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Masters of Light: Conversations With Contemporary Cinematographers
Published in Paperback by University of California Press (1986)
Authors: Dennis Schaefer and Larry Salvato
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maybe I was sent the wrong book?
I like hearing anyone discuss cameras and techniques except sheep. It seems the newer generation(now old) of cinematographers say exactly what their peers say. 1)Hollywood bad 2)minimalism good 3)Thank God for faster film/ available light 4)newer lenses are too sharp? 5)My lower region fell asleep
6) that's not an entirely bad thing.

Personal Mastery
The best book I have ever read in terms of intimately understanding the art and passion of the Cinematographer. All the interviews are great but the interview of Conrad Hall, ASC shines brighter now that he has passed on.
Must have.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
This book almost made me cry. Although I'm more involved with directing itself than DoP functions it made me really want to get deeply involved in photography.

It gives an inside overview by the absolute pros in the matter wisely interviewed about the highlights in their careers, their careers as DoPs, their relationships with the directors and the technical secrets of well-known films and blockbusters.

A must for everybody involved in film or filmlovers!!

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