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The Jeffersonian Tradition in American Democracy.
Published in Paperback by Hill & Wang Pub (1960)
Author: Charles Maurice, Wiltse
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A true Account of the Jeffersonian Tradition
Charles Wiltse's the Jeffersonian Tradition in American Democracy is a very good account of the intellectual background and philosophy of Thomas Jefferson. Wiltse starts out with the intellectual background for Enlightenment thought in Great Britian and France. It is shown how the philosophy of republicanism and libertarian thought progressed from the mid 17th century to the time of Jefferson.

Next Jefferson's intellectual background is explored. Locke, Bacon, Newton, Sidney, and Lord Kames are shown to be the main influences on our greatest founder. It then moves to Jefferson's progressive philosophy of liberty and republican thought. Public education, religious freedom, the abolition of slavery, ending primogenture and entail, and a republican constitution consume the mind of Jefferson.

Wiltse also goes into Jefferson's philosophy for "ward republics",a form of grass roots democracy. He details Jefferson's passion for ward republics to be the "salvation of the republic" as he called it. The main thing that makes this work so good id that it lacks the anti-intellectual postmodern "deconstruction" of Jefferson. No political correctness or extreme "presentism" viewpoint. A really good book for a Jeffersonian education.

Daniel Webster, the Completest Man
Published in Paperback by Dartmouth College (1993)
Authors: Kenneth E. Shewmaker, Richard Nelson Current, Daniel Papers of Daniel Webster Webster, Charles Maurice Wiltse, and Maurice G. Baxter
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