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Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde
Published in Paperback by Dramatist's Play Service (1999)
Authors: Moises Kaufman and Stephen Wangh
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A play worth reading, but only once...
This play seems to be true to Oscar Wilde's real biographical story in terms of its dialogues, but I did not enjoy reading it much. At first, I thought to myself: "Well, it is a PLAY, after all, may be it will seem better on a theater stage, where it belongs". So, I went to see three different versions in three different theaters. I am sorry to say, but I did not feel much better about this play after doing that. Well...if you are REALLY INTERESTED IN OSCAR WILDE, you might as well read it, but if you are only mildly interested, then this play is not for you.

Moises Kaufman will be a great name in theater history
I have been lucky enough to share the initiation of Mr. Kaufman career in theater in Venezuela, have seen Gross Indecency both in New York and London several times, and have read the play, which is masterfully built. This is a unique experience, both read and seen, and believe me, Mr. Kaufman will be remembered in the future as one of the great names of theater of our time. This may sound as an exaggeration, but if you are someone who is looking for trends in theater, great acting, the influence of Brecht in new generations, never forget this author and director.

This play completely opened my eyes....
i decided to read gross indecency after seeing something about it on tv. being a big fan of oscar wilde's work, i thought that it would be informative. but it went so far beyond that... the play is a little hard to get into at first, and if you're not a fan of oscar wilde, i really wouldn't recommend reading it. you can really see the oscar's transformation during the course of the three trials, from an independent artist with his own views on morality who refuses to be ashamed about his sexuality, to someone who has seen the people he was friends with testify against him over and over....i don't know how anyone could survive in such a situation..... anyway, this play gave me a whole new knowledge of the life of oscar wilde and a new respect for him, the choices that he made, and the courage that he had. if you are really interested in the life of oscar wilde, read this.

An Acrobat of the Heart: A Physical Approach to Acting (Vintage Original)
Published in Paperback by Vintage Books (19 September, 2000)
Authors: Stephen Wangh and Andre Gregory
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I felt disappointed reading this book.... The ideas of the author are not fresh and his interpretation of Grotowski is, at best, misguided.

a grateful heart
After a long hiatus from performing, reading this book excited me to absolutely no end! Stephen's thoughts and wise teachings brought me back to a place that I'd forgotten and was sorely missing. Thank you for the palpable tenderness and care that LEAPS off the page directly into my world and " where I live " Reading about acting can be confusing, right? This book magically trancends anything stodgy, incoherent, or inconsistent in structure and message. ( SO MANY acting and performance manuals DO NOT EVER get past the lumpy and condescending realm...) THIS is elegantly crafted and now sacred to me! Thank you Stephen.

Every actor should read this book.
Stephen Wangh, a former student of Grotowski and now a teacher of Experimental theater shares his knowledge in this inspiring and well written book. First of all, I want to say that you really need to have a teacher and be in a group to learn Grotowski's physical acting better. Grotowksi's work can also be very challenging and confussing at times and this book really helps guide you through it. The book follows a group of Stephen Wangh's first students through his training. That is what makes the book better then your average acting text book. You take a journey along with these people while learning the Grotowski method. As an actor I could relate to the actors frustrations and fears and in the book we see them overcome them. The book explains everything from what clothes to wear to voice work. I am glad Wangh added a section at the end of the book about how to deal with and survive acting. Very few people talk about this subject and it needs to be brought up more. I read this book before I was about to start working on a play and it re-inspired me and made me more discplined and focused. Stephen Wang also isn't self centered and basically says that do what you have to do to do the role you're playing good but try this method. The book is very well-thought out and easy to understand. Any actor should read this even if they think they know the Grotowski method.

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