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Introducing Nietzsche
Published in Paperback by Totem Books (01 August, 2001)
Authors: Laurence Gane, Kitty Chan, Richard Appignanest, and Richard Appignanesi
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $2.11
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An Excellent Introduction!
I perused this book in a bookstore and found myself not being able to put the book down. I returned the next day, and read more of it, then decided that this book is well worth the ..., especially since it makes you think and begin to question things around you that you have accepted all your life. This book, in my opinion, is great for anybody interested in Nietzsche or Philosophy- not only is it entertaining, but it gives a nice overview of his life and his works- and is a great starter for anyone who doesn't know where to start with Nietzche. If you are Christian or one who associates with a religion, you may find some of Nietzche's ideas a bit offensive. But even if you are, or if you have already been questioning things like 'culture' and religion, you will smile when you read this book.

Nevertheless, it's good just to read this book- no matter what angle you're coming from, it's always good to know different views, and this is one view you don't want to miss. You will smile at how Nietzche came about gaining so much self knowledge, and by doing this, he came up with his unique and provacative ideas.

I'd highly recommend this book, as well as the others in the series. If you want to go on a journey with your mind, this is a good place to start, well worth the ... that would go towards buying some non-necessity anyways. Hopefully in the end, like Nietzche, you'll find your own philosophy and go your own way, not some way that you did not choose.

a great starting point
I am a fan of all the books in the Introducing series, but this was one of my favourites. Very clear and easy to understand. This is a good place to start if you are interested in Nietzsche but overwhelmed by the amount of material available. Includes an excellent concise list of further reading. The illustrations in this selection are not as helpful as in the other intro books but are still amusing and add entertainment to the text. I read this book in one sitting because I couln't bring myself to put it down.

fun, readable overview of nietzsche
A concise overview of Nietzsche's life and work, and his influence on later thinkers. Even though I am not familiar with the technical language of philosophy, I found it very clear and easy to read, and finished it in one sitting. It also put to rest my concern about possible connections to the Nazis. Cute illustrations.

Victoria & Albert (Well-Spoken Companion Series)
Published in Audio Cassette by The Audio Partners Publishing Corporation (1996)
Authors: Laurence Houseman, Julie Harris, and Richard Kiley
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $8.00
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historical, romantic, and so funny !
This live performance recorded at the Mencken Concert Hall in New York City is extraordinary.
Laurence Houseman (1865-1959), was a prolific writer and wrote several plays centered around Queen Victoria. This is an adaptation of two of them, "Victoria and Albert" (1933), and "Victoria Regina" (1934), and it also includes private and public writings of the queen and her prince consort.

Queen Victoria was a strong, temperamental character, and few men could have withstood being her consort with as much grace as Prince Albert. Being a sober and temperate man, he was a good balance for her, and of course, it was a rare and wonderful affection that flowed between them for 22 years.

The incredible wit in these readings will have you howling with laughter. One of the funnier parts concerns her dislike for small children. Albert was a much better "mother" to their nine offspring, and her descriptions of an infant are hilarious !

Julie Harris and Richard Kiley are totally brilliant. I can't imagine a more perfect performance, capturing all the love, humor, and strength of these two remarkable, complex people who changed the course of history.
I've always been fascinated by Victoria and Albert...I feel there is much more substance to them than what seems to be the current "fashionable" opinion, and for anyone who shares that interest, this tape is an absolute must to listen to.

Book of Enoch
Published in Paperback by Artisan Sales (1980)
Authors: Richard Laurence and Richard Lawrence
Amazon base price: $7.00
Used price: $4.90
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I Enoch and the Bible
I find it absolutely fascinating the controversy that this book has created.

Concerning whether or not this book should be incorporated into the so-called "canon," I do not feel that I am qualified to speak. However, I would like to attempt to clarify a few of the supposed contradictions between I Enoch and the Bible.

