful appeal of Laurel & Hardy's film work.With the exception of Leonard Maltin's"Movie Comedy Teams"and"The Great Movie Comedians!".No book seemed to show the readers how these classic comedies came about.Until now.Film historian,radio interviewer and musical entertainer:Randy Skrevedt's book"Laurel & Hardy:The Magic Behind The Movies!"finally gives us all a chance to see how these two great performers created and presented their cinematic clowning on screen and onstage.With the use of extensive research,interviews with the boys colleages,family members,friends and with staffers from The Hal Roach,MGM,Fox Studios and With Mr.Hal Roach Himself.The book shows us the creation of the team's films from their first effort:"Lucky Dog"to their earliest films at Roach to their glory days at:"The Lot Of Fun!".The book also tells us the true story of what finally lead to the duo's departure from Roach and the unsuccessful efforts to give the boys creative freedom at MGM & Fox.Where they made alot of forgetable films.And additionial info.L&H were slated to make ten features at Fox.Not six as many film history books have stated over the years.There is also some insight into the boys stage performances overseas in Music halls and cabrets during the late 1940's and into the early to mid 1950's.And a large collections of Photos from private collections.Plus in the updated second paperback edition.Info about the recently discovered spanish verison of"Chickens Come Home".Which features some never before seen footage(The newly found footage has little or bearing on the film's storyline.But it's interesting to read about it).These features plus some insight into the boys lives(Which does not get ugly)makes this a fun and informative manuscript and one that's long overdue.Bravo Randy! Kevin S.Butler.

To me, the Laurel and Hardy (L&H) team was easily the best comedy team of the first half of the 20th century. I realize others may have other favorites (Three Stooges, Our Gang, W.C. Fields (another of my personal favorites), Abbott and Costello (not one of my favorites), Marx Brothers, etc.) But the L&H team was beyond these other comedy teams. Randy Skretvet did these men proud with this book that traces them from the very beginning to their eventual demise. If one appreciates L&H and the comedy of the early 1900s they should appreciate this book.

An Indespensable Volume!
Randy Skretvedt has written what is arguably the single best book on Laurel and Hardy and their movies. Carefully researched and just plain fun to read, this revised edition includes details on recent discoveries, such as a silent Charley Chase comedy in which the boys appear, and some of the Spanish language "remakes" that were made in the early 1930's for the foreign market. An absolutely indepensable book for comedy buffs and L&H fans, and a essential companion piece to LAUREL OR HARDY and FROM THE FORTIES FORWARD.

Aiden's Cauldron
Published in Hardcover by Xlibris Corporation (17 January, 2001)
Authors: Allen Young, Michael E. Bolyog, and Rick Young
Amazon base price: $31.99
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Great storytelling!
This book has it all. Mr. Bolyog and Mr. Young really know how to tell a good story. This was a true page-turner for me. I always wanted to know what happened next. The action scenes are so easy to picture because they are described in such fine detail. Another great thing happening in this book is the character development. Throughout the story the characters are always growing, allowing the reader to learn more about each individual. I think that's what kept me up into the early hours of the morning reading this book. It's great and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.

This book is an excellent adventure fantasy for all ages.
Although the basic plot of the book is similar to role-playing-games, the nuances and surprises raise it above many in the genre. The characters are believable, despite their chimerical circumstances. Even in the most deadly of situations, they retain their wit and charm. The descriptions are vivid, making you feel as if you are in the small town or surrounded by monsters yourself. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or adventure.

Throughly enjoyable! Great Characters! A fun read!
The book hooked me on the opening page,and then only got better! I loved the Characters! Especially MayeTwiste and Ted the Yellow! What a name

The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
Published in Paperback by Ignatius Press (1997)
Author: Allen French
Amazon base price: $11.16
List price: $13.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.99
Collectible price: $27.94
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Excellent boys' story
My 12 year old son, ...loved reading this book. I planned to assign him to read 1 chapter a day and expected the usual struggle to make him read it, but he loved it so much that he finished it in short time and kept telling me what a great book he thought it was. He just didn't like when a dead character came back alive to fight Rolf, or the witchcraft parts, but otherwise wanted to read more books by this author...

Icelandic treasure
Allen French has translated some of the old Icelandic sagas, including GRETTIR THE STRONG, but this is a novel, using some of the locations and settings and even some of the characters of the sagas. I first encountered this book at about the age of twelve, read it many times, and always wanted a copy. The story has plenty of adventure, some interesting twists, and is a good read, but it also deals with how to face adversity and the danger of pride. It's an excellent book for teenagers and adults will probably also enjoy this story.

