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Jay's Journal
Published in Hardcover by Times Books (1978)
Author: Beatrice Mathews Sparks
Amazon base price: $8.25
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Jay's Journal was very moving, powerful, and sad
Jay's Journal was an excellent book that would definatly touch anyone who reads it. I enjoyed it so much because the book is a true story about a boy my age (16 years old) who is going through some real life problems of any average teenager, such as the peer preasures of sex, drugs, and violence. Jay finds himself over whelemed, and unable to handle all of these pressures. He soon falls into a great depression and is struggeling very hard to overcome all of his problems. I would recommend this novel to anyone who has ever expirenced a hard time with peer pressure, I am sure they would enjoy it just as much as I did! I think writing books like this is a great idea because it shows kids what can and will happen to you if you get involved with the wrong group of people who pressure you to do things you don't really want to do. This book is very similiar to the book Go Ask Alice (also discovered by Dr. Beatrice Sparks). Go Ask Alice is also a true diary written by a teenage girl who is struggeling to get through life. I think Jay's Journal was even better than Go Ask Alice because Jay uses great detail in his enteries, which makes all of his expirences, and thoughts seem a lot more intense than they do in Alice's diary. But both books are woderful books that teach valueable lessons. In the book Jay's Journal, Jay faces many problems with his friends and family, and even though he doesn't want to Jay withdrawls himself from the outside world, and spends a lot of time alone in his room writing down his thoughts and feelings in his journal. His journal becomes his best friend, and Jay feels his journal is all that will listin to him, which is extremly unfortunate for him! If Jay would have discussed his feelings with his mom and dad, I know things could have gotten much better for him. If only his parents knew what Jay was going through the trajic ending could very possibly been prevented. The book Jay's Journal is a very sad, but it tells a very true story, I think Jays mother made a very wonderful, but hard decision when she decided to publish Jay's Journal into a novel for anyone to read. I do think the book may be inapproiate for children under 13 years of age to read. I don't think they would be able to understand most of Jay's feelings or actions.

my review
I read this book after I read 'go ask Alice' this book I under stand is fiction, although the author perceives it to be a real diary. It's pretty scary and disturbing. Some parts of the book doesn't make any sense, but it's definitely worth ready. If you liked this book, or even if you never read this book, I recommend Go Ask Alice instead, It's a little less creepy.I still get chills thinking about it (and I read this book like 2 or 3 years ago)

very scary "True Story"
I read this book when I was 15 ( I'm now 31) and I have never forgot about it, I had nightmares for months and was afraid of the dark after I read it. This book is only for mature people, I would not recommend it to anyone under 17 or not mature. It is a journal of a boy that felt lost and got messed up with the wrong crowd, became a drug addict and a Satan worshipper. He tells details on everything he experienced, the powers he got, the demon named Roul that visited him many times (which is a real demon that was thrown out of heaven with Satan by God). I want to read this book again and I am still scared of it. Anyone that has ever thought about getting into the occult should read this and see for yourself what Satan will do for you, (NOTHING BUT EVIL, PAIN, HARDSHIP, DEATH AND HELL) it shows that he is greatly decieving, he loves no one and just want you to burn in hell as he is going to when things come to an end. This is really the scariest book ever, I don't know why there hasn't been a movie made out of it yet as it could help alot of lost people.

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