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The Way They Play
Published in Hardcover by Paganiniana Pubns (1983)
Authors: Samuel Applebaum, Mark Zilberquit, and Henry Roth
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How unfortunate that Samuel and Sada Applebaum's "The Way They Play" is no longer in print.

"The Way They Play" is a compendium of interviews with world's greastest string artists concerning technique, practising, repertoire...and just about anything that applies to someone trying to become a professional string player.

In volume one, the Applebaums talk with some people you may have heard of. Oh, like Jascha Heifetz, Ivan Galamian, Pablo Casals, Joseph Fuchs, Paul Doktor, William Primrose, Zino Francescatti....the list goes on and on! The candid (an understatement) discussions prove invaluable, especially in the areas concerning practising and repertoire, etudes and scales. You'll know so much more after reading this book (and maybe the other thirteen that follow). The volumes prove easy to read, and the Applebaums' charming (and delightfully antiquated) sense of humour flows through every question asked.

Violinists are by no means the focus, and players of cello, viola, and double bass (volume two) are also interviewed. Many of these artists were friends of the Applebaums, played chamber music with them, etc. I cannot stress enough what an invaluable resource these books are.

If you are struggling to make it as a string player (as a professional or an amateur), or a seasoned veteran, these books will provide indispensible encouragement and advice. Of course, reading a book cannot rectify what countless hours in the practise room can...

Dumu-E2-Dub-Ba-A: Studies in Honor of Ake W. Sjoberg (Occasional Publications of the Samuel Noah Kramer Fund, No. 11)
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Pennsylvania Mus Babylonian (1989)
Authors: Hermann Behrens, Darlene Loding, Martha T. Roth, and Ake W. Sjoberg
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Text/Countertext: Postmodern Paranoia in Samuel Beckett, Doris Lessing, and Philip Roth (Studies in Literary Criticism and Theory, Vol. 3)
Published in Hardcover by Peter Lang Publishing (1996)
Author: Marie A. Danziger
Amazon base price: $34.95
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