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Dance, Kayla!
Published in School & Library Binding by Albert Whitman & Co (1998)
Authors: Darwin McBeth Walton and Kathy Tucker
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Family Prevails
Dance, Kayla! starts out as Kayla does--full of promise. Kayla's life on her grandparents' farm is interesting as are the people in her life, but the story slows down when she reaches the big city. While the characters were sometimes flat, the story fills an important function in that it shows the strength of an extended African American family. It also serves to inspire young girls of color to follow their dreams, no matter how many roadblocks stand in their way.

Lots of neat stuff in this book.
I read this book while visiting my aunt. She gave it to my sister for Christmas. I give the book five stars because there are many good lessons kids can get from Kayla besides just enjoying the book. Kayla was brave and funny. I liked the other people in the book a lot. I am a boy and don't usually read girs's books but Kayla had a lot for boys to read about.She had a lot of courage and worked for what she wanted. Lots of girls and boys don't have daddys and could see how Kayla did okay even if her daddy didn't come home yet.

Kwanzaa (World of Holidays)
Published in Library Binding by Raintree/Steck Vaughn (1998)
Author: Darwin McBeth Walton
Amazon base price: $25.70
Used price: $16.55
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