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The Fortune Teller's Daughter
Published in Hardcover by Pocket Star (16 July, 2002)
Author: Susan Wilson
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Proof that "Home is where the Heart is"! A Pleasure!
I stumbled across this book accidentally in the paperback aisle of the grocery store and thought it would be a nice break from some of my recent literary endeavors! I didn't realize how engrossed I would become in this entertaining and well-written tale!

This is the story of Sabine Heartwood, whose feelings mirrored Dorothy Gale's in the Wizard of Oz in the belief that "there's no place to home". The tricky part for Sabine, however, was that her only home growing up was on the road with her gypsy-esque, fortune-teller mother, Ruby Heartwood. It is also the story of Danford ("Dan") Smith, who was reluctantly brought back home to take care of the affairs of his dying grandmother and mentally-handicapped uncle. The story unfolds as Sabine and Dan's lives are intricately woven together in an intriguingly romantic fashion!

This book was the definition of a mystical, suspenseful and, above-all, romantic search for the true meaning of "home". A revelation of pure and destined love! I am looking forward to reading more of Susan Wilson!

Highly Enjoyable
This is the first book I've read by this author. If you enjoy Patricia Gaffney or Penelope Williamson, you will enjoy this author. It's an excellent beach or by-the-fire read.

The main characters: Ruby, Sabine, and Dan are nicely drawn and you root for them through their trials and tribulations. As the book cover describes, Sabine is a woman without a history looking for a home of her own and Dan is a man with too much history looking to escape his home. Ruby, the "fortune teller" with no history has dragged Sabine from town to town, never never explaining why they cannot settle in one place for longer than six months. It's no wonder that Sabine wants to put down roots in a small town like Moose River Junction, a town rich with colonial history and not much current history. She meets Dan who is tied to the town as an ancestor of the founding fathers and by a deathbed promise. The eventual happy ending is reached after Sabine, Dan, and Ruby face up to past secrets and Sabine learns a secret of the town's history.

Anyone familiar with New England, the Berkshires in particular, will delight in the descriptions of the town and the spectacular views. This book is also enhanced by lively supporting characters that are realistically drawn. Dan's uncle Nagy is a sweetie and the yuppie couple who build the *perfect* colonial home and get more "colonial" than they bargain for are hilarious.

The story touches on interesting topics such as: psychic powers, fate and what makes a home. Sabine's powers of perception are delicately and realistically drawn, not bogus-sounding. The tidy ending makes sense of the fateful decisions that caused the lives of Sabine, Ruby, and Dan to intersect.

A magical book
Superb language and characters, intrigue, suspense and the supernatural all in a winning combination. A successful melding of romance and women's fiction which is sure to please.

I adored all of the characters, particularly Danforth and Sabine. At last, a strong romantic hero who does not have to be an alpha male and a multilayered heroine. Sensually delightful and well as intellectually.

No wonder it was selected as one of the top books of 2002 by Library Journal--it is well worth reading. Sorcha MacMurrough

The Curious Little Lamb : Fisher-Price Little People Little Take-Me-Out PlayBooks
Published in Hardcover by Readers Digest (1997)
Authors: Sarah Wilson, Susan Hood, Josie Yee, Sarah Willson, and Sarah Albee
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $5.27
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A fun book for your toddler
These little people books that come with a figurine are wonderful. My girls love them. As I read to them they use the little figurine to act out what is happening in the story. On each page there is a box telling you what the figurine should be doing now as the story unfolds. Or you can do your own actions. A fun book to read and a must-have for Little People fans!

Great for toddlers!
This book is my toddler's favorite! He loves the fact that he can take out the lamb and put it back in. Because it's a board book, it's really holding up well to the abuse he puts it through. It is the one book that he picks up and pages through on his own

Rwwm: Memory/Cage
Published in Hardcover by Distributed Art Publishers (1997)
Authors: Robert Wilson, Susan Sontag, and Vittorio Santoro
Amazon base price: $49.95
Used price: $31.95
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The elusive spirit of Bob Wilson
I agree very much with Mr. Linders. I recently worked with Bob Wilson at the Watermill Center, although it was undergone many changes since the beautiful photographs were taken. The book is indeed no documentary--it presents more the very spirit of Watermill--the creativity, the inspiration of being in the presence of such a master as Bob Wilson. It's repetative images of ceiling tiles, concrete walls, though at first questionable, quote the very atmosphere of Watermill and it's industrial air--and for one who has experienced it, the beauty of the building's simple architecture, and its history as the birthplace of the telefax machine.

