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HP-UX Tuning and Performance: Concepts, Tools and Methods
Published in Paperback by Prentice Hall PTR (07 July, 1999)
Authors: Robert F. Sauers and Peter S. Weygant
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This book is a fairly decent book about performance issues and is perfect for the beginner to the world of sys admininistration. However, as an experienced admin I found 85% of the material redundant or just plain common sense. The routine commands and compilation methods are geared to the begginer. There are few case studies and the ones listed were quite bland. The layout of the book was excellent though. Recommend to any one who is a beginner or who has not taken a performance tuning class. Joe Holbrook, CET, CNST Certified HP Technical Proffesional

a must-have book for all HP-UX administrator
The only book I can find in the market which talks about HP-UX tuning and an excellent one too ! It does not just cover HP-UX specific tools and methods but performance management methodology as well. I personally find it helpful and I am sure it's not just another "dust-collecting" book on the shelf.

Pretty good overview
I enjoyed this book. I come from a Solaris background, which doesn't ship with tools such as glance. The authors gives in-depth insight into how to use this tool as well as many others. They also do an excellent job of giving in depth details of how HP processes I/O and handles hardware.

I did not want a book that issued commands and told you how to interpret them. Thankfully, this book doesn't do this. It gives a complete explanation as to how HP uses machine resources, and only then shows you how to use the tools to tune the box. This is great in my mind because you understand how it works and can draw your own conclusions. Overall, it is an excellent resource and is exactly what I was looking for.

Finding Home: Writing on Nature and Culture from Orion Magazine (The Concord Library)
Published in Hardcover by Beacon Press (1995)
Author: Peter H. Sauer
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A provocative collection
No matter what you think about environmentalism, nature, and ecology, this book has an essay to challenge your assumptions. More than that, though: these essays don't merely challenge, but rather expand your viewpoint.

The essays are arranged under five categories: Finding Home; The Geographies of Home; Other Walls, Other Wildness; A Child's Sense of Wildness; and Metaphors of Desire. There are magnificent and evocative essays by such well-known writers as Barry Lopez, Scott Russell Sanders, Terry Tempest Williams, and David Ehrenfeld, but also some wonderful pieces by writers who are less known. One of my own favorites is Wallace Kaufman's "Confessions of a Developer", an essay I found so fascinating that I wanted it to be an entire book of its own.

As can be expected from any work originally published by Orion Magazine, the writing here is uniformly excellent. Even if you have no interest in the ideas and philosophies behind these essays, you can revel in the beautiful language of most of them. It would be a shame, though, to ignore what these writers have to say.

Power System Dynamics and Stability
Published in Hardcover by Prentice Hall (30 July, 1997)
Authors: Peter W. Sauer and M. A. Pai
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Modelado dinámico
Este libro hace una descripción de las máquinas eléctricas, de manera tal de que se puedan modelar para poder estudiar la estabilidad de la máquina y del sistema en el cual está funcionando.Es una herramienta para el ingeniero, porque cada vez necesita más estudiar la dinámica del sistema, para poder aprovechar al máximo cada elemento.

Ricketts' Battery
Published in Hardcover by Luzerne National Bank (01 January, 2002)
Authors: Peter Tomasak and Dr. Richard A. Sauers
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $16.99
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Published in Library Binding by Putnam Pub Group Library (1969)
Author: Peter. Sauer
Amazon base price: $4.49
Used price: $1.99
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Untersuchungen zur Sprache der deutschen Rockmusik : ein Wörterbuch der elektrischen Gitarre in der Rockmusik
Published in Unknown Binding by Brockmeyer ()
Author: Peter Sauer
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