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The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces
Published in Paperback by W W Norton & Co. (1999)
Authors: Sarah Lawall and Diana De Armas Wilson
Amazon base price: $68.20
Used price: $56.92
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A Real Masterpiece
Great reading on those quiet Sunday evenings. The historical perspectives and timelines are the best part; really helps you understand the progression of literature as we know it. The Norton series (western literature) was used often in highschool for me, but I had quite narrow historical perspectives back then; this book has helped change that. I would also recommend Glimpes of World History by J. Nehru. Though it can be at times tedious, it is good accompaniment to this Norton anthology.

World Literarture!
This book is very fascinating to read if you're insterested in early Greek and Roman culture. The many stories and translations make the reading easy and fun. I would recommend this book to anyone!

A real life-saver!
This book has it all! This is the GREATEST collection of books ever printed!

The Curious Little Lamb : Fisher-Price Little People Little Take-Me-Out PlayBooks
Published in Hardcover by Readers Digest (1997)
Authors: Sarah Wilson, Susan Hood, Josie Yee, Sarah Willson, and Sarah Albee
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $5.27
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A fun book for your toddler
These little people books that come with a figurine are wonderful. My girls love them. As I read to them they use the little figurine to act out what is happening in the story. On each page there is a box telling you what the figurine should be doing now as the story unfolds. Or you can do your own actions. A fun book to read and a must-have for Little People fans!

Great for toddlers!
This book is my toddler's favorite! He loves the fact that he can take out the lamb and put it back in. Because it's a board book, it's really holding up well to the abuse he puts it through. It is the one book that he picks up and pages through on his own

Just Wanna Have Fun
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (2000)
Authors: Sarah Willson, Gary Fields, and Sarah Wilson
Amazon base price: $11.55
Used price: $9.83
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Buy this book now!
This book called Just wanna have fun is the best book! It's about Tommy Pickels and his friends with mean gym teacher. The mean gym teacher made them do olimpics but the babies just wanna have fun.

Cool Rats
This book is excellent. My seven year old son only like to read funny books. He completetd this book in one day. The Rugrats go on vacation and allowed my son to go too. They had several contests, but he was the winner. At the end everyone is allowed to cool off from the fun with a great splash in the pool. Great summer reading.

Sociobiology: The Abridged Edition
Published in Paperback by Harvard Univ Pr (1980)
Authors: Edward Osborne Wilson and Sarah Landry
Amazon base price: $28.95
Used price: $5.19
Collectible price: $28.59
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A Behavioral Plight
This is a wonderfully written book. Wilson compacts so much information into sentence after sentence that one cannot help but understand how he is one of the twentieth centuries greatest thinkers. This is an astoundingly detailed, thorough, and demanding publication requiring a scientifically literate audience. It covers basic concepts from altruism, selfishness (a component of all behavior), and spite; including communication, aggression, social roles, sex, and parenting from "invertebrates" to vertebrates. Sentences must be reread many times, but this is simply an artifact of the readers' incompetence. Wilson is simply an astonishing biologist...

must read if intrested in zoology or evolution
an excellent book. although alot of parts may be hard to understand it is relatively easier than the unabridged version.

get this if your intrested in biology

Big Day on the River
Published in Hardcover by Henry Holt & Company (2003)
Authors: Sarah Wilson and Randy Cecil
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.70
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A completely delightful picture book story
Big Day On The River is a completely delightful picture book story about a young girl who sometimes feels a bit squeezed by her large family, and her determination to enjoy a river adventure. Playful color illustrations by Randy Cecil perfectly showcase the upbeat text by Sarah Wilson, -- and lots of splashing make for an upbeat and thoroughly fun-filled read for children ages 4 to 7!

Chuckie Meets the Beastie Bunny
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (2000)
Authors: Sarah Willson, Philip Felix, Vince Giarrano, Byron Talman, and Sarah Wilson
Amazon base price: $11.00
Used price: $9.40
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If you like the Rugrats, you will like this book.

George Hogglesberry: Grade School Alien
Published in Hardcover by Tricycle Pr (2002)
Authors: Sarah Wilson and Chad Cameron
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $9.99
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Wonderful Whimsy
I read this book with a 5-year old starting school. George's story is very accessible, and the details of his life are so wonderfully and creatively silly, that both adult and child were sincerely giggling at every page. Chad Cameron's illustrations are artful and fanciful -- he has a profound visual sense of humor. This book would be wonderful for any kid, and especially those working through an adjustment to a new school (or home?) situation.