As far as 2 Peter 2 goes, the context of the passage on angels (v. 11) is that angels do not blashpheme God in the same way that humans do (see the Peshitta translation of the Bible by George M. Lamsa - it is a bit clearer).

When it comes to Jude and his epistle, the idea of his quoting Enoch sarcastically is absolutely assinine - just read the Epistle of Jude.

Timothy names Jesus as the supreme intercessor between God and man. In a more general sense of the word, however, there were many people who acted as intercessors between the people of Israel and God (such as Moses, the greatest of all the prophets next to Jesus!).

Finally, Jesus said that in Heaven - or rather, in the world to come - people would not marry each other. However, according to I Enoch, the angels had sex with humans, which did not necessarily involve being married to them.

Concerning the "mythical" aspects of Enoch, they are no more "far fetched" than anything in Scripture.

I Enoch is absolutely fascinating. Enoch is assumed up into Heaven, travels through the Heavens, is told secrets of the coming judgment and the messianic age, sees the workings of Heaven, and pronounces judgements upon the wicked angels.

Although I do recommend that one reads this book since it does, according to Jude, contain prophecy, I recommend it most of all for the sake of improving one's education. Whether or not you believe that it should be in the Bible, it is an important piece of literature and even if it isn't accepted as Scripture by most people, that doesn't mean that it is any less important or worthy of one's time or attention.

As far as this translation goes, it is a bit outdated (which is why I only gave it 4 stars). If you can afford it, buy:

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Vol. 1: Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments.

Otherwise, this or the R. H. Charles version will suffice.

Review of Laurence's Enoch
The Book of Enoch is a hodgepodge of various materials. I find the mythology of the first eighteen chapters more exciting than some of the relatively opaque cosmological and apocalpyptic sections that follow (though the prophetic parts are suggestive). The story of the revolt and defeat of the Watchers is beautiful and tragic mythology which will appeal to anyone interested in fine literature or curious to learn more about angels or the "giants" frequently (and confusingly) mentioned in Genesis and other OT books. Laurence's translation of Enoch (the first translation into English after the Ethiopic text was discovered by a Scottish adventurer in the 18th century) has been criticized as inferior. If you are looking for precision of translation, you had best seek more recent versions. But if you are looking for a good read (Biblical and moving rather than scholarly), you can't do better than Laurence. His is by far the most poetic translation, beautifully punctuated in a unique style influenced by early English translations of the Bible. Enjoy--and may Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sarakiel, Uriel, Phanuel and the other good angels watch over you.

Review of The Book of Enoch the Prophet
I agree wholeheartedly with the scholars who say that THE BOOK OF ENOCH has been tampered with. There are two kinds of verses in THE BOOK OF ENOCH. Verses that are very closely related to the Bible and verses that seem to be mostly folklore. Even though the book has some folklore in it; it should not be ignored. The verses that are closely related to the Bible are worth paying attention to because they re-iterate some of the most basic teachings in the Bible. Teachings such as not oppressing our fellow man and not forgetting to pay attention to our Creator. A good example of the folklore in the BOOK OF ENOCH is the super- natural birth of NOAH in the first part of Ch. 105. Some of the interesting things in the BOOK OF ENOCH are: (1) GOD had wanted to completely break-up the Earth and create another asteroid belt around the SUN but ENOCH asked him not to do it so he didn't do it. (Ch. 82- 83). (2) The Overview of Earth's history from Creation until beyond the Final Judgement. (the footnotes provided are very helpful). (Ch. 84-89). (3) EVE gave birth to many children. (84:4-12). (4) I've never before heard King Saul's life summarized as the one "...who had laid aside his glory." (88:69,71). (5) The "elect", who are mentioned in both the O.T. and N.T., are mentioned 25 times in THE BOOK OF ENOCH. (1:1,2,7;6:9,11... 61:11,14,15). The judgements in THE BOOK OF ENOCH basically agree with the judge- ments in the Bible. The quality of paper and size of type in this paperback are above average. In Ch. 104:10,11 it speaks of those who will rejoice because books of joy, integrity and great wisdom will be given to them. I too rejoice because I have a copy of this wonderful book.

