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7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Many Intelligences
Published in Paperback by Plume (1993)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
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An excellent primer on Howard Gardner's theory
Thomas Armstrong's book make Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences very accessible to the general public. Each intelligence is very well defined. Especially fun are all the suggestions on how to develop these aspects of your own intelligence(s).

Somehow the concept of 'multiple intelligences' developed by Howard Gardner has not been as successful as the one of 'emotional intelligence' developed by David Coleman. It is a shame because 'multiple intelligences' is a multiple as rich and useful as 'emotional intellingence.' Emotional intelligence is a really helpful concept. But, 'multiple intelligences' is even more so.

I feel smarter already
This is a great book. It not only corrects the wrongful thinking of the value of IQ tests, it shows you what real smarts are and how to develop those areas.
For anyone that has children, that think and excel in different areas from each other, this book gives you hope and direction that everyone can be anything they want to be if they put their minds to it.

Double your learning capability easily
This book dives directly into the 7 ways of learning and through examples and suggestions lays them out like tools on a tool belt. You wont be able to use all of them but just one new method put to use can almost double your learning capability. This is evolution. This is a big step along the human species path. Don't go another week without this knowledge - youll not only learn faster but your emagination will be feeding you great things to try from these newly discovered sources. You'll meet new friends who are alive with this new form of intelligence and now that you ressonate with it you can understand them and they will recognize you.

In Their Own Way: Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Multiple Intelligences
Published in Paperback by J. P. Tarcher (2000)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
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Should be required reading
If you ever thought your child might have ADHD, or any other learning disability, you must read this. If you are a pediatrician, it's likely you've been pressured by schools into diagnosing patients with ADHD. Please read this before you do. Teachers/educational specialists can really learn from the masterpiece:"In Their Own Way". The brilliant author, Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., inspires us to "respect the garden of childhood" and not slap a "flawed label" such "attention deficit hyperactivity" on kids. Many kids have been branded as "underachievers", "learning disabled", simply have a nontraditional style of learning, Armstrong says. Each child has his own unique combination of multiple intelligences in learning, which must be honored and nurtured." We should not be putting these kids in remedial groups or writing them off as underachievers. Instead, he suggests: "We should use better teaching strategies appropriate to the real needs of the kids, based on their multiple intelligences." Better yet, Dr. Armstrong gives concrete teaching strategy suggestions parents and teachers can follow. He also lists learning materials, books, games,internet sites, and computer software to foster the eight intelligences. If we believe Dr. Armstrong, nurturing kids is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Children rise to the highest level of our expectations. Parents and teachers can have hope. A generation of "ADHD labeled" kids or "learning disabled" kids need not be thought of as patients needing lifelong medication or remediation, but as potential Stephen Hawkings, just waiting to be nurtured properly. It is our responsibility to help these souls find their own way. It is our future.

A light in the tunnel of failure
I read this book while on a 3 hour bus ride to St Mary's City with my son's 4th grade class. I was so overjoyed to have found something that provided a glimmer of recognition for my son's abilities. He was labled ADD and after several years of fighting it I was finally starting to say "Well, he is very bright, BUT he has ADD." Well, now I will say he is a Kinesthetic, Spatial and partially linguistic learner. He is bright and capable and he just doesnt fit into the traditional teaching styles, along with another 80% of the population. There is nothing WRONG with him. This book can help so many people regain confidence in themselves, their children and loved ones. Confidence that our tradtional school sytem has systematically destroyed in hundreds of thousands of bright, wonderful children by trying to force them to learn in a way that is not only unatural for them, but also, many times, impossible. This book helped me to understand my son, myself,and even my husband. Now I have some of the tools that can help me reach them. ADD may exist, but 99% of it is in the eye of the beholder.

ADD/ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom
Published in Paperback by Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (01 December, 1999)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
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Positive Effective Strategy Overview
Excellent overview of what ADD/ADHD is and interesting theory on how the label was created. Since I believe it is necessary to look at the whole picture on any research, I appreciate that Armstrong takes into account the WHOLE child when discussing the ADD/ADHD child/person. I am looking for a successful plan as an educator. Armed with this global plan and exhaustive bibliography and references, I am on my way. I appreciate that he really seems to understand and care for the WHOLE child labeled with ADD/ADHD. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EDUCATOR!

