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Designing Groundwater Models with Windows
Published in Hardcover by Lewis Publishers, Inc. (27 December, 1994)
Author: William Clarence Walton
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Number one
I have stuied many books. I found this book is very useful for the reader who are working on groundwater field. I think this is one of the best book in this field.

The Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon: Volume 10
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (1996)
Authors: Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Robert Kean Turner, George Walton Williams, and Cyrus Hoy
Amazon base price: $160.00
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An interesting collection
Having taught B&F in my early 17th cent. drama class, I can recommend Wit without Money and, to some extent, The Wild-Goose Chase. I would not bother with Wife for a Month, one of the weakest and poorly written of their collaborations. Nevertheless, this is a handy book.

Mad Faery Father: Caleb Williams and the Novel Form--James Walton; Some British Travelers in Greece--Eric Glasgow; Walter Pater, and Greece--Eric glas
Published in Textbook Binding by Prometheus Books (1976)
Author: James Walton
Amazon base price: $16.00
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Correct Title and Earlier Reviews
The title is misspelled in Amazon's listing. It should be "Mad Feary Father." It was very positively reviewed in Philological Quarterly, Studies in Romanticism, and Genre.

Paper Cutting (New Crafts)
Published in Hardcover by Lorenz Books (1997)
Authors: Stewart Walton, Sally Walton, and Peter Williams
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.50
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More for intermediate and advanced crafters
I am just starting to make caft projects. I am interested in paper cutting, but I have to say that I am a bit daunted by the intricacy of cutting that is required by almost all of the projects in this book. I think the key is to have the right tools, which are conveniently listed in the book. You really do need several different sized scissors. So, in order to do many of these projects, unless you have already invested in paper cutting tools, you will need to buy some good scissors. Most likely you can't just use what you have around the house. However, an initial outlay of cash is almost always required whenever you begin any handmade craft.

The authors describe basic technqiues, and present a few basic projects, but quickly move to what I would consider more advanced projects. I did enjoy the silhouette and paper flowers projects, which I consider to be two of the easier ones. Furthermore, the authors are good about providing detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. I think as I gain experience, I will attempt more elaborate projects, but I think this book would be best for those who have already mastered the techniques of paper cutting.

Because the book never claimed to be for the beginner, the only reason I took one star off was due to the lack of variety in the style of projects. They seem to be geared toward people who like crafts with a Scandenavian or country feel to the design. However, the cutouts are applied to a variety of objects such as lampshades, tins, place mats, clocks, cards, shelf edging, picture fames, etc.

I think the Waltons do a good job of presenting instructions and providing templates. The only limit is one's experience with paper cutting.

A good book for both newbies and more advanced crafters
The Waltons have written a variety of craft and interior decoration books over the years. This book is a great example of their work. They give easy to understand instructions with photos of the projects at every step of the way. They also give templates to photocopy for each of the projects at the end of the book. Although the design style of the projects are primarily country, the techniques can be applied to other styles as well. Projects for all levels of experience are represented. The Waltons start off with a list of basic techniques, equipment, and materials, but move on to more advanced projects later in the book. You will need the different sized scissors listed because some of the projects require intricate cutting. The projects range from embellishing tins to frames to giftbags to cards.

The Bear: An Opera Vocal Score
Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (1967)
Authors: William Walton, Paul Dehn, Ernst Roth, Roy Douglas, Anton Pavlovich Medved Chekhov, and Library of Congress Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation
Amazon base price: $39.95
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An Awesome story for all ages!
The Bear by Anton Chekhov was one the most interesting yet provokative stories I've ever read. This play shows the interesting relationships between men and women. I am 16 yrs. old and my acting class is doing this play for competition. This play is the first one that the entire class fully enjoyed.

Want to laugh at the nature of man?
The Bear by Anton Chekhov is one of the best plays that I have read in my entire life. It features funny prose which makes the reader think about the nature of mankind and how he will go to any lengths to have what he wants. Smirnov (the main character) at first wants the money that an old colleague of his owes him from his wife and then falls in love with the mourning widow. He is spured on by the insesant denial from the woman that he can not have the money and falls for her fiery nature. A great read and I urge all readers of his plays to read this little beauty

Great play!
This play was a great description of how men react to women. It's a great laugher and I recommend it fully!

The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams: 1909-1939
Published in Paperback by New Directions Publishing (1991)
Authors: William Carlos Williams, A. Walton Litz, Christoph Macgowan, and Christopher Macgowan
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.98
Collectible price: $11.11
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one of our great poets
how do you discuss 23 years, the last half of a great poet's long career, in such a short allotment of space. you really can't. i will say that some of his better works is in the first volume. that isn't much more i can say than pick up his collected works.

Intense Words and Feelings
How can one describe William Carlos Williams, a great brilliant writer. His words are so in depth and so meaning and can relate to any particular situation one might be in. His use of language is superior above others. Not until recently did I read something of his in a collection of poems that I had borrowed, and I saw one poem that stuck out to me. This poem is called Romance Moderne. This is a truly excellent poem and led me to be such a great admirer of William Carlos Williams. I've borrowed his collection of poems almost a thousand times from the library, and I still haven't finished reading all of his poems. It takes a necessary amount of time to soak in his words, and with such a great number of poems, I'd like to soak them all in, thus I will be buying the book for myself to have.

