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Hemodynamic Basis of Atherosclerosis: With Critique of the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Hypothesis
Published in Hardcover by Begell House (1996)
Author: Meyer Texon
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Blood flow [hemodynamics] causes atherosclerosis,
Atherosclerosis including coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction can and do occur at any and all levels of blood cholesterol. Atheroclerosis is NOT a lipid disease. The rise of the cholesterol hypothesis is attributed to misplaced faith in statistical studies and faulty extrapolations from clinical trials. All the data from autopsy specimens, model hydraulic systems, the laws of fluid mechanics ,mathematical analysis and the production of hemodynamically induced arterial lesions in dogs compel the conclusion that atherosclerosis is the effect of the forces of the flowing blood {diminished lateral [wall] pressure at sites of predilection characterized by curvature,branching, bifurcation and serpentine flow. Let us put our research effort into this direction rather than perpetuating the diet-cholesterol heart disease myth. Meyer Texon, MD Associate Professor ofd Forensic Medicine New York University School of Medicine Website email

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