In Their Own Way
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (1990)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
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A MUST for any parent with a "learning disabled" child.
Mr. Armstrong helped us find our child's learning style and our 12 year blossomed from an insecure, discouraged and failing student to a confident, enthusiastic young person who now finds joy in learning. This book shows that any child CAN learn, and shows the reader how to make it happen.

Louis Armstrong, in His Own Words: Selected Writings
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (1999)
Authors: Louis Armstrong and Thomas David Brothers
Amazon base price: $27.50
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Armstrong hits a high C on his typewriter.
If you like jazz, Armstrong, "Potato Head Blues," or life itself, read this book.

Thomas Jefferson Letters from a Philadelphia Bookworm (Dear Mr. President Series)
Published in Audio Cassette by Live Oak Media (2003)
Author: Jennifer Armstrong
Amazon base price: $18.95
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A young girl corresponds with President Jefferson.
Amelia Hornsby is a twelve-year-old schoolgirl living in Philadelphia in 1803. She soon plans to join her widowed father on the frontier in Pittsburgh, but in the meantime she's living with his friend, Dr. Rush. When she suspects a visitor of being a foreign spy, she writes to President Thomas Jefferson, who, to her surprise writes back, telling her that the visitor is his secretary Meriwether Lewis, who will soon lead an expedition to the Pacific coast with the help of William Clark. Even after Amelia goes to live in Pittsburgh, she continues to correspond with the President. This was a fascinating book, written in the form of letters between Amelia and President Jefferson, that reveals what life might have been like for an educated, inquisitive young girl in the early 1800s.

Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (1987)
Authors: Campbell Armstrong and Thomas Congdon
Amazon base price: $18.95
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Find it.
I can not believe no one else has written a review for this outstanding thriller.

Frank Pagan, the protagonist, is a bruised, battered London cop, whi is assigned to the anti-terrorist squad.

The "Jig" of the title is a well-accomplished Irish killer.

Frank has to catch him.

So, yes: it's a chase story. And it moves. The body count is awesome, the tension is overwhelming. The atmosphere is gritty, sweaty, saeamy. It's real. While it doesn't actually say so in the text, you know that Frank Hagan is a man who farts. He's human. He's damaged: a widower, still in love with his dead wife. He's... eccentric: a Londoner who drives a huge American car and plays 1950s rock and roll LOUD on the car stereo.

The story is a tad dated, but gripping nonetheless. Read it, then read the follow-ups: Jigsaw, and Heat.

They all compare favourably with Nelson Demille's "Cathedral".. enough said?

Flawless Suspense
Jig is the code name of an Irish assassin with a sense of right and wrong that separates him from other IRA hit-men.

Frank Pagan is the Scotland Yard agent assigned to bring him down.

When a ship carrying over a million dollars' worth of money and weapons for the IRA is attacked in the Atlantic, the two adversaries are thrown into a game of intrigue, deception, violence, and trust that Campbell Armstrong has woven into a flawless novel of suspense that will have all readers on the edge of their seats.

It is in New York City that the two meet face-to-face...and the chase begins. Jig doesn't know where to begin looking for the money. Pagan can't convince the FBI to allow him to investigate in his own way. And Ivor McInnes, a Belfast minister, is working on something so deadly that Jig and Pagan are forced to join forces to stop a scheme that will bring the IRA to its knees.

Featuring a conscience-torn ex-priest, the President's brother, and a mysterious woman named Celestine, "Jig" is a riveting page-turner that echoes the dance it is named after. And the faster the dance gets, the harder the book is to put down.

Unknown but Brilliant....
It's a shame that Jig is one of those countless thriller novels that will sink into literary history without anyone noticing. I would just recommend that you should really, really try to find this book. Jig is a classic assassin chase type thriller, and I believe it's one of the best in the genre, even approaching the perennial favorite, Forsyth's Day of the Jackal.

Jig is an Irish assassin who is well trained and ruthlessly efficient. He is a fascinating character, his emotions, his feelings are well written throughout the book. Even better is the clever twist about 100 pages into that book that reveals the assassins real identity, making further study into his life and family even more enjoyable.

The story revolves around a stolen shipment of 10 million dollars sent to IRA coffers from a group of high profile American backers. Jig is sent to America by his mentor to find out who took the money and to take it back. Tracking him down is maverick MI-5 investigator Frank Pagan, a man obsessed with Jig. Pagan's wife was killed in an IRA bombing, and he takes it very personally.

