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The Danes of Send Manor: The Life, Loves and Mystery of Gordon Stewart
Published in Hardcover by Boston Mills Press (2002)
Author: Robert Heal
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Pleasure du jour!
The author has captured the lure and lore of an era never to exist again with a vivid narrative of a fascinating man and a mesmerizing account of the Great Danes! The unique persona of the book and the saga of an amazing life is beautifully written!

A "must read" for Great Dane fanciers
Expertly written by Robert Heal, an experienced dog judge who specializes in Great Danes, The Danes Of Send Manor: The Life, Loves And Mystery Of Gordon Stewart is the informative and engaging biography of the great and famous entrepreneur George Stewart who made his multimillion fortune developing airplanes and automobiles. The Danes Of Send Manor also focuses on the more than 500 Great Danes that Stewart kept about his manor. Recommended reading as an engaging and candid study of a consummate businessman who became an intimate friend with the King of England as well as his important contributions to the world of Great Dane breeding, The Danes Of Send Manor would make an excellent addition to any community library biography collection and is a "must read" for Great Dane fanciers.

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