Believer's Promise Book: Seven Hundred Prayers and Promises from the Niv
Published in Paperback by Zondervan (1982)
Authors: Laurence Richards, Lawrence O. Richards, and Larry Richards
Amazon base price: $20.70
Used price: $0.58
Collectible price: $10.00
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Commitment Deepened; Promises Claimed; Prayers Answered
This is a handy "little" reference for strengthening your relationship with God, claiming His promises when you are in need and finding answers to prayers uttered in His Word.

I call it "little," because it will fit in your pocket. But, as the subtitle says, it contains 700 Prayers and Promises. Have you ever wondered how God answers The Lord's Prayer? It's in there.

From the introduction: "There are three sections in this booklet, and in each section the verses are in random order, to avoid suggesting that a pattern of thought or teaching is being presented.

"The first section..., 'Your Very Personal Relationship With God' is filled with wonderful truths, truths containing promises that are now yours in Christ.

"'God's Promises When You Are In Need' contains truths that speak to special needs.

"'Your Prayers . . . God's Answers' is filled with prayers uttered by Old and New Testament people and God's answers to their prayers.

Wherever you are in your Christian walk, this book can help you draw nearer to God; claim His promises and believe that He "will be with you always, to the very end of the age."

Olivier at Work: The National Years: An Illustrated Memoir
Published in Paperback by Theatre Arts Books (1990)
Authors: Richard Olivier, Joan Plowright, Lyn Haill, and Royal National Theatre (Great Britain)
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $3.25
Collectible price: $4.24
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For fans of the Oliviers and English theater in general
An 8X9 paperback with selected BL&WH photos to accompany personal tributes to Sir Laurence. Among the most well-known, especially to American audiences are, of course, Joan Plowright; Maggie Smith, Jeremy Brett, Michael Caine, Alan Bates. Shows Sir Laurence at work as director, actor and some casual shots. Also pictured are Derek Jacobi, Michael Blakemore, Peter Hall. Loved especially the number of photos with Joan Plowright as a younger stage actress. This book is done with professionalism and dignity. A good supplement to Olivier's autobiographies.

U.S. Immigration Made Easy, 7th Ed
Published in Paperback by Nolo Press (1900)
Authors: Laurence A. Canter, Martha S. Siegel, Richard A. Boswell, and Lawrence Canter
Amazon base price: $44.95
Used price: $1.47
Buy one from zShops for: $14.95
Average review score:

Get any spam in your inbox today? Thank these guys.
These authors, and this book (in an earlier edition) were the first wave of today's spam onlsaught. If you need immigration information, please look elsewhere. If you -really- want this book, please buy the used copy. In the perusing of it that I've done, I found it to be not entirely uninformative, but I certainly wouldn't give it accolades, and, given it (and its authors') background, I wouldn't pay money for it if you held a gun to my head. Go ahead: type "Canter and Siebel" into Google, and see what you get.

Green card spam scammers
Beware, these are the pair that invented spam. Laurence Canter lost his license to practice law after sending out the infamous green card spam on Usenet.

Invaluable Resource!
My husband was born in Pakistan and isn't a U.S. citizen. Due to September 11 and the unstable economy, we have decided to change his status. U.S. Immigration Made Easy has given us a lot of great pointers on the process and how to best fill out all the necessary forms and paperwork. This book has been a great find. I just bought 3 additional copies for my husband's family!

