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What Baby Needs (Sears Children Library)
Published in School & Library Binding by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (2001)
Authors: William Sears, Martha Sears, Christie Watts Kelly, Renee Williams-Andriani, and Renee W. Andriani
Amazon base price: $10.36
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Used price: $8.80
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A must have for every family
I think this is a great book! It covers the basics of having a baby in the house and being a big sister/brother with out saying how awful it might be. It also gives a pretty good picutre of what life will be like. I like the probreastfeeding pictures and words. All of my kids love this book.

What a fabulous, realistic book!
I love this book! It explains to older siblings why mama always has to nurse the baby, hold the baby, sleep with the baby. It never ever mentions formula even once and it shows many of the tools that parents use that just aren't present in most books. Mommy & Daddy both wear the baby and the baby sleeps in a cosleeper!! The book also contains a lot of great reminders and tips for Mom & Dad to help an older sibling make friends with the baby, and feel important. Makes me want to have another baby just so we would need it in our house!

Comforting book for children with new siblings.
When parents bring a new baby home, they usually have an idea of what needs this new life will have. Their new baby will be totally dependant on them. If parents have young children at home, they may not know what the new baby's needs will be. And even if they did, they may feel as though they are no longer needed. How can parents ease their children's fears about the new baby, and help them understand what their new sibling needs?

In the book, "What Baby Needs," from the famous Sear's Children's Library, children will find out exactly what new babies need. The story begins by explaining things that the new baby needs...the same needs that the sibling had. Young children will be reminded of how their parents took care of them when they were babies, and they'll learn what their new role will be in the new baby's life. They will feel comforted knowing that their parents lovingly cared for them, the same way their parents will be caring for their new baby.

There are little sections throughout the book called, "What About Me?" that help siblings understand and realize that they are important too. They provide information on their new role as "big brother" or "big sister," and gives them ideas on ways they can connect with the new baby.

My ParenTime highly recommends "What Baby Needs" - young children will find it very easy to relate to. It also answers many of the questions that they probably have about the new baby's needs and their role in its new life. Young children are sure to enjoy this book. My 6 year old enjoyed this story :-).

You Can Go to the Potty
Published in Hardcover by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (2002)
Authors: Martha, R.N. Sears, Christie Watts Kelly, Renee Andriani, and William, M.D. Sears
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.47
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Another great parenting book by Dr. Sears!
This book is excellent for parents who practice Attachment Parenting. It starts by explaining that when the child was a baby, their parents did everything for them. This shows a mother breastfeeding, parents and baby co-sleeping, and a father "wearing" the baby in a sling. It then talks about diapers and how as children get older, they use the potty like their parents. There are lots of parent tips that appear in the margins, encouraging further discussion and customizing things to suit your family's needs and preferences. As always, Dr. Sears encourages you to follow your instincts.

The story itself isn't much different from the one you'd find in The Potty Book or other training books. It follows a child through potty training, buying underwear, etc. The narrative uses language a child can understand, but sometimes it seemed a bit too babyish for me. ("poo-poo goes bye-bye"). I don't think you have to talk down to kids to get them to understand. But, that small complaint aside, the book is informative and positive. It's a wonderful teaching tool, and perfectly suited for Attachment families.

best potty learning book out there
We have purchased many books in this genre :-) and are delighted with this book by childcare experts William and Martha Sears. The book starts with a three-page introduction for parents, discussing readiness and approach. The text for children is comforting and informative -- letting kids know that there was a time that parents did everything for them but now they are growing up, and using the toilet is another aspect of their growth, like dressing or feeding themselves. Cartoon pictures show a little boy using a potty seat and his older siblings using the adult toilet seat. An older boy urinates standing up, and handwashing is shown. Sidebars on most pages address questions that children might ask with suggested answers. The process is emphatically positive though constipation and accidents are also mentioned. The book concludes with a page about attachment parenting.

The only thing I didn't like was the use of the terms "pee-pee" and "poo-poo" but that's easy enough to change as you read. The message is comforting at the same time the text is informative for kids, discussing the mechanics of the process as well as the benefits.

There is also a pull-out poster that shows the steps involved, and this can be placed on the bathroom wall or maybe in a spot your youngster tends to seek out when s/he feels the need to go potty.


great philo
The philosophy of all of the work that CWK and the Sears' have done together really embraces the attachment parenting, and this book is no exception. The provision of parent guide is really a nice touch. I highly recommend.

Dmz Diary: A Combat Marine's Vietnam Memoir
Published in Paperback by (2001)
Authors: Jeff Kelly and Dale Watt
Amazon base price: $19.00
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DMZ Diary Moving, Important
TJ Kelly's DMZ Diary is a stunning account of his Vietnam service. Kelly writes with honesty and intelligence, allowing readers to accompany him on his journeys into combat with his fellow Marines. Kelly recalls stories of heroism and horror from Vietnam that will move the most jaded military historian. His stories of life away from combat provide humour and relief from the ever-present tension of the war. In DMZ Diary the author reveals his transformation from a gung-ho new guy to a seasoned veteran. The story of this transformation is an important addition to the history of the American experience in Vietnam.

