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The USSR Olympiad Problem Book: Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (1993)
Authors: N.D. Chentzov, I.M. Yaglom, Irving Sussman, D. O. Shklarsky, I. O. Yaglom, and D. O. Shkliarskii
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Good at first, but tiring
The book is good at first but one tires quickly after reading the heavy syntax and the similar style of many of the problem. For example, the authors avoid sums and binomial coefficients, and the problems that make this book interesting are nothing more than difficult theorems that you would find in any textbook on number theory

Very interesting book
I found this book very interesting, because it deals with many many problems of algebra and number theory. You can find many interesting and tough theorems (not all of them are widely known nor taught) with their demonstration. I particularily liked the section about "distinctive inequalities": it deals with a great number of inequalities and you can learn some new techniques for solving them. The book lacks of geometry, that's true (only some trig somewhere), but it gives (in my opinion) really a strong preparation on topics concerning algebra... try it!

Good variety of problems
The reason I am giving 5 stars to this book is for its unique collection of problems. It has been very entertaining reading the book so far (I have not completed the book). There however are a few errors which can be easily figured out by the reader. The treatment of each problem is unique.

As others see us; a look at the rabbi, priest and minister through the eyes of literature
Published in Unknown Binding by Sheed and Ward ()
Author: Irving Sussman
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Spiritual Partners: Profiles in Creative Marriage
Published in Hardcover by Crossroad/Herder & Herder (1983)
Author: Cornelia and Sussman, Irving Jessey
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Thomas Merton
Published in Paperback by Doubleday (1980)
Author: Cornelia and Irving Sussman
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