great collaboration of two artists
This is a must for all art book lovers. This is a must for all theatre buffs. This is a must for all Hamptonites. RWWM is an extremely beautiful collaboration of two artists - the world famous avant-garde theatre director Robert Wilson and the young emerging photographer Vittorio Santoro. In 1992, Wilson has begun to create Watermill Center in Eastern Long Island, a summer home for his manifold activities. Each summer, he gathers a mixed group of young and exeprienced artists from all over the world to initiate theatre, art, music, and architecture projects. RWWM is the first book to document this exciting process. But it does not give a documentary account, rather it is an artist's reflection on the work of artists. The extremely creative atmosphere can be felt through the collage of photos, sketches, texts, copies of source materials, beautifully designed pages and a few explanatory notes.

Witness: Endangered Species of North America
Published in Paperback by Chronicle Books (1994)
Authors: Susan Middleton, David Liittschwager, and Edward Osborne Wilson
Amazon base price: $24.50
List price: $35.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.50
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Artistically stunning! Biologically Accurate!
I find that this book is excellent for providing accurate background information on the animals and plants as well as portraying each species with characteristic body language. This is by far my favorite photography book as a piece of art as well as a biological reference tool.

Amazing, beautiful photos.
Amazing, beautiful photos of some of North Americas rarest species. A "must have" coffee-table book!

Breaking from the Line: Songs of Fred Small
Published in Paperback by Yellow Moon Pr (01 August, 1985)
Authors: Fred Small and Susan Wilson
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $7.65
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Fred Small
Folksinger/songwriter Fred Small, former environmental lawyer with Ivy League credentials and now Unitarian minister, is creative, passionate, refreshing, versatile, eloquent, and lyrical. It's a treat to have all of his early songs in one place, and to read some biographical information on someone who truly has lived his beliefs and who has truly followed his heart. His songs of international peace, living simply, acceptance of others, child abuse, women's rights, the environment and endangered species, true love, and so much more, bring us insight into our lives, our relationship to others, and to this world and to this cosmos, and inspire us to fight the good fight, or to hold a dear one close, or to be open to one another's differences, or to protect and nurture a fragile Earth, or to simply listen .... (On a lighter note, my favorite song -- in this collection -- is about a moose in love, which, of course, being a Fred Small song, tells a story on a higher level as well.)

Children of Battered Women
Published in Hardcover by Sage Publications (1990)
Authors: David A. Wolfe, Peter G. Jaffe, and Susan Kaye Wilson
Amazon base price: $54.95
Used price: $53.12
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A well-researched, thorough discussion of a complex issue
Jaffe, Wolfe & Wilson provide readers with the necessary information to understand the dynamics of domestic violence & its impact on child witnesses. They provide multi-level assessment and intervention strategies for professionals to address this complex issue & give hope that we can help to end the intergenerational cycle of violence. All of their work is well-researched and clearly written. An excellent, ground-breaking work.

Cornflake Girl: Tori Amos
Published in Paperback by Music Book Services (1999)
Author: Susan Wilson
Amazon base price: $16.99
Used price: $20.00
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Does she not have a spellcheck?
Although Susan did not have a spellcheck obviouly, the way she chose to write about Tori was a very personal and beautiful summary of Tori's life thus far. I choose to understand Tori's music in a very personal way, but for those of you who need an extra shove, this book definatly gave me another perspective on not only my most respected artist, but on the whole music industry and pop culture without trying to explain it. By the way Susan wrote the book, I could tell that she was a very compassionate woman who believes in seeing people for what they are.

The Girls' Guide to Power and Success
Published in Hardcover by AMACOM (2001)
Author: Susan Wilson Solovic
Amazon base price: $16.07
List price: $22.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.50
Buy one from zShops for: $9.00
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Very Useful And Provocative Book
Susan Wilson Solovic has written a very useful and often provocative book for working women of all ages. Unlike some "career guides" that focus only on statistics and theory, Ms. Solovic interviewed successful women who have been "in the trenches" of the business world in addition to using great examples from her own varied and successful career. This approach not only makes the book a "good read" but it provides "nuts and bolts" practical advice on how women can be more effective in the business world today. This book was written from a unique point of view by a woman "who's done it all" and who now wants to make the road a bit smoother for other women in business.

