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The Diary of a Country Priest: A Novel
Published in Paperback by Carroll & Graf (09 January, 2002)
Authors: Georges Bernanos and Remy Rougeau
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Poignant and evocative
In Journal of a country priest, Bernanos give an amazing insight into the world of a parish priest in a small french village. While everything goes terribly wrong for the priest, and all his worldly efforts fail miserably, the book ends on a note of spiritual redemption that is (amazingly) not at all at odds with the rest of the story. This is Bernanos' triumph- that he can so faithfully recreate the priest's faith in the face of failure and death that the reader can comprehend and sympathise with this faith. I myself am not religious, but it seems to me that Bernanos embodies the greatest strenghts of catholicism and religion in general

Everyday Christianity, Extraordinary Power
The Diary of a Country Priest is a beautiful homily on faith, pain, and grace skillfully written as a novel. Bernanos' preaching style is passion, a dual entendre that is strong, fervent belief but also intense suffering, and his preaching style is evocative and powerful in the effects that it has on the reader.

Through Bernanos' novel, the reading gains an understanding of how difficult it is to truly live Christianity every day existence, especially in the most difficult times of one's life. The novel is written as the journal of a young pastor in rural France, and this format enables the author to present a series of very deep, spiritually-based dialogues that form the intellectual basis of the story.

The Diary of a Country Priest raises a number of issues in the course of the exchanges between characters and the reflections of the priest; human loss, physical pain and suffering, the poor, honor and humility, and grace are just some of the themes discussed by Bernanos.

The author beautifully presents his thoughts on these and other spiritual questions through the passion of the priest, literally and figuratively.

Take your time reading this book, as nearly every page has at least one sentence that is grounds for serious reflection.

An intense touching portait of a country priest's struggles.
Bernanos' classic is perhaps the most touching novel I've ever read. Its the story of a country priest whose parish is not very interested in religious matters. He deals with this, his personal problems, and Bernanos' descriptions of his struggles are profoundly emotional. I read this book a long time ago, but to this day I remember the impact it had on me. Such feeling and compassion I have never felt for any other fictional character (save Lord Jim). This work is truly a masterpeice. Reading it will change you, forever....

All We Know of Heaven
Published in Hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Co (17 May, 2001)
Author: Remy Rougeau
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