U 2 can write a decent poem.
Whew, check out that list. & I bet you haven't read half of them even if you are a Williams fan via his selected & Pictures from Brughel.

This is the development of Williams' daily art, punctuated by an occasional masterpiece or near-surrealistic gemstone. Someone once asked John Cage, "With your methods, couldn't anyone compose music?" Cage replied, "Yes, but they don't." With Williams, it almost seems that everyone did. Williams, like every really fine poet/teacher I've ever met, was better at setting examples than at methods. He learned as he wrote, & I suspect his talk & his letters had a great deal more influence than his occasional stabs at poetics.

Williams stripped down American poesy & reconstructed it as a form of talk, which it had been all along beneath Whitman's yawping & Dickinson's obsessive editing & Frost plodding heavily though New England snow five steps at a time. Uncle Bill just didn't know any better. He didn't know he was supposed to be a somebodyelse; maybe a Stephen Benet, a William Vaughn Moody, an Edwin Arlington Robinson. Poor Bill.

This is roughly the first half of The Doc's amazin' journey. You'll know if you need it. Any intelligent poet friend will love it as a gift.

Deming Management Method
Published in Paperback by Perigee (1986)
Authors: Mary Walton and W. Edwards Deming
Amazon base price: $9.94
Used price: $0.98
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Don't judge a book by (it's cover hype)
The old adage applies to this book. There is no management method inside. Walton's work is long in the tooth. Her superficial, journalistic treatment of quality and productivity is poorly understood. She attempts to cover too much ground with too little understanding. It is a stretch to claim Deming's lecture circuit talking points contains a management message.

Deming's genius was as a statistician. He was also a humanitarian. He integrated himself into the Japanese culture to better understand and develop lasting relationships with his hosts. His was generous in donating publication royalties to the fledgling Japanese Union of Engineers and Scientist (JUSE). JUSE's prize bearing Deming's name is a measure of his generosity and humanity, not his management competence. His Japanese lectures on statistical methods, along with the standardization movement were influential in setting Japanese quality efforts in motion. JUSE soon realized that quality, productivity, customer service management, and zero defects required more than Deming could provide.

American publishers elevated Deming to guru status. Written during the mid eighties, this book's target was the US manager starved for some direction with which to combat the Japanese methodical implementation of quality and productivity. The publisher simply cashed in on an American name that had a Japanese quality prize attached to it. Deming's message may have been innovative for the forties, but today statistics-based productivity programs like Six Sigma incorporate a true management method. If you need to learn management statistics, consult "Introduction to Quality Control" by Kaoru Ishikawa.

The Deming "cycle" and statistical analysis is taken from Dr. Shewhart's 1932 work. Deming's 14 "points" and 7 "deadly diseases" are simply exhortations, talking points for the lecture circuit. Two diseases are explained as "beyond the scope of his present discussion" with one sentence of explanation given to each. It is evident that neither Deming nor Walton have the simplest grasp of US labor law.

The case studies include a company that is on the corporate bone pile for failing its environmental management responsibilities, and another in bankruptcy for managing its bottom line with emotion rather than reason.

To be fair, Walton's reportage of the bead demonstration taken from a Deming statistical lecture is worth reading. If purchased used, the value of the bead vignette will recoup the $[money]spent.

Serious students of management philosophy, productivity, and quality should look beyond this meager work toward Ishikawa, Crosby, or Juran.

A Great Book about W E. Deming and his work
Mary Waton does the impossible. She tells you about the life of the great Business Guru the late W.Edward Deming. The first part of the book is a short biography of the great man. Then she goes into his 14 points in detail. Another chapter is on Deming's ways to get improvement in any business.

And the following chapter shows the many companies that the Deming method and philosopy help in TQM.

I would recommed these method for any business, small or large.

You can tell the companies that use these methods ....there services and products shine with quality and more

What I really liked about Mary Walton's book is that it is ACCESSIBLE. While I certainly sympathize with Dr. Deming's eschewing simplistic slogans and posters to institute the notion of quality, I felt like Ms. Walton broke Deming's theories down into manageable chunks. Having survived reading Deming's "Out of the Crisis", I would have to say that Mary Walton's slim little volume is a much better way to glean the priceless gems of Dr. Deming's wisdom. This ranks right up there with "Liberation Management" as one of the best business books ever written.

Absolutely a LA Carte
Published in Spiral-bound by A la Carte Alley (01 October, 1999)
Authors: Charlotte W. Skelton, William Powell, and Charlotte Walton Skelton
Amazon base price: $17.56
List price: $21.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $15.27
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Analytical Groundwater Modeling: Flow and Contaminant Migration
Published in Hardcover by Lewis Publishers, Inc. (1989)
Author: William Clarence Walton
Amazon base price: $129.00
Used price: $18.00
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Aquifer Test Analysis with WindowsTM Software
Published in Hardcover by Lewis Publishers, Inc. (10 January, 1996)
Author: William C. Walton
Amazon base price: $75.00
Average review score:
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