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Making Bread at Midnight
Published in Paperback by Slough Press (1992)
Author: Sheryl St Germain
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $19.95
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One of the great poets of our time
Sheryl is the archetype of woman. Her poetry breathes the breath of a woman who has had children, who has known love, death, betrayal, passion, and all those great things, but never does one feel a tinge of bitterness. Sheryl drinks life in all its forms as if at a wine tasting. She chews each bit of experience as one trying a new bread, a new gumbo recipe. She offers you a bit to chew, and it becomes a part of you. You are changed afterward.

It's sad that her books can fall into obscurity. I have most of them, bought them from her or a local bookstore which carried them when she published them. She autographed them for me, and I feel as if they are treasures. More than treasures. They are food. Now and then I get a strange hunger that cannot be satiated. Eventually, her books find their way to my desk again, and I am filled once more.

Jesus fed the multitudes with a basket of fish and loaves. Sheryl is not Jesus, but with her little stack of poems, her few books, she could feed the multitudes in a way that might finally fill that something which has been missing for so long. If only...


Erotic passionate poetry
This book is full of images that are wonderfully passionate and sexual. It makes you look at the experience of sex and passion in a way that makes it beautiful.The book is not recommended for persons under the age of fourteen. Sheryl is a great writer. She always leaves you wanting more.

Beautiful Poems
Sheryl St. Germain writes beautiful poems with great imagery. They are extremely sensual and show a profound love and understanding of her home. Plus, the red on pink cover is extremely nice.

How Heavy the Breath of God (Texas Poets Series No 5)
Published in Hardcover by University of North Texas Press (1994)
Author: Sheryl St. Germain
Amazon base price: $15.95
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Beautiful and thought provoking
Not shy or shallow at all, this collection of poetry is for anyone who loves hard hitting intensely image-driven poetry.

The Journals of Scheherazade: Poems
Published in Paperback by University of North Texas Press (1996)
Authors: Sheryl St. Germain and Sheryl St Germain
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $6.90
Collectible price: $7.93
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Very well written poetry
This book is full of great imagery. The author has a real passion for life and poetry. Interesting subject material. She brings each poem to life on the page, making each one personal to both her and the reader

Swamp Songs: The Making of an Unruly Woman
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Utah Pr (Txt) (2003)
Authors: Sheryl St. Germain and Sheryl St Germain
Amazon base price: $15.37
List price: $21.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.95
Collectible price: $13.22
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Gumbo of winning thickness & flavor.
Shery St. Germain here skillfully combines melancholy and ecstasy, hard environmental science & frank emotional discovery. "Swamp Songs" amounts to creative non-fiction as *bildungsroman* -- a portrait of the artist as a Louisiana woman. In a style enriched by poetic hooks to all manner of sensory intensity, these essays detail how Germain has escaped a family addled by drugs and argument, and the many dangerous temptations of an upbringing in and around New Orleans. Yet at the same time she dramatizes her ineradicable connections to that world, even to the fragile bayou lands and their denizens, animal, vegetable, and mineral; she neglects none of the delights her moss-scarred roots have left her with. These pieces are songs indeed, full of thought to be sure but also, more powerfully, rising and keening straight out of the blood-drenched and ever-endangered swamp-stuff within our ribs.

The mask of Medusa
Published in Unknown Binding by Cross-Cultural Communications ()
Author: Sheryl St. Germain
Amazon base price: $
Collectible price: $7.50
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