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Dirt Road Home: Poems
Published in Paperback by Curbstone Press (1995)
Author: Cheryl Savageau
Amazon base price: $11.00
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Cheryl Savageau writes of poverty, mixed ancestry, nature, and family in poems that are simultaneously tough and tender, and salted with a rich folk humor from her Abenaki and French Canadian ancestry.

"Engaging, emotionally open and honest, and, most importantly, interesting, the poems in this collection are the words of a woman who means to speak her mind." --Sojourner Magazine

"Savageau carries forth the poetic pulse of Merrill..." --Indianapolis News

"DIRT ROAD HOME is a collection of rich and refreshing voices; it provides connections for the unconnected, stories that are untold, and bridges between dual worlds. In a world of mixed-bloods, multi-identities, and multi-experiences, Savageau speaks as an individual of this varied world." --North Dakota Quarterly

Muskrat Will Be Swimming
Published in Hardcover by Rising Moon (1996)
Authors: Cheryl Savageau and Robert Hynes
Amazon base price: $14.95
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Girl finds pride in herself and her heritage
I love this book and so does my six year old son. Very sensitively deals with namecalling. The young girl's grandfather sees that she is upset and by telling her a native amercian tale helps her find pride in her heritage and herself. Weaves together the present day story of the girl with the folktale very well.

Home Country
Published in Paperback by Alice James Books (1992)
Author: Cheryl Savageau
Amazon base price: $9.95
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