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15 Days of Prayer With Saint Catherine of Siena
Published in Paperback by Liguori Publications (2000)
Authors: Chantal Van Der Plancke, Andre Knockaert, Victoria Hebert, Denis Sabourin, Chantal Van Der Plancke, Andre Knockrt, and Thomas M. Santa
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Getting to know St Catherine
Before dying of aneroxia in 1380 the famed Dominican tertiary forged an extraordinary legend. She was in her time a woman of substantial political clout. In 1376 she helped urge Pope Gregory XI, then living ignominously at Avignon, to Return to Rome. In where later, and through the strength of her voice and conviction, and amid turbulence. She counceled the Pope Urban VI through a wicked Church Schism, and through the dissipation of Urban's fanatical reign. A young charismatic woman in a world being destroyed by men. (...) in '15 days of Prayer with St Catherine of Siena' by Chantal van der Plamke and Andre Knockaert, I find a new saint that I barely knew before. This book is a little jewel for the inner life. Full of wisdom always hinting at Catherine's favorite urges: Truth and Humility. It has a wonderful preface deliniating Catherine's life. A very original course. The book is part of a series that includes St Teresa of Avila, etc.

Dieppe: Tragedy to Triumph
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill (01 January, 1989)
Authors: Robert A. Heineman, Steven A. Peterson, Thomas H. Rasmussen, Denis Whitaker, and Shelagh Whitaker
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $5.00
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Good basic review of American government
I read this book for the CLEP test but I also supplemented it with a college textbook. I wouldn't recommend someone take the CLEP after reading just this book, it is just too basic. Read this book and supplement it with a textbook for key areas and you'll easily pass the test.

An inexpensive, yet relatively complete introduction.
A good text for an introductory course in American government. The authors pack a surprising amount of information into each of their chapters. While this text needs to be supplemented for use at the college level, it provides a very good framework and is quite well-organized. For the price, it is a very good value

Excellent Study Guide for the CLEP US Government Subject Exa
This was an excellent study guide for the CLEP subject exam. It covered all subjects on the exam in a concise manner, easy to understand, not too wordy, yet complete. Also, a great value. Gives a good basic understanding of American Government.

If Aristotle Ran General Motors
Published in Audio Cassette by Audio Renaissance (15 January, 1997)
Authors: Thomas V. Morris, Tom Morris, and Denis Deboisblanc
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This book could put Dilbert out of business...
Tom Morrison has identified a better business
management theory. It's not new, as he points
out. It is simply the application of centuries
of accumulated wisdom to our modern experience.
By writing this book, he has done us all a great
service. Now, if only my manager and CEO would
read it....

Morrison applies the four dimensions of human
experience identified by the Greek sage, Aristotle,
to business development. Each dimension has a
direct application through four foundations of
excellence. As Morrison summarizes it, the Intellectual
Dimension aims at Truth; the Aesthetic at Beauty;
the Moral at Goodness; and the Spiritual at Unity.

But don't groan about the esoterics just yet. Morrison
applies each of these very complex notions to our
everyday experience and shows how striving for
fulfillment in the four dimensions brings excellence
and success in business, small and large.

Morrison fails to step beyond Aristotle, however,
in not discussing the Economic foundation that
aims at Utility. Any attempt at the introduction
of philosophical principles to business should
include it. Heilbroner could give him a few pointers
on that one.

Lastly, the aphorisms and quotations spread throughout
the text, while interesting and applicable (I'll be
be using some as marquees on my screen saver), are
quite distracting.

Without a doubt, If Aristotle Ran General Motors
is a great resource that should be studied and applied
to every person's employment. I've been waiting
a long time for a book like this one.

If Aristotle Ran General Motors...
....his first move would be to hire Tom Morris as a consultant! Morris, who has a PhD from Yale and taught Philosophy at Notre Dame for 15 years, is adept at demonstrating the practical incentives of applying ancient wisdom and philosophy to modern life. Specifically, Morris teaches us about business ethics, or, as his subtitle states, "The New Soul of Business." But his teachings transcend the business world (or perhaps Morris would say the business world transcends business places). Anyone who is interested in success and happiness - whether on an individual, community, corporate, or global level - will benefit from reading this insightful and interesting book!

