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The Octopus: The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro
Published in Hardcover by Feral House (1997)
Authors: Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $58.41
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Damn good read...
...i've read numerous conspiracy books, watched the videos, et. cetera, but i dare say this is one of the better!!! certainly, a must read for any conspiracy bluff! go get 'em, tiger.

One of the better...
...i've read numerous conspiracy books, but this one is certainly one of the better. very well written. ... good read.

The Murder of a Hero
Danny Casolaro was a relatively wealthy individual who decided he wanted to become a writer. He already had a few articles published in various magazines when he first learned about the PROMIS software. Basically, PROMIS is a database program with amazing flexibility and statistical abilities and can also be used to predict future trends, submarine locations, etc. This software was developed by private individuals with some help in funding by the U.S. Department of Justice. However, the government decided to [take] the program instead of paying for it and began to market it as their own. This information is widely known and well-accepted and much documentation of this exists (including a successful lawsuit by the software developers that was later overturned on the flimsiest of grounds through the interference of the powers that be). However, when Casolaro set out to write an article about the robbery of the PROMIS program by the government, potentially to sell it to a computer magazine, the deeper he dug, the more sinister things became.

First of all, he learned that the DOJ had a backdoor added into the program so that the U.S. could access the files of whoever they sold the PROMIS program to, including the governments of Israel and Canada. This led to further revelations and meetings with various informants that further revealed a complex web of deceit leading down some surprising avenues. Casolaro now changed his plans to writing a novel, perhaps even presenting it as fiction in order to avoid scaring off publishers. But before this happened, Casolaro was found dead from what was an obviously staged suicide and many of his notes disappeared.

This very well documented book (that also verifies and is verfied by information published elsewhere) chronicles Casolaro's story, citing many excellent sources, including court records and affidavits. It also attempts to recover and recount some of the information about the conspiracy Casolaro began to call "the Octopus" because of its many, long-reaching tendrils. While it is not always clear Casolaro was on the right track (Casolaro himself often took note of what information seemed manufactured to mislead and discredit him), it is clear he was onto something big given his subsequent murder and its sloppy coverup.

Casolaro might have led a comfortable life as a mediocre writer publishing the occassional article, but because of his sense of justice and the need he felt to uncover the truth, he was ruthlessly murdered. This book is a wonderful epitaph to two courageous men (including co-author Keith who mysteriously died from knee surgery).

Ferrington Guitars/Book and Cd
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (1992)
Authors: Danny Ferrington, Nancy Skolos, Thomas Wedell, and Linda Ronstadt
Amazon base price: $50.00
Used price: $9.90
Collectible price: $26.47
Buy one from zShops for: $15.80
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I really love this book...
While out of print, you may be able to find a copy of this excellent book if you look for it. As a musician, I especially love the book with its detailed photographs of Ferrington's custom guitars. You can really appreciate the finer details because many of the photographs are up close. Even the non-musician or non-luthier could appreciate this volume of brilliant color photographs. I've leafed through mine so many times that it's starting to get dog-eared.

After reading this book so many times, I've developed a new way to enjoy concerts: looking out for Ferrington guitars on stage. For example, at a recent Richard Thompson concert, the artist played two different Ferrington gutiars, one of which is featured in this book. I was almost as excited to see the guitar up close as I was to see the performer playing it.

Ferrington Guitars: Featuring the Custom-Made Guitars of Master Luthier Danny Ferrington/Book, Cd and Guitar Picks in Leather Case/Signed Deluxe Lim
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (1992)
Authors: Danny Ferrington, Nancy Skolos, and Thomas Wedell
Amazon base price: $150.00
Used price: $137.65
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A guitar enthusiasts treasure!
I received this book from my mom as a christmas present in 1993. I could not believe the guitars that Mr. Ferrington has created. For instance, a single-neck guitar that is both regular electric and a baritone. Or the beautiful mini accoustics built for Linda Rondstadt and Crystal Gayle. There are pictures of his accoustic basses as well as classical string instruments that show quite clearly the he is a master of his arts. If you are musician or just enjoy instruments as art, you will definitely like this book.

Make Room for Danny
Published in Audio Cassette by Audio Renaissance (1992)
Authors: Danny Thomas and Bill Davidson
Amazon base price: $11.17
List price: $15.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.99
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A delight!
This book is a delight. The secret of Danny Thomas's long career comes through in this fascinating book. He clearly loved and took great pride in his wonderful family, thoroughly enjoyed his career, was grateful to all those who helped him on his way, gave back to the community -- and of course, he knew how to tell a great story! The details of his early show business career were particularly interesting as was the story about the founding of St. Jude's hospital. I don't usually read celebrity biographies but this is a good account of a life well spent and I'm glad I happened to read it.

Novell Intranetware Professional Reference
Published in Hardcover by New Riders Publishing (1997)
Authors: Karanjit Siyan, Joshua Ball, Jason Ehrhart, Jim Henderson, Blaine Homer, Brian L. Miller, Thomas Oldroyd, Cynthia M. Parker, Danny Partain, and Tim Petru
Amazon base price: $69.99
Used price: $1.03
Collectible price: $38.12
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Gives valuable information in one complete reference
Having previously read "Netware Professional Reference" by Karanjit Siyan, I hoped this edition would follow in the same light. This book is a real help for network administrators as it gives good examples and solutions of day to day problems.

This book is designed as a reference not a study guide.This is one of the best Intranetware books I have read to date.

I've used this book as a desk reference and it's great.
I have all of my "favorite places" marked for quick reference. The book is not organized to study for CNE exams. However, it has the information for Intranetware Network Administrators need for managing their networks. It contains a great index for quick look-ups.

