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The Way Mothers Are
Published in School & Library Binding by Concept Books (1993)
Authors: Miriam Schlein, Joe Lasker, and Kathy Tucker
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.35
Collectible price: $14.85
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Witty and Wise
This book is a family favorite. Children can identify with the kitten who worries that his misdeeds will cut off his mother's love, while parents reading the book are rewarded with some sly illustrations over which they can have an adult laugh, a rare quality in preschool bookland.

Above all, the book provides an opportunity for parents to reassure their own occasionally naughty offspring of their unconditional love. Our family culture would be poorer without this book in our lives; I'm grateful that it was available to us.

A Favorite
I have 3 children - ages 3,6 and 8. "The Way Mothers Are" is one of our favorite books. I strongly recommend it everyone.

mother- child bonding
this is defiantely one of the best childrens books ever written. it answers all the questions of "why this or why that" children always ask. if you have a little child or knows someone who does, i wuold strongly urge you to buy it as a bed time story, even a prenatal story. BUY IT NOW! you wont be disappointed

Sleep Safe, Little Whale
Published in Hardcover by Greenwillow (1997)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Peter Sis
Amazon base price: $8.76
List price: $10.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $4.20
Collectible price: $9.53
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My Child's Favorite!
This book is the greatest. It folds out had has great pictures. I am going to order a second copy, since the first one is worn out from excessive use.

Sleep Safe Little Whale
We read Sleep Safe Little Whale to our son every night before bed...he is almost one year old. Our son enjoys the lilting song of Sleep Safe Little Whale and the sweet pictures of all of the different animals. It is a great length. The repetion, song like quality, endearing illustrations, and the sweetness of it make Sleep Safe our favorite book.

I MUST buy another Sleep Safe, Little Whale!
This book is absolutely charming. The words have a melodious lilt to them, and the pictures are warm and beautiful. It is good cuddle time reading and soft fun for the eyes. Its confident message makes us ALL feel safer, as though someone IS ALWAYS THERE watching over us. My granddaughter loves the one I found accidentally in a bookshop! Another granddaughter is to be born soon. I must find another one for her.

Hello, Hello!
Published in School & Library Binding by Simon & Schuster (Juv) (2002)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Daniel Kirk
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.07
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Greetings from the Animal Kingdom.....
"When two lions meet, How do they say hello?" Turn the page of Miriam Schlein's fun and imformative picture book and find out. "They rub their foreheads together, and make a humming noice... like this...HMMMM... That's how two lions say hello. Mmmmmm. HELLO." Now, see how polar bears, chimpanzees, wolves, and beavers, zebras, penquins, and elephants greet each other when they meet..... Ms Schlein's simple explanations are engaging and creative, and complemented by illustrator, Daniel Kirk's bold and evocative artwork. Together word and art offer easily understood animal behaviors, and then relate them back to humans. "How do you say hello? With a smile? With a wave? With a shake of the hand? With a bow? With a hug? With a kiss? HELLO!" Perfect as a read aloud at story time, or for use with a unit about animals, Hello, Hello is a preschool crowd pleaser, and early non-fiction at its very best.

On the Track of the Mystery Animal: The Story of the Discovery of the Okapi
Published in Hardcover by Book Sales (1984)
Author: Miriam Schlein
Amazon base price: $1.98
Used price: $2.70
Collectible price: $8.00
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great story, great illustrations
This is a great book for budding young naturalists or scientists. M's Schlein tells the story of Harry Johnston and his trip to Africa to discover the okapi. She captures the reader's attention with the information while also teaching about the scientific method of investigation.

Besides the description of how Mr Johnston came to discover the okapi, M's Schlein also includes a complete description of the okapi and the way the okapi lives in its natural habitat.

M's Sanderson is a major contributor to this book. Her wonderful drawings detail the whole story - how the pygmies assisted in locating the okapi, what the okapi look like and their habitat, and various genus and species.

The book and illustrations work together so perfectly it would be good for everybody to read this book. It would be especially good for children that have an interest in animals or have scientific bent their mind. The more artistically inclined child would definitely enjoy the drawings.

Get the book and find out about this strange new animal.

