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Fundamentals of Marketing
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill Companies (1986)
Authors: William J. Stanton and Charles Futrell
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Excellent book for the beginners.
It is an excellent book for understanding the basics of marketing. It can be said that it is the door to the marketing world. An ordinary person can go through this book and then can look forward for other advanced books like Marketing Management of Philip Kotler.

Postcolonial Criticism (Longman Critical Readers Series)
Published in Hardcover by Addison-Wesley Pub Co (1998)
Authors: Gareth Stanton, William Maley, Willy Maley, and B. J. Moore-Gilbert
Amazon base price: $98.33
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excellent extended introduction to ten exemplary essays
The long and admirable 70 page introduction outlines the postcolonial field of studies in as succinct and lucid a manner as possible taking special care to note that in this field there is no such thing as consensus. The fields most marked characteristic is perhaps its diversity which is not too surprising given the wide scope of historic, cultural and psychic circumstance now under its scrutiny. Excellent summaries of the primary figures in the field as well as an awareness of the provisionality of any self-definition (of both the field of study and the political reality), for as postcolonial theories evolve so do the definitions of the postcolonial.
Essays: 1)Cesaire from Discourse on Colonialism 2)Fanon On National Culture 3)Achebe An Image of Africa:Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness 4)Said Orientalism Revisited 5)Spivak Three Womens Texts and a Critique of Imperialism 6)Bhabha Race, Time, and Revision of Modernity 7)Bryden/Tiffin West Indian Literature and the Australian Comparison 8)Bell Hooks Revolutionary Black Women:Making Ourselves Subject 9)JanMohamed/Lloyd Toward a Theory of Minority Discourse: What is to be done? 10)Ahmad from In Theory:Classes, Nations, Literatures.

A Very Small Farm
Published in Hardcover by Council Oak Distribution (1996)
Authors: William Paul Winchester and Carol Stanton
Amazon base price: $17.95
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A delightful account
This lovely small book was a delight to read. The author made a considered and deliberate decision, at a very young age (while still in college) to lead a simpler life, close to the earth. I really admire his adherence to his principles and his problem -solving skills in a time when we all just call someone else to do things.

I loved reading about the methods he used for farming, building, and general survival with none of what we consider the amenities of life. I found myself feeling very calm as I read this book....a sure sign that the conveniences of modern life bring stress with them!

While a bit on the fringes of what is possible for most folks this little book does provide some very good glimpses of the virtues and rewards of simplicity as a life-style. I plan on returning to it again someday and would recommend it.

Every page was a pleasure
I enjoyed every page and how beauty is found in the small every day life that transpires on the farm. The animal companionship, the rewards of sowing and reaping, the well thought out strategies for self sufficiency. If you're looking to get off the corporate treadmill or break from the collective madness of modern society, here's a book to get you started on your way. The fact that the farm is on 20 acres brings this lifestyle into home range for others aspiring to slow down to nature's pace and experience nature's glory on a daily basis. Two thumbs up for this book - it has even inspired me to plant my first vegetable garden!

Management of a Sales Force
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill/Irwin (08 November, 2002)
Authors: William J Stanton, Rosann L. Spiro, Greg A. Rich, and William E. Prentice
Amazon base price: $129.25
Used price: $65.00
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General sales management book
The book gives a general but thorough overview over the topics sales managers face in everyday situation. It is easy to read and good to understand.

Great handbook for any sales management professional!
Having used this text in the classroom several years, I feel that I really know this book. It is a great reference for your professional marketing library.

Published in Paperback by McGraw Hill Text (2004)
Authors: Michael J. Etzel and William J. Stanton
Amazon base price: $
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Not bad reading
I got this book for my Marketing 101 class and is not that bad. It used real like cases of all sorts of companies to explain the concepts outlined in the book. I personally am not a fan of reading, especially for school, but this book is pretty good. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because I HAD TO buy it.

Its a very good book with power to let me understand
It has very good chapters. Cases are related to real life with topics about actual companies and their marketing strategies.This book contains the best knowledge for a biggener

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Published in Hardcover by Univ of North Carolina Pr (24 June, 2002)
Authors: William L. Beiswanger, Peter J. Hatch, Susan R. Stein, Wendell Garrett, and Lucia C. Stanton
Amazon base price: $31.50
List price: $45.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $31.27
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Beautiful guide to America's most interesting house
One of the clichés about Monticello is that few houses do so good a job revealing the personality of its builder. But clichés get to be such generally because there's truth to them, and that's definitely the case here. If Thomas Jefferson was one of the most interesting figures in American history (and I think that's unquestionably true), then Monticello may well be one of America's most interesting houses. And for this colorful book produced by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, we are guided through the house and grounds by people who know their stuff.

Specifically, the chapters of this title are written by Monticello's director of restoration, the curator, the director of gardens and grounds, and other experts associated with the Foundation. Large, colorful photos are accompanied by informed commentary and all the requisite history, as well as documentation of the decades of restoration work it has taken to get the house and grounds to its current condition. A book doesn't make up for a visit in person -- if anything, I wished for more photos of the interior, especially of the book room and "cabinet." But for a general overview of the house, grounds, and collection, and an insight into the man himself, this book is hard to beat. I recommend it as a souvenir, as well as a nice companion to a Jefferson biography.

Atlas of Intracoronary Ultrasound
Published in Spiral-bound by Martin Dunitz Ltd (15 December, 2001)
Authors: Mintz, St. John, Saffar, Elliot, David Chiu, Guy Foucher, William Littler, Ronald Moy, Joop Grevelink, and Appleton
Amazon base price: $135.00
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An Atlas of Multiplane Transesophageal Echocardiography
Published in Hardcover by Martin Dunitz Ltd (01 September, 2002)
Authors: Martin St. John Sutton, John Bryfogle, Alan Maniet, Appleton, David Chiu, Elliot, Guy Foucher, Serge Gauthier, Joop Grevelink, and St. John
Amazon base price: $430.00
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The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Stage
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (2002)
Authors: Stanley Wells and Sarah Stanton
Amazon base price: $65.00
Used price: $57.47
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Chipperfield, Mather, Parry, Stanton & Williams : four London architects, 1985-87
Published in Unknown Binding by Architectural History Foundation ; MIT Press ()
Author: Colin Amery
Amazon base price: $
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