Eat Healthy, Feel Great
Published in Hardcover by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (2002)
Authors: William Sears, Martha Sears, Christie Watts Kelly, and Renee Andriani
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.47
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Building Good Nutritional Habits
What a wonderful resource for parents who are trying to "do the right thing" -- to teach their children healthy eating habits in the midst of a society that promotes the fast, processed, and packaged. Dr. Sears categorizes food into green light/yellow light/red light groups, and it's a concept my children (ages 2, 4) readily understand. The text is simple and clear, and the message is presented in a fun way. This book would be a big help to any parents interested in changing their families' eating habits for the better. There are parts in the book that are just for parents: they explain nutrition, as well as make suggestions on how to incorporate more "green light" foods in the family's meals. My children enjoy this book. They ask for it by name -- we've read it dozens of times.

Mad Dog
Published in Hardcover by Doubleday Canada Ltd (2001)
Author: Kelly Watt
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $8.47
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I was awstruck by this rich, powerful and disturbing novel. Sixteen year old Sheryl Anne MacRae dreams and falls in love in the backdrop of the apple orchards of beautiful Eden Valley in the sixties. But a bizarre underworld is suspensefully revealed involving dangerous sex, drugs and rituals.
Kelly Watt leads us with the mastery of a great story teller into the truth and horror underneath this seemingly idyllic scene. And once the horror is faced, the possibility of healing emerges. Kelly Watt is a courageaous writer. Anyone would enjoy this gifted tale about something most of us would rather not look at or even believe is possible.

New Families, New Finances: Money Skills for Today's Nontraditional Families
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (03 April, 1998)
Authors: Emily W. Card and Christie Watts Kelly
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $1.85
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If your family is different, this book is for you.
Many of the non-traditional families in our society feel left out then it comes to money books. Most of us aren't in the 10% or so of families with a father working and a mother at home. This book gives tax info and other good advice for this kind of family--the one with two earners, blended families, even same sex families.

I liked the charts which summarized the info for each family type, with specific details on what to do.

Baby on the Way (Sears Children Library)
Published in School & Library Binding by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (2001)
Authors: William Sears, Martha Sears, Renee Andriani, and Christie Watts Kelly
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.95
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So-so and not for little ones
I bought this book for my 2 year old because it shows the new baby nursing, and I really want her to get used to the idea that her sibling will nurse like she did. Unfortunately, it contains way too much information for a little one and is geared too much towards what is happening to mama while she is pregnant. I mean, yeah, my stomach was upset but it's not my two year old's job to worry about it. I would have appreciated less information about pregnancy and birth and more about the actual arrival of the new baby.

I also thought it was odd that the gurus of attachment parenting put so much in this book about how mommy and daddy will be expanding the house, buying new stuff, making a place for the baby to sleep, etc. Part of the beauty of attachment parenting is (in my opinion) that all of that isn't so necessary. I am trying to get my daughter to adjust to the idea of a new baby in the family bed and this book does not address that at all.

I do read it to her occasionally, but I have to change most of the wording in order for her to understand it and I skip whole pages that just aren't relative to our lives.

You might like this book if you have a much older sibling and a big house with a nursery and a crib and all that jazz, but I don't find it terribly helpful in preparing my daughter for her new sister.

A must for big brother/sister
We got this book for our 4 year old daughter when we were expecting her brother. It really helped her to understand what was going on with mommy. I loved it because it was a great tool to help explain what was going on in terms she could understand.

At storytime, she always wanted this book read to her. I highly recommend this book

The perfect book for preparing older siblings for the baby
"Baby on the Way" is a superb book for preparing older siblings for the arrival of a baby in the house. Written by pediatrician William Sears, registered nurse and certified childbirth educator Martha Sears, and author Christie Watts Kelly, cofounder of the Memphis chapter of Attachment Parenting International, this book does an amazing job of adapting to young readers. The idea is that while the new baby is growing inside mommy's belly, her other children are also growing up and becoming an older brother or sister. Realizing that kids might be afraid to ask questions, this book compares what mommy is feeling to similar feelings children will certainly recognize. Of course there is a young boy and a young girl, so young readers will have someone to identify with throughout the book.

The major strengths of this book is that it provides both basic information on what is happening and how things are going to change with the arrival of the new baby, including "Answers for the Very Curious," as well as practical tips for having the older siblings involved. Every few pages there is a "What You Can Do" box that suggests things like visiting the doctor with mommy to listen to the baby's heartbeat, seeing if there are any toys or clothes to be shared with the new baby, and planning the baby's Birth Day part while you are waiting for the baby to come. The illustrations by Renee Andriani are well-suited to the task and the back of the book includes a short course on Attachment parenting and a list of resources, both written and on-line.

We did okay with preparing our son for the arrival of his sister, emphasizing how this was going to be "his" baby and how he had to be careful because he was so big and she was so small. Of course, she fully exploited this advantage and when we had our third child the first two were not too sure about it. Having a book like this back then would have been a thing of good because preparing the old ones for the new one is a big deal. "Baby on the Way" is a very impressive, loving approach to this age old problem.

Watts Teen Health Dictionary
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Authors: Charlotte Isler, David Kelly, and Alwyn T. Cohall
Amazon base price: $25.35
Used price: $20.64
Buy one from zShops for: $20.60
Average review score:
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Disguise (How to Make Series)
Published in Library Binding by Edu Dev (1997)
Authors: Vivien Kelly and Fiona Watt
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $42.19
Average review score:
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Eat Healthy, Feel Great Poster
Published in Paperback by Little Brown and Company (2002)
Authors: William Sears, Renee W. Andriani, and Christie Watts Kelly
Amazon base price: $
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