An excellent saga
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow is one of the best recrafted narratives I have ever read. Allen French brought to life this story that he originally found as one of the Kolbieters. (The Kolbieters, founded by JRR Tolkien, was a group of friends that read ancient verse in their original languages.) I would recommend it to any history buff, Tolkien fan, fantasy reader, or just any one looking for a well written story.

Enduring Generations
Published in Paperback by Haleys (01 November, 1997)
Authors: John Casella, Allen Young, and John F. Casella
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $3.60
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Great reading
Casella has a great way of describing small town massachusetts in the early 1900's. His stories are rich and interesting for those who have italian heritage. Casella is a great storyteller.

Great local interest
John Casella has a way of capturing the flavor of small town central massachusetts. The stories are rich with detail of life in the early 1900's. This book would interest anyone who has italian heritage. Casella is a great storyteller!

Measure for Measure
Published in Paperback by Sequoia Pub (1996)
Authors: Thomas J. Glover and Richard Allen Young
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.40
Collectible price: $20.07
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More info then you'll ever need
This little book has saved me a couple of times. Full of data, tables, conversions, etc.... Spend the money and get yourself a copy. You'll be amazed how often you reach for it.

Great source of conversion factors.
This is a handy book with literally thousands of conversions. Look up your unit, and convert to metric, or convert from a metric unit to your unit. The units are identified by the country of origin including ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, etc.

The Young Person's Dreambook: An Abuse Workbook
Published in Paperback by Island Nation Press (2002)
Author: Charlotte Vale Allen
Amazon base price: $3.00
Buy one from zShops for: $3.00
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Just the best
This little workbook is something quite amazing. The author, who knows the fallout of abuse from a point of personal experience, has created a workbook that is a series of questions. But those questions are the most important ones for anyone who has ever suffered any form of abuse. It is a very special tool that can be used to help get people, of any age, talking about their experiences and, in the process, start feeling better about themselves. As far as I know, there is nothing else anywhere that remotely compares to this workbook, and it could only have been created by someone who's lived through it. If you have suffered abuse, or know of someone who has, get this workbook--for yourself or for them. It is something very unique and very special.

A fantastic tool!
This remarkable little workbook could only have been written by someone who had experienced abuse and understood not only the long-term effects but also what questions to ask in order to elicit truthful responses that will be of immense benefit to anyone (young or old) who has suffered from abuse of any kind. There is nothing else like it anywhere, and it is being used by more and more state and private agencies that deal with young people.

Geography Smart Junior: A Young Explorer's Guide to the World (Smart Junior Series)
Published in Paperback by Princeton Review (1996)
Authors: J. Allen Queen and Sponholz
Amazon base price: $12.00
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Geography Smart Junior
This is a great book for teaching kids ages 10 to 16 about geography--without letting them know they're learning. My two girls (ages 10 and 12)enjoyed the fantasy story that went along with it, and we used it as bedtime reading for three weeks. They couldn't wait for the next chapter!

Gullible's Travels
Published in Audio Cassette by Prometheus Books (1995)
Authors: Steve Allen and Jane Meadows
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $14.10
Buy one from zShops for: $11.84
Average review score:

so "kids won't like this"? my nieces (8 & 5) LOVE it!
The first editorial review wants me to believe that kids won't like and can't understand this tape. Fortunately, I read that review AFTER buying it for my nieces (age 5 and 8). They LOVE the tape, they play it almost daily, and they (and I) have learned A LOT from it! They particularly enjoyed and absorbed Steve's explanation of how brains work - to which the first reviewer strongly objected - as well as his material on observation versus inference (an important topic which, as far as I know, *no* other children's book or tape covers in a way that children can understand).

The Black Cat and Other Stories (Penguin Readers, Level 3)
Published in Paperback by Pearson ESL (15 February, 2000)
Authors: Edgar Allen Poe and Edgar Allan Poe
Amazon base price: $7.66
Used price: $7.51
Buy one from zShops for: $6.60
Average review score:

Simple , but unbelievable
Maybe this review would be bigger than the story itself. a simple idea and an unbelievable story. the story of our evil deeds hauting us. it is scary , but true. the most amazing thing in this story is Edgar Poe himself; his greatest use of the language, his realistic description of anger. he made me laugh many times , though it this short story is not intended to do that, because of his clever use of the vocabulary. it is a must read book. Dont think of missing it.

It was the best story we have ever read
It was the best story we have ever read because it was very scary.The part which we liked best was the ending, when the eye was burning.We felt sorry about the cat when the man cut out its eye.We didn't like the man because he was mean like a drunk.

Feel it by your self
If you want to know what is terror to its finest point, read this story

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