The Year of the Panda
Published in Library Binding by Ty Crowell Co (1990)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Kam Mak
Amazon base price: $15.89
Used price: $4.63
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My Book, The Year of the Panada
This book was a realy great book. I really liked it. It was about a little boy named Lu Yi who found a very rare Panda bear (and he named it Su Lin) in china called a Daxiong Mao. So he took it home and took care of it. But since that type of Panda was so rare these scientists in another counrtry were offering 300 yao(chinese money) for a Daxiong Mao.
So Lu Yi's father told him to give the bear to the scientists. So he decided to give it up. When they were going to take the bear , Lu Yi decided to go with them, only for a few days though. So the people there showed him the enviornment that he was going to live in. But Lu YI was going to miss him. so the scientist who was going to take care of Su Lin asked Lu Yi to stay but he refused.
I chose this book because it seemed like a good book to read. And plus it looked like an easy book to read. And when i read the back of the book and i liked it. It also looked very interesting.
I had a lot of favorite parts. One of them was when Lu Yi found the panda. That was my favorite part. I liked that part because that is were he found his pet Panda.

A review by 6 Fifth-Graders (TDL, SYZ, KL, RL, JH, BL)
We are six fifth graders that read a book called The Year of the Panda by Miriam Schlein. This book is mostly about a boy named Lu Yi and his panda. One day, the Chinese goverment sent two men to tell Lu Yi's parents to move, so it can use their lands to save the pandas. But Lu Yi's parents said "no". Later, Lu Yi and his father went to to the mountain to chop wood. Then they found a baby panda, brought him home, and gave it milk. Lu Yi named the panda, Su Lin. Then messengers came and said "Whoever finds a panda must bring it to the Rescue Center and you will get 300 yuan." Lu Yi didn't talk about the panda because he didn't want anyone to find out about Su Lin, but his father wants the reward of 300 yuan. So Lu Yi's father tells the messengers about Su Lin. The Chinese goverment were planning to drop food for the pandas because their bamboo was dying out. The Chinese goverment ask the villagers if it could use their lands for the Chinese government's plan. What would happen if the bamboo died out forever? Would Su Lin die if the bamboo dried out forever? Would the panda become extinct?

This story is very nice because we learned new information about pandas. For example, we learned that there are a lot of different colored bamboo. Also, pandas in Chinese are called daxiong mao. We enjoyed this book because it taught us a lesson. The lesson we learned is to take care of the endangered animals before they become extinct. We liked this book because the Chinese government cared about the animals. Some of us think Lu Yi did the right thing to keep Su Lin because he could save the panda for now. But some of us think Lu Yi did the wrong thing because it might have been dangerous to give the panda other milk. It might have killed Su Lin. We think Lu Yi is taking good care of the panda. We liked the part when Su Lin urinated on the bed because it was very humorous. We didn't like the part when Lu Yi had to give the panda to the Rescue Center because we felt sad that they would never see each other again.

We recommend this book to all ages of people but especially those interested in science. We think this book would be an appropniate book for people who enjoy pandas.

Doing the Right Thing for Animals
The Year of the Panda by Miriam Schlein is a very good story. Inever knew what was going to happen to the panda. I loved this storybecause it's so happy and suspenseful. It tells a story of a boy whofinds a baby panda in the forest beside his mother who had died. Heasked his mom and dad if he could keep the baby panda. They sayyes. The boy's name is Lu Yi. He takes care of the baby panda for along time. [...] I recommend this story for kids 8-10 years old. Ithas big letters. Younger people wouldn't understand the story. It's agreat story. If you love animals, you have to read this story.

Published in Paperback by Atheneum (1989)
Authors: Jane Goodall and Miriam Schlein
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $2.33
Buy one from zShops for: $2.74
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Good idea for an eBook; I loved the print version.
Since the pictures and graphics are so rich in this Kids book, I think making a computer-based eBook is a probably a good idea. Seems like it should be even less expensive however. My review of the print book is very positive. If your kids like Panda's...this is the one to get. Jane Goodall's name sells it but the pictures are why you would want to own it. Also, I heard that the Adobe eBook Reader shows images quite well.

I Sailed With Columbus
Published in Paperback by Harpercollins Juvenile Books (1992)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Tom Newsom
Amazon base price: $4.50
Used price: $2.49
Collectible price: $23.11
Buy one from zShops for: $14.99
Average review score:

This book is hardly worth your money and also does not reveal accurate information about the voyage of Columbus.

Always Right Now
Published in Hardcover by Greenwillow (2004)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Ian Schoenherr
Amazon base price: $
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Antarctica: The Great White Continent
Published in Hardcover by Hastings House Pub (1980)
Author: Miriam Schlein
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $4.00
Average review score:
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Before the Dinosaurs
Published in Paperback by Scholastic (1997)
Authors: Miriam Schlein and Brian Franczak
Amazon base price: $14.95
Average review score:
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