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The Mind of South Africa
Published in Hardcover by Knopf (1990)
Author: Allister Haddon Sparks
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $16.80
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A whole story at last!
As a black South African I have read a lot of history books about my country and found a lot of distortions. Allister Sparks has come out with the most straight story of how it all came to be. This book tells you both sides of the story: Thank you Allister for representing the truth.

Sparks's work is very informative and readable.
As a European historian who was preparing to travel to South Africa for the first time in the spring of 1998, I found Sparks's analysis of South African thought, culture, and society since the mid-17th century to be extremely helpful. The book is both informative and lively, and I recommend it without hesitation.

The best historical background I have read yet
Okay, so we all know what took place once the Afrikaaners came to South Africa, but just exactly 'why' did they feel so superior to all people and all races. Where did this mentality come from? Allistar Sparks goes into great detail about the minds of Afrikaaners before they came to South Africa and after. I have read many a book about South Africa and by far this is one of the best. Truthful, and holding nothing back. I applaud Mr. Sparks !

Tomorrow is another country : the inside story of South Africa's road to change
Published in Unknown Binding by Struik Book Distributors ()
Author: Allister Haddon Sparks
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Why did the apartheid regime keep Mandela alive?
An excellent read if you know at least a little about South African History. It's a "who's who" of the inside story of Africa's "Negotiated Revolution" and could count as a "cliff hanger" if we all didn't already know the outcome of the story. But for anyone who would like to know how the worlds most remarkable political transition was pulled off without a bloody coup, who all of the players were, and why one the worlds most brutal and racist governments kept the world's most enigmatic man alive; then this is the read for you.

all sides
Tomorrow is Another Country is the sequel to the Mind of South Africa. It described the transition from apartheid state to the Rainbow Nation. Allister Sparks is a South African journalist (and is currently teaching at Duke University) who sought to get "the real story" before the actors started to forget. He found collaboration from all sides so everyone would know the sacrifices made by both sides to form the new South Africa.

An excellent balance between being comprehensive and being readable, Tomorrow is Another Country is not a difficult read but not nearly as inspiring as Nelson Mandela's book, Long Walk to Freedom. It does however capture more of the Afrikaaner experience, something Long Walk to Freedom often fails on doing.

The story of South Africa's transition.
This is an outstanding book with many original and personal accounts of what brought South Africa to a negotiated abandonment of minority rule. Objective and beautifully written.

Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa
Published in Hardcover by University of Chicago Press (Trd) (2003)
Author: Allister Haddon Sparks
Amazon base price: $22.75
List price: $32.50 (that's 30% off!)

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