All the World's a Stage: An Anthology of Shakespearian Speeches
Published in Audio CD by Bantam Books-Audio (1995)
Authors: William Shakespeare, Laurence, Lord Olivier, Richard Burton, John, Sir Gielgud, Alec, Sir Guinness, Vanessa Redgrave, and Lawrence Olivier
Amazon base price: $22.99
Used price: $49.99
Average review score:

My gosh, what a sad waste
Someone used the word snippet to describe what is included in this production; it is a good term. So, snippet it is; but what has been included gives no introduction, no explanation, no explication, no nothing. The tape is of different bits of Shakespeare's plays which run rapidly into each other. To get any fair use out of this work the listener needs to sit with a printed copy of the complete works sitting on his or her lap otherwise the whole exercise is meaningless. Shakespeare requires understanding what is being said in context. This tape would be better served if it included a brief introduction regarding which play the snippet came from and how the dialog ties in with the action. Without this information only those who have read all the plays will not be lost. There are not many who can claim that background. So, as a stand-alone audio, for most of us, this tape is a sad waste.

all the world's stage
I want buy this produce and i curiositied how it?

A great way to hear many different interpretations
I own this on cassette, and hope that it will soon be released on CD.

I play it almost every 3 months or so especially as I search for new audition monologues.
It is a great way to hear various interpretations of speeches, snippets from some of the more less performed plays (Henry VIII and Coriolanus are two examples), and some of the theater's best actors in their finest roles.

Highly recommend

The American Directory Of Certified: Uncle Toms
Published in Paperback by Lushena Books (03 March, 2002)
Authors: Richard Laurence and James B. Lowe
Amazon base price: $19.95
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Same Old Story
Once again, we have the oldest trick in the book. A cheap way of getting the support of bitter and frustrated people by hurling blame at others and calling names (i.e., growing SOUR GRAPES). Simply another in a long line of rants to serve as an outlet for the bitter and semi-educated and collecting of cash by the clever by confusing the credulous.

The writers would have accomplished more by showing the readers how to defeat the ills they speak of and improve their condition rather than wastiing their obvious intellect in denigrating others. But hey, controversy sells.

BTW-In response to a previous poster, the Willie Lynch letter was a recent forgery, not a historical fact (see review for that book).

Realize the point of this book
TO ALL THE PREVIOUS READER RESPONSES.......before you degrade the validity of this book, please remmember what the authors are trying to make us as readers realize. Even though not EVERYTHING in this book is 100% true, and although it SEEMS that the authors are slamming the idea of "success" in america, they are right in saying that these so called Uncle Toms or "sellouts" are not using their positions as powerful and popular figures in the black community and abroad to explode the reality of WHITE SUPREMACY in this country. The book is not saying that just because they are successful that they are Uncle Toms, it is saying so because they do not address the fact that we as a Black community are still being controled and manipilated by the same forces and powers that give these figures their salaries and status. True, people like Oprah and Bill Cosby have done many great things with their careers for all people, but they are still operating within their bondaries as the figures they are. If one of these prominent black figures had the audacity to speak out against the real history of this country dealing with the holocaust against black people and it's 400 year history and HOW TO REVERSE IT, their credibility AND their status, finances, positions and all would be virtually stripped away from them by the SAME corporations, financers and institutions that not only have an influential hand in their present status, but were a part of the mental degradation of black people when this all started. THAT is why some of these names are in this book. Look past the fact that they all don't live in the ghetto or don't speak slang, and pay attention to their role (or lack thereof) in working so that black people will no longer be associated with these things, as well as re-define the meaning of black people being "successful" as a WHOLE and not only as individuals.

the struggle continues
a sad and sobering reality but yes the colonial/slave mentality still exists and is the number one reason behind black sabotage. read and weep.

The Ancient World
Published in Paperback by Longman Group United Kingdom (1974)
Authors: Richard John Cootes and Laurence Ernest Snellgrove
Amazon base price: $25.50
Average review score:
No reviews found.

Avatars of Vengeance: Japanese Drama and the Soga Literary Tradition (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies, No 13)
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Michigan Center for (1995)
Author: Laurence Richard Kominz
Amazon base price: $42.95
Used price: $27.84
Average review score:
No reviews found.

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