Good Zap, Little Grog
Published in Paperback by Candlewick Press (1997)
Authors: Sarah Wilson, Susan-Meddaugh, and Susan Meddaugh
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $2.37
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This is a wonderful book!
This is a completely charming book, showing a child going through his day, from waking to sleep, in a world surrounded by imaginary and intriguing creatures. They are vaguely Dr. Suess-like, but the illustrations and simple, short rhymes appeal to even smaller children. My one-year old nephew loves it (again and again), and my child, now eight, enjoys these unique creatures and the made-up words. It is a book that I'm happy to read too, especially in the evening, since the child goes to sleep in the end. I highly recommend this book, with its great illustrations and rhythm.

Good Owners Great Dogs
Published in Paperback by Warner Books (1999)
Authors: Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.95
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everyone dog owner needs this book
I truly believe that it's a sin to get a dog and not give it any obedience training. Dogs are of a pack nature and someone must always be the leader of the pack. If you aren't designated, they will designate themselves.Dogs need to know who's in charge. They're happier that way when they know their boundaries and what they can and cannot do. They become true friends, yet with you being the friend in charge. This book is very informative. Brian Kilcommons was taught by Barbara Woodhouse. One of the greatest dog trainers of all times. He shows you how to teach you dog obediance in a very firm, yet sensible, humane,(no hitting)way, yet not a"namby's pansy" and ineffective way, that I've seen with some other dog training programs. We brought home a big untrained dog from the SPCA who, while we were away for the day, literally ripped our home to pieces. He wouldn't do one thing we told him and I thought we had made a big mistake with this HUGE dog and would never be able to control him.I wanted to bring him back. My daughter suggested this book. Within ONE WEEK this dog was doing almost everything we told him to and he was happy doing it! He never touches ANYTHING of ours now. He waits politely at the door when he wants to go out. He used to knock me over trying to be the first one to reach the door. He won't cross the threshold of the open door unless you say it's okay. (Comes in handy if the police ever show up at your door), because they will shoot any dog that runs at them. In play or in aggressiveness. He used to run all over the house to avoid a bath, tearing it up in the process. Now, when I say 'It's bathtime he walks down the hall, into the bathroom and climbs into the tub, all by himself! He used to snatch his dog toys out of our hand biting us accidently in the process. Now, he waits nicely and sits and when you do hand him the ball, he takes it ever so carefully by the side of his teeth so he won't accidently bite us. The list goes on and on. Some people teach their dogs the nasty habits and aggressivenenss and maybe don't realize that THEY are the ones responsible for the dog bad behavior. Brian Kilcommons explans this and shows you how to correct it. Even older dogs have broken bad habits with his program. You can see he truly loves dogs. They are his life and his book and video is a joy to have. My niece has a great Dane who is a horror. She's even been to obediance school. but, they don't enforce any of the training at home. The dog is the boss of the house and knows it. She does what she wants and she's NOT a joy for their family to be around and they admit it. We wouldn't trade our dog now for a million bucks. I have recommended this book to them. I also have the video with the same title. With both book and video them in hand and the firm resolve to stick with it, there is no reason why anyone should have a dog that is a "holy terror".

Understanding Your Dog (s)
I purchased this book after attending a seminar held by Brian Kilcommons in November of 1997. I have two shepherd crosses and our female was our "special needs" dog in that she displayed some very anti social behaviour, due to fear. Brian's book confirmed my view on dog training in that he does not use physical punishment in training your dog. I wouldn't raise my hand to another adult, child or animal for any reason. He provided excellent suggestions, insight into behaviour, along with interesting and helpful "case studies". I have read numerous books on dog training and the minute I see any mention of training a dog using physical punishment, aggressive behaviour on the owner's part, confinement in an area as punishment for any length of time, etc. I have no use for the book. Brian's book, in addition to being a must for all dog owners, I recommend it to anyone who has a dog, is also an interesting book just to read. Thanks very much Brian. We have too beautiful dogs and they are very well behaved and our "special needs" little darling has replaced her special needs with needs such as all the love, care and attention we can give them.

