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The Small Faces & Other Stories: The Faces: Peter Frampton, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott, Humble Pie
Published in Paperback by Sanctuary Pub Ltd (2002)
Authors: Uli Twelker and Roland Schmitt
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A fascinating study of a whole rock family tree!
The Small Faces & Other Stories Uli Twelker & Roland Schmitt

This is an updated version of the essential biography of all things Small and Facial. From Small Faces Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane to their respective Humble Pie/Faces bandmates Peter Frampton and Rod Stewart, everything fans want is here - discographies, extensive quotes and detailed analysis of each album, whether group or solo.

Twelker and Schmitt are journalists who are informed enough to be absolutely trustworthy, but also fans passionate enough to re-energize their beloved music with new insights. The stories of many backing musicians and other supporting characters are also told, giving the book a "family" charm that is especially poignant in light of the tragic deaths of Marriott and Lane. (One detail that cannot go unmentioned: the inclusion of Mary Frampton's recipe for Marriott's favorite pasta!)

The result is not only the definitive Small Faces book, it's the standard for rock biographers to follow in terms of completeness and accuracy. But not as far as visual attractiveness, now that the publisher unwisely decided to cut costs by removing all of the original book's photos. Still, since the various Faces crossed the paths of so many other stars of the 60's and 70's, and each encounter is discussed here, "The Small Faces and Other Stories" is a must for all rock fans. The only problem: if there's any group you love more than these original Mods, you'll be sad that Twelker and Schmitt haven't written a book about your favorites as well.

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