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Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send for the Doctor Quick Quick Quick
Published in Paperback by Buccaneer Books (1993)
Authors: Remy Charlip and Burton Supree
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
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An appreciated encore printing
I remember these Victorian silhouette illustrations on bold backgrounds from when I was young, and when we found it recently at the library I discovered that it has as much appeal to my four year old today as it did (and still does) to me. The objects the doctor extracts from a young boy's dramatically bloated stomach get progressively more outrageous as they go along, and the story ends with a funny twist. I'm delighted to find this 1966 Berkeley, CA classic available again in print.

A Book A Child Will Never Forget!
I have been looking for this book for eight years.My Grandmother read it to me when I was a child.I'm a mother of two now and I would love for my children to pass this book on to their children.This is a book I will never forget,and one that I am sure your chilren will never forget also!

Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick, Send for the Doctor Quick, Quick, Quick: A Picture Book and Shadow Play
Published in Hardcover by Four Winds (1980)
Authors: Remy Charlip and Burton Supree
Amazon base price: $8.95
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The Best Shadow Book ever!
It's just an all-around great and hilarious book! Better than everything you've ever read!

Bear's Heart: Scenes from the Life of a Cheyenne Artist of One Hundred Years Ago With Pictures by Himself
Published in Hardcover by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (1977)
Author: Burton Supree
Amazon base price: $13.66
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