The action is well paced, the mystery fairly compelling. The Jig vs. Pagan dynamic drives the book, but there are a host of supporting characters that are intriguing as well.

Jig the book deserves a lot more attention, even as Ireland seemingly is on the path to peace. It's hard to believe that the stories hinted at in Jig took place in reality. Try to find it, it's worth the look.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Published in Paperback by Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (1996)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
Amazon base price: $17.95
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A new view on how we learn
Did you know that a child who misbehaves in class is unconsciously telling you how he/she needs to approach learning? As a special education teacher and devotee of multiple intelligence theory, this book satisfied my thirst for knowledge on how to recognize and honor children for who they are, not simply who and what we want them to be. Armstrong covers MI theory not only in relation to learning academic subjects, but behavior, classroom management, and life in general. You will never look at education the same way!

Six New Windows into our Minds: Improving Classroom Learning
Have you considered restructuring your 2000-2001 teaching program or, if you are a school administrator, your entire school program around Dr. Howard Earl Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI)? If you answered that important question in the affirmative, then Thomas Armstrong's "Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom 2nd Edition" is a must read.

In "Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom 2nd Edition", Armstrong reinforces Gardner's (1983) MI theory as a confirmed classroom application. This revised and expanded book encourages all types of teachers, be they special education teachers, regular classroom teachers, or teachers of students identified as intellectually exceptional, to show a more holistic view that validates students for who they truly are.

The 156 pages of this book outline innovative strategies for integrating an eighth intelligence, the naturalist, into a classroom/school program. Moreover, Armstrong presents new outlooks, including three potential predicaments, about the possibility of a ninth intelligence--the existential--the intelligence of concern with ultimate life issues and its potential.

Armstrong's insights for teaching and learning, recent case studies and research on the effective uses of MI theory represents a welcomed update to his initial 1994 book of the same title.

Armstrong is to be commended for his comprehensive comments on nurturing students' intelligence strengths. He suggests practical strategies for reducing or (even possibly) eliminating achievement gaps between all types of learners. Moreover, he provides (those busy) classroom teachers and school administrators with new insights for developing a MI learning environment. This 2000 revised book is a necessary read for all who are interested in MI forms of schooling.

A Life-Changing Experience
Reading Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom literally changed my life, by allowing me to recognize my learning strengths and then to embrace them. We all have different degrees of many intelligences, making us unique in our learning styles and abilities. If every educator could be required to read this book, I know it would at least begin to change the face of education in America. This book can change your life!

Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius: Enhancing Curiosity, Creativity, and Learning Ability
Published in Paperback by J. P. Tarcher (1991)
Author: Thomas Armstrong
Amazon base price: $11.17
List price: $15.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.49
Collectible price: $6.87
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Reassuringly readable without in-your-face academic verbosit
This book reminded me of the poster in my high school principal's office, of Albert Einstein and how he didn't talk until age three, didn't read until age 11, kicked out of school at age etc. etc. If empowerment is the word of the decade, then this book belongs in the shopping basket of parents of "LD" kids, educators, therapists, child psychologists et al. Thought-provoking is an understatement- highly readable and "user-friendly."

Well worth reading
This is a great book. It is based on facts- studies, observations, etc. It is not an academic book that you might read if you were going to school. It is written for the parent, the person who takes care of children, the average every day person who is curious about how children learn and what can be done to encourage the learning. It is easily read and easily understood.

I particularly like that it doesn't stress pushing your child to learn more, learn faster, work harder. It just suggests ways that anyone around children can gently children learn.

Well worth reading.

Stimulating and eye openning towards natural ways to educate
It is a wonderful guide for parents who are worried about the children's education in a career oriented, competitive world; looking for their child to grow naturaly, healthy in spirit, mind and body; but to also willing help the child in her development participating actively in their education. A child is a natural genius, it is up to the parents to discover all the wonderful potential she has unveiled. I do not want my daughter to be what I want her to be, I want her to disscover it by herself, and I would like to provide her with as much opportunities as possible to widen her choices.

Dictionary of Dictionaries and Eminent Encyclopedias: Comprising Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Selected Wordbooks in English
Published in Hardcover by K G Saur (1997)
Authors: Thomas Kabdebo and Neil Armstrong
Amazon base price: $130.00
Used price: $130.00

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