Professional Java Data: RDBMS, JDBC, SQLJ, OODBMS, JNDI, LDAP, Servlets, JSP, WAP, XML, EJBs, CMP2.0, JDO, Transactions, Performance, Scalability, Object and Data Modeling
Published in Paperback by Wrox Press Inc (2001)
Authors: Thomas Bishop, Glenn E. Mitchell II, John Bell, Bjarki Holm, Danny Ayers, Carl Calvert Bettis, Sean Rhody, Tony Loton, Michael Bogovich, and Mark Wilcox
Amazon base price: $59.99
Used price: $12.54
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Wrox May Need To Review Its Book-Publishing Process!
I mostly agreed with Eric Ma. There are some areas that Wrox needs to review the whole process of publishing Java-related books. Here are some drawbacks that I can draw from reading recent Java-related books:

(1) Repeated Contents: Materials about Servlet, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, XML, etc are repeated over and over many books. This could waste time, money, and papers for both Wrox and readers.

(2)Books or Articles?: I asked myself: is Wrox publishing books or articles? Each book is written by many authors and the book's flow is inconsistent. The assessment that it is not a book but a collection of articles may partially true. It is true that a book if written by a team of authors could speed up the process of releasing it, but if Wrox editors and coordinators have to do their better jobs.

I suggest that Wrox should review its strategy of publishing books to avoid the repeating of materials over and over and thus bring down the cost associated with publishing the books. The final result is: readers and publisher will both save time and money. Otherwise, readers will loose their belief with Wrox.

Decent survey of JDBC, but with extra fat to be trimmed
For the past 2 years Wrox has been publishing books dedicated to Windows-based data access (ADO etc.), but the same cannot be said about their Java/database collection. Although you find chapters on JDBC scattered all-over almost all server-side Java related books by Wrox, there was no single volume from them that teaches JDBC first, and then show how it is used by the newer dependent technologies, until this book arrived. After looking through this book, I must say the authors and editors have done a rather commendable job.

Why do I make the above conclusion? Let me give you my general impression of the book first. A theme repeated in several of my recent reviews on books from Wrox is about the problem in coherence associated with multi-author books. Well, having more than a dozen of authors for a single book seems to be a fact of life (for books from Wrox at least) now, as the publication cycle gets shorter. I was rather surprised to find out that the organization and coherence is very good in this book, i.e., there is very little overlap among chapters. Also, this books uses JDBC cleverly to tie other pieces of J2EE together, making smooth transitions from one chapter to another. If you want to know, this factor alone prompted me to add an extra star to the overall rating of the book.

Let's now run down the chapters of this book quickly. The first 115 pages deals object-oriented and database modeling, and can be skipped by any "Professional" developer. Then after your obligatory intro to JDBC API, the next chapter covers the JDBC 2.0 optional package. This is the best treatment of this topic I have seen. Then another chapter is all about SQLJ, another first. The effort of having a chapter on database performance should be lauded, where connection pooling, prepared statements and stored procedures usage are demoed. The reminder of the book is about applying JDBC in various J2EE components, such as JSP, servlets, EJB, JMS, and XML. For this part of the book, even though I accept the fact the proper stage has to be set for each one of them, I still don't believe the book found the right balance between focusing on JDBC and showing what these other technologies are about. A large number of pages are used to teach basic JNDI, servlets, JSP's, and EJB's stuff (remember there is already a book on J2EE from Wrox!). Therefore, it is up to the reader to discover the real nuggets of gold hidden in this pile, which are far and in between in places. I found that some critical issues are not highlighted or details are lacking, such as how to use connection pooling/data sources in servlets, JSP's, and EJB's, the threading issues related to sharing database connections, and good database practices in BMP EJB's. However, the one thing I cannot complain about is that the book did not forget to teach the transaction aspect of EJB with a good depth (there is a short ans sweet chapter on using JTA/JTS inside EJB). There is also a chapter on the brand-new JDO framework, even though the spec is still in a state of flux. Finally, there are 4 case study chapters in the book - although the design and implementation are limited in scope and as a whole those samples do not teach all you need to do know about enterprise scale J2EE system development, they do provide a flavor of how JDBC is used in real world, together with setting up Tomcat, JRun, Orion, and WebLogic to access MS SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Now my overall take of this book. For VB/SQL and pure back-end PL/SQL developers who are eager to jump on the Java express train and need a suitable platform (especially for the ones who learn best from playing with actual code), I recommend this book as one of several you should own. Compared to other JDBC books from say O'Reilly and Sun's JDBC Tutorial, this book is the most up-to-date, contains the most source code, and has the broadest coverage of related topics. But keep in mind some of the advanced topics such as EJB and JMS can be intimidating for new-comers. On the other side of the coin, people who are advanced in various server-side Java technologies are unlikely to benefit a great deal from this book and should look elsewhere for info (for example Wrox's J2EE and upcoming EJB titles).

Agricultural Financial Reporting and Analysis
Published in Paperback by Doane Llc (1992)
Authors: Arnold W. Oltmans, Danny A. Klinefetter, and Thomas L. Frey
Amazon base price: $34.95
Used price: $24.95
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Coordinated Financial Statements for Agriculture/With Worksheets
Published in Paperback by Century Communications (1989)
Authors: Thomas L. Frey and Danny A. Klinefelter
Amazon base price: $16.95
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Educational Resource Pack for Primary Teachers and Pupils (Bank of England Economics Resource Packs)
Published in Unknown Binding by Hobsons PLC (30 December, 1989)
Authors: Danny Thomas and Ken Durham
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Ferrington Guitars: Featuring the Custom-Made Guitars of Master Luthier Danny Ferrington/Cd
Published in Textbook Binding by HarperCollins (1900)
Authors: Nancy Skolos, Danny Ferrington, Thomas Wedell, and Kate Giel
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $36.00
Collectible price: $30.00
Average review score:
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