An ethical vision for leaders
If Aristotle Ran General Motors is a wonderful book. Don't think it only applies to people who work in corporations. It is a book of wisdom that provides a comprehensive view of human life in all its dimensions. I teach a leadership course for freshman leadership scholars at the Univesity of North Carolina at Asheville. I use Morris' book because it provides a way to discuss leadership ethics that is non-utilitarian or materialistic. It is humanistic in the classic, noble sense of ethics being how people work and live together in harmony. This is the kind of perspective that leaders need to have to gain the confidence to act with integrity and success. I've looked for books on ethics to use with students, and this is by far the best. Students love his treatment of the four human dimensions. And starting the course with his text, it provides a context for discussing the varieties of leadership theories that illuminates either their shallowness or their wisdom. I highly recommend this book. I also encourage people to give this book to friends for whatever reason they can imagine. They will thank you for it, and you'll have something powerful to discuss over email or coffee.

Executive Excellence Magazine: 12 Year Archive: Over Ten Years of Powerful Writings on Leadership, Managerial Effectiveness, and Organizational Productivity, Written Exclusively for Today's Leaders and Managers
Published in CD-ROM by Executive Excellence (1997)
Authors: Ken Shelton, Stephen R. Covey, Ken Blanchard, Marjorie Blanchard, Charles A. Garfield, Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Gifford Pinchot, Elizabeth Pinchot, and Brian Tracy
Amazon base price: $99.95
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Expensive, but a lot of useful information
A CD-Rom jammed with articles from EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE. I actually got my copy as a bonus for subscribing a couple of years ago. Many of the articles are interesting, but they are all quite short, almost MTV-ish. This seems to be the preferred style for this publication. If you are a fan of Warren Bennis, or one of the writers who regularly contribute to that publication, this is a good way to pick up some new material from your favored writer. The articles are on a variety of topics, which means that there will probably be something for everyone with an interest in this subject, but by the same token, there will be a lot that won't interest you. The CD includes a search engine that is workable. I benefitted from the magazine and the CD, but they didn't set my world on fire.

We Are Not You: First Nations and Canadian Modernity (Terra Incognita (Peterborough, Ont.).)
Published in Paperback by Broadview Press (1997)
Author: Claude Denis
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abstract - obtuse - pseudo-intellectual
Denis attempts to put an Aboriginal law case into perspective but fails miserably. His abstract pseudo-intellectual style fools no one and his points and arguements have little sway.

An interesting book, which examines a 1992 Canadian court case concerning Aboriginal ceremonies from a variety of perspectives: colonialism, nationalism, feminist theory, etc. Although the questions and ideas raised are interesting, reading the book is a bit frustrating. I found myself wishing for more factual information, more details about the case itself, more information about what had happened, but instead practically buried in analysis. I also think that the author's political motivation was much more concerned with the fate of Quebec than of the native peoples, which struck me as somewhat disingenuous. Additionally, I think the author owes more to Foucault than he credits. However, I found it worth reading, if simply to force myself to question some of my assumptions about law, sovereignity, and individual rights.

Ethical Dilemmas in Business
Published in Paperback by Thompson Internl (1997)
Authors: Denis Collins and Thomas O'Rourke
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15 Days of Prayer With Thomas Merton
Published in Paperback by Liguori Publications (1999)
Authors: Andre Gozier, Victoria Hebert, and Denis Sabourin
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $4.77
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Published in Unknown Binding by Longmans [for] the Institute of Economic Affairs ()
Author: Denis Thomas
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The Age of Impressionism
Published in Paperback by Bounty Books (13 August, 1992)
Author: Denis Thomas
Amazon base price: $
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Published in Hardcover by Hamlyn (27 April, 1990)
Amazon base price: $
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