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Creating Digital Content : Video Production for Web, Broadcast, and Cinema
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Professional (26 September, 2001)
Authors: John Rice, Brian McKernan, and Peter Bergman
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Revealing Account of Content in the Digital Age
This book reveals the true nature of the nearly tectonic shift in the landscape of content being caused by digital technology. Even as the editor of Digital TV magazine, I have not read a book that examines, in such a penetrating manner, and with such a dazzling collection of expert voices, the depth of this dramatic change and what it now means. Further, it reveals the implications for the future of creating and distributing content in the digital age. This book is a must for anyone who cares about navigating the new world of digital content.

The Digital Revolution "Bible"
This is a "must buy" for anyone interested in the digital revolution that is changing the way we communicate. It explains how camcorders, Avids, and computers have changed video, movie-making, web streaming, and how to become part of it. "Digital content" is really what video, TV and movies have become. You can re-use your video and audio in many different ways to better serve clients or create original programming. The book explains what's going on very clearly. Digital video is really computer data, so it's cheaper and easier to work with than "regular" video. And the image is better! You can produce any type of show for less money than ever before, and you can do more things with your video; stream it on the web, put it on a DVD disc, project it as a movie, or re-use clips for other programs. Audio and sound techniques are also included.
"Creating Digital Content" starts off with a funny story by Firesign Theatre's Peter Bergman that makes you realize how much digital video and software has changed the way movies and TV are made. Then there's a really interesting section on what "digital" really means, which is the most concise definition I've ever read. Really helpful is the fact that they go into specifics about the best equipment available... over 25 chapters all about computers, Avids, camcorders, memory, etc. which can be used to make HDTV, corporate video, interactive TV and yes, feature films! Whether you're at a local TV station, a production house, a university A/V department, or you're an "A" list DGA feature film director, these are the NEW tools that you must be familiar with and ready to use.
You'll understand how computers, software and camcorders have become the new ways to make TV, streaming video, and big budget movies. Plus amazing interviews with the giants in the field, such as George Lucas and James Cameron.
I highly recommend "Creating Digital Cinema". It's an invaluable resource for anyone seriously interested in video, TV, streaming, and movies, and at the same it's a great read.

A must-have
For a subject rife with hype and confusion, the editors bring together articles that are by turns surprising, authoritative and laugh-out-loud funny. For industries with notoriously short attention spans, the book reveals the lessons learned from decades of failure and success in Interactive TV and digital TV and gives roadmaps to the future.

From Santa Fe to O'Keeffe Country: A One Day Journey to the Soul of New Mexico (Adventure Roads Travel Series)
Published in Paperback by Ocean Tree Books (1996)
Authors: Rhoda Barkan, Peter Sinclaire, John D., Jr. Rice, and Rhonda Barkan
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Interactions in the Root Environment - An Integrated Approach: The Rothamsted Millennium Conference
Published in Hardcover by Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003)
Authors: ›David S. Powlson, Geoff Bateman, Keith G. Davies, John L. Gaunt, Penny R. Hirsch, and Peter W. Barlow
Amazon base price: $64.00
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