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Bomb the Suburbs
Published in Paperback by Soft Skull Pr (March, 2001)
Author: William Upski Wimsatt
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For hip-hop lovers and those whites caught in between worlds
I truly appreciated how Upski spoke about race, how honest, complex and nonpatronizing - this book was truly refreshing and I would say a must-read for anyone interested in American ethnic studies in general!! I am so glad I decided to get this book, even though I can't do grafitti for sh*t (the book is so much more than describing various grafitti ettiquette, attitudes and opinions!!). Don't let the title trick you - it's all about the races, and this guy is truly a gifted race writer, especially when tackling the touchy issue of whites who don't necessarily identify positively with the white culture(s).

This book's great.
Everyone I know was saying "read it read it read it, it's a great book, you'll love it" and I bought it and I'll be damned if they were right. This book is an awesome introduction into hip-hop, DIY culture, and just plain old self-awareness. Upski has written a book that will inspire you, no matter who you are, and it's definitely worth picking up. I wish he would come back to DC!

Bomb your mind frame
This book is more than Hip Hop story's to brag to your friends about. Bomb the suburbs by William Upski Wimsatt is a book breaking boundries in the way white kids like me think about hip hop. I feel that if you have any interest in Hip Hop at all, this book is a perfect way to investigate your curiosity. Wimsatt discusses the past, present, and future of hip hop and its relation to whites, and our country as a whole. I don't know any of my friends who were dissapointed in reading this book. Wimsatt is too honest to have the book taken as a joke. I reccomend this book for all "kids" with hip hop in there headphones, and all "adults" who turn off there childrens music out of a frustration that needs to be investigated. This book looks at politics in a much less pompus way than others in it's genre.

No More Prisons
Published in Paperback by Consortium Book Sales & Dist (15 September, 1999)
Authors: Upski William Wimsatt, William Upski Wimsatt, and Willaim Upski Wimsatt
Amazon base price: $22.00
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Short, entertaining, but not adequate.
If you really care about the issues presented in this book, you'd better educate yourself with more in-depth books exploring them. I enjoyed the book and am very glad that it exists. My only misgiving is that it isn't nearly complete in it's arguments. Don't go fighting with someone that knows much more about the topics than you do after you read it. Especially regarding Home schooling, his arguments just don't stand up against my teacher parents, and several friends. That being said, the book is truly inspirational and completely worthy of a read, if only to help spawn your own ideas and get yourself excited about things.

Inspirational, instructive
The book takes a look at many themes and topics -- urban life, self-schooling, hip-hop activism and leadership, the cool rich kids movement and grassroots philanthropy, a hitchhiker's approach to community organizing. Any one could have been expanded in to a book of its own. As a followup to Bomb the Suburbs, No More Prisons is less focused and much delayed (Some of the writing inside dates back to '95, if not sooner.) but still an inspirational and instructive read. And despite the book's wide range of topics, the fact that Upski so firmly espouses the philanthropic tip is a beautiful and encouraging thing. Makes me think I'm not doing enough... for enough people... in enough places. Another reviewer has it totally right: No More Prisons is the kind of book that you keep buying and handing off to friends, family, and other people you want to turn on. There are few books that I buy multiple copies of at the same time. This is one of them.

read it
the best book i read in the past year. the truth hurts.

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