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Prairie Poetry: Cowboy Verse of Kansas
Published in Paperback by Wichita Eagle & Beacon Publishing (1996)
Authors: James F. Hoy, Vada Snider, and Jim Hoy
Amazon base price: $15.95
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A Portrait of Kansas in Words
I picked up a co-workers copy of this poetry collection and was first caught up by the wonderful photography accompanying the poems. Inspired by the images, I began reading bits and pieces of the collection. Someone like myself who has grown up with inseparable ties to the Kansas ranching industry will immediately recognize the scenes portrayed by the various poets. From the ever-trustworthy cowdog, the beauty of the undisturbed range, and cantankerous horses and cattle to the realistic portraits of the men and women who've made these things their life, this book brings back fond memories of people and events I know and have known. I am eagerly awaiting my own copy of "Prairie Poetry: Cowboy Verse of Kansas." All of the authors included have ties to Kansas, whether by birth, by choice, or both. Any enthusiast of cowboy poetry and ballads should consider adding this volume to their collection.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (My Favorite Sound Story)
Published in Hardcover by Golden Books Pub Co Inc (1997)
Authors: Michael Isaacson, Jim Snider, Eric Binder, Golden Books, and Amy Bauman
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $9.25
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Future Shop: How New Technologies Will Change the Way We Shop and What We Buy
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (1992)
Authors: Jim Snider and Terra Diane Ziporyn
Amazon base price: $39.50
Used price: $1.63
Collectible price: $3.69
Buy one from zShops for: $12.00
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