Telling It Like It Really Is
After years of suffering from subtle discrimination (and feeling guilty because my instincts told me it was happening, but my socialized conscience said, "Shame on you for even thinking it!"), how refreshing it is to find a young author willing to not only admit gender discrimination occurs, but gives concrete suggestions for combatting the disease.

The writing is easy to read, gives specific examples (which I compared to my own experiences with eye-opening results)and is thought-provoking, to say the least. I recommend this book for any woman who has experienced gender discrimination -- it will help you cope more effectively, with positive results both career-wise and personally.

More importantly, I recommend this book to any woman who thinks she has not been discriminated against because of her gender. Chances are, she is inadvertently championing the discrimination cause. As Ms. Solovic points out, in many ways, women are their own worst enemies. It's time we recognized it, and work together to stop it.

I added this book to my company library, and made it recommended reading for every manager (male and female) in my organization.

It's up to us.
Susan Solovic's "The Girls' Guide to Power and Success" puts it right back in our laps. We have to make the changes in our expectations and behavior. She provides the motivation and the tools.

Little has changed in the last 50 years except that there are more women in titled positions. With these titles came no change in the lack of independence from male persuasion in decision making. We're still doing it their way.

Time for women to step up to the plate, read Solovic's book and march to our own drummers.

Culture Shock: Egypt
Published in Paperback by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. (2001)
Author: Susan L. Wilson
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $3.40
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Essential for any woman traveling to Egypt
As an American woman who had already been to Egypt and experienced many different things with regard to cultural differences, I decided to purchase this book before returning again . It was a relief to get some insight on certain situations to avoid (as a woman) and how to enjoy this wonderful country while maintaining a deep respect for it's people's beliefs and customs.

A Good Read
There are two types of travel books: Those we skim through and those we read. As a book to skim, it's ok. It does not have much to reference quickly, if at all. However, as a book to read and to contemplate, it is very good. If you buy this book, take the time to read it carefully from cover to cover. Unlike a lot of commentaries on foreign culture, which tend to be trite, this author is very respectful of Egyptian culture without being ingratiating.

superb resource for the traveler
Wilson's book provided me with the "cultural common sense" that made for a successful stay in Egypt in June 2000. Her chatty tone invited me, as a reader, into her own experiences living in Egypt and set a context for me to be open to the warmth of the Egyptians as well as to be prepared for the very real challenges of travel here. While other books provided guidance to the sights, Wilson's provided guidance to the people and customs. I'll be returning to Egypt for future work and will rely on her book as a continuing resource.

Hole: Look Through This
Published in Paperback by Music Sales Corp (1996)
Authors: Amy Raphael and Susan Wilson
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.99
Buy one from zShops for: $14.50
Average review score:

Pics Pics Pics
Like the other reviewers said, I didn't so much buy this for the text (I probably know more about Courtney Love and Hole than the author does), but for the pictures. And there lots of them! There is a similar book by Nick Wise, which you should check out as well (but the very back of his book there are 2 really embarrassing "boob shots" of Courtney that are totally uncalled for. I put a strip of black electrical tape over them). If you want a REAL, authorized Courtney Love/Hole bio- check out the one by Poppy Z. Brite, or even the unauth. one by Melissa Rossi (it's kinda cheesy though), and while you're at it, read Ms. Brite's novels, too. They're awesome!

Record of a band that no longer exists :(
Unfortunately, Courtney Love recently announced that her band Hole has broken up, so this book is a testimony to a band that no longer exists. It may therefore be of interest to a collector.

This book is similar to Nick Wise's book COURTNEY LOVE in that it has a lot of great pictures, and the text really is incidental to the photos. The text is, well, not even necessary. This is a great compilation of pictures of Courtney and Hole, and it shows Hole in its very early days before Courtney's persona had overshadowed the band completely. Yes, there are even pictures of her before the nose job! :) (I think she looked cute with her original nose!)

great Courtney Love book
This book has so many great pictures of Courtney Love and her band Hole! Many of the pictures I have never seen before. Almost all in color too which was great!

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