Read this book, and you got all bases covered!
This book is an awesome training book for owners of puppies and adult dogs alike. Brian writes in a conversational style, he provides plenty of examples and personal narratives, and his many black and white photographs are excellent for driving his verbal point across (after all, isn't it much easier if you see how you are supposed to put a dog into a down or sit position than reading about it in a lengthy paragraph only?) The book covers how to train dogs to sit, stay, down, heel and have door manners, what games to play with your dog (and which to avoid), how to use positive and negative reinforcement, how to make it safe for you to approach the food bowl, how to use a training collar correctly, and many other useful daily commands/activities. We like this book also, because it does not only address training, but also basic dog care (from puppy to adulthood to old age), dog development, and he addresses common problems that each dog owner faces when teaching each command or facing daily life with a dog. We read THE ART OF RAISING A PUPPY, HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY YOU CAN LIVE WITH, and PUPPIES FOR DUMMIES, but NONE of the books live up to GOOD OWNERS, GREAT DOGS. Brian knows what he is talking about and he opens your eyes to things that you do that give your dog the wrong message (dog barks, you look - Bam! YOu just taught your dog how to get your attention; dog stops and peeps down the street during a walk, you stop, BAM! You just taught your dog how to get you to stop and give up your leadership). Simple, when you think about it, but many times you don't, and so Brian really gets you thinking about all these little things your dog does and how to interpret them. We got an 8 week old Mini Schnauzer, never had a dog before. By 9 weeks, he knew how to sit, by 12 weeks he knew how to down, stay, place, and wait properly at the door, by 14 weeks he knew how to stand still on a groom table to be examined and combed/clipped. Granted, Mini Schnauzers are smart dogs, but we truly believe that our dog is so great in part because of Brian's wonderful expertise. We wouldn't want to be without this book and still use it on a regular basis for refreshers and quick advice. If you want to get your money's worth, buy this book. It will make your life and your dog's life a lot easier, and it will facilitate the communication that you both will be having with each other. Brian is like a translater, all you have to do is to learn the translation so you can be a good owner with a great dog.

Metrodog: The Essential Guide to Raising Your Dog in the City
Published in Paperback by Warner Books (2002)
Authors: Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $7.50
Buy one from zShops for: $9.25
Average review score:

Dogs in the city? Who'd a-thunk it?
Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, of course! OK, well, they didn't invent the idea of dogs living happily in urban areas, but they can show you how to raise your pup into a confident, social, well-exercised and happy pet in a teeming Metropolis. They do it by drawing on a combined thirty years of experience training dogs and their people. Much like their previous all-around dog-training book "Good Owners, Great Dogs," "Metrodog" offers tons of how-to know-how from dog trainers who (surprise!) can actually write! The book is a helpful compendium of training tips, photographs and anecdotal information. From solid content on how to select a dog for the city to things to teach it and simple instructions for doing them, this book is unlike most any you will have probably read about dog training. The authors focus on city life for dogs, and their positive, fun approach to training make it a must for city-dwelling canine-lovers. How on earth do you housetrain a dog when you live on the 35th floor? How hard is it to exercise a dog on busy sidewalks? What if I need to hail a cab (or take the subway) and I have a dog with me? These questions and more are concretely answered with several dashes of Sarah and Brian's trademark humor thrown in. They also cover selecting a trainer, destructive behaviors, the older dog, dealing with dog parks, dealing with different dog temperaments, and proofing your city canine to all manner of things you and he will encounter on the street. Even folks who live in suburbia will find much of interest here, for the behaviors covered are good for ALL dogs to know, even if you never plan on living on the 35th floor of anywhere. Just like on their website called GreatPets, Brian and Sarah share the best of their knowledge with us because they love dogs and what dogs bring to our lives. I highly recommend "Metrodog."

Highly Recommended
Few people writing about dogs today have as much hands-on experience as this team. This is the book that I recommend to those who adopt dogs from me. I know that the advice that new dog owners will glean from this book will be level-headed, responsible, practical and kind.

Metrodog covers issues that real dog owners face. How can I get my dog to behave well enough to take him on my day to day errands? How should I handle encounters with those who are mentally ill? How should I exercise my dog? The skills listed herein are practical and easy to teach.

I adopt my rescue dogs to families who will really love and care for them, and I recommend books that will help them to integrate their new dogs easily and painlessly. I recommend Metrodog wholeheartedly.

Not just for the city dog...
...this book is an excellent source for any dog owner. With their usual entertaining writing style, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson guide one through choosing a dog, housebreaking and training it. Their experience in dog training is extensive and it shows throughout the advice and tips in the book. We live in the suburbs, but have found this book tremendously helpful as we work our German Shepherd puppy towards being a therapy dog! ...

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