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The Young Carthaginian
Published in Paperback by Lost Classics (01 September, 2001)
Authors: G. A. Henty, Michael - maps Fitterling, John Clark LL. D. Unknown - additional illustrations from History of the World by Ridpath, and Unknown - original illustrations
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Used price: $11.78
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An impressive "theater of the mind"
A simply outstanding historical novel set in the age of ancient Rome's legendary conflict with the city of Carthage, The Young Carthaginian by G.A. Henty is a totally thrilling historical action/adventure tale that will rivet the listener's attention from beginning to end. Superbly and dramatically narrated by William Sutherland, The Young Carthaginian is written with detailed attention to historical accuracy and truly brings to life a long-lost time of Hannibal, the legions of Rome, and the absolute destruction of a great maritime empire. A confidently recommended addition to any personal, school, or community library audiobook collection, The Young Carthaginian is complete and unabridged on eleven compact discs, offering 12 hours, 30 minutes of an impressive, "theater of the mind" quality entertainment experience.

Admirable hero and his hairbreadth escapes!
Who would have thought that a book written in the 1800s could be so appealing today? Doing a little internet research, I have found that G.A. Henty lived from 1832-1902, and the books he wrote were historical fiction "for boys". He was called "The Prince of Story-Tellers" and "The Boy's Own Historian", which certainly may have been true, but I'm an adult female who loved this tale! The style of writing sounds a little formal and old-fashioned, but it actually helps create a feeling of antiquity, appropriate for its ancient setting during the Punic Wars.

The fictional and lovable hero, Marchus, a relative of the famous Hannibal, accompanies him on the Carthaginian campaign against Rome. I learned so much about Hannibal through this book, yet the majority of the plot involves other adventures that Marchus gets into. He has near escapes from bears, wolves, lions, treacherous tribesmen. In two instances, he escapes with the help of an elephant, and a raft in the subterranean reservoir of Carthage. This was fun stuff, and I am so impressed that this book I found, that is so old it doesn't even have a publication date in it, could be so delightful. Someone could make a great movie out of this!

Brings ancient history to life
Everyone, it seems, has heard of Hannibal bringing his army,including the elephants,through the Alps, right to the doorstep of Rome. However, a readable account of Carthage vs. Rome is not easy to find. I've been very happy to find this fascinating historical novel as the best way to teach my two sons, ages 11 and 14, about this time in history. There are some valuable lessons for us all in the book--valor, honor, and how corruption destroys great nations.

Final Venture
Published in Audio Cassette by ISIS Publishing (01 April, 2000)
Authors: Michael Ridpath and Neil Conrich
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Michael looks like losing his touch
Michael's Final Venture is not as exciting as I expected it to be. First, it lacks the thrill of a financial market background. While the whole story is built around the venture capital firm, but seriously, anyone can write such a story. I expect more on financial market story from Michael.

And how Simon solve the murder case seems to be too easy, with help just around the corner when he needs it. He seems to be able to rope in the person he needs to help him solved the murder case, which I think it is unlikely in real life (but this is a fiction anyway).

I hope that Michael will do better in his next book.

Quite good, yet not his best work yet
Having read all Mr. Ridpath's previous books I was quite happy to find a new book of his being published. It was a very good read, I finished it in 3 nights and a short train ride. Once you start it's really hard to put down. The only negative part is that in the end I felt there was no way you could have found the guilty party by yourself. That's the reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.

Great Surprise
It's my first Ridpath's book and it was a worderful surprise. His narrative is easy and very well organized, keeping the reader's attention on the focus of the thriller: Simon's innocence and the mass arround his life after his father in law's murder. The determination on keeping his marriage with his loved, but mistrustfull wife, is an important ingredient in the story. The end is unpredictable but is reasonable. I reccomend this book for those who like a good thriller and for venture capitalists, who will find a intersting reading.

Trading Reality
Published in Audio Download by ()
Amazon base price: $7.16
List price: $18.00 (that's 60% off!)
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OK Info-novel Who-dunn-it
Trading Reality is OK.

The story is about a Brit financial-type who takes over his murdered brother's start-up in Scotland's Silicon Glen. He is forced to deal with the conflict of honoring his brother's wishes and his own mercenary instincts.

The bond trader turned entrepreneur reminded me of Po Bronson's last two novels merged into a who-dunn-it, but without the humor. Merging the bond trader and high-tech startup entrepreneur together and layering that on top of a mystery was too blatant a play at a info-novel for me. And it was too predictable. Finally, there were some quirky things about the story. No marital relationship of the story's characters past or present either worked-out or was working out. And the final love-interest did not appear to imply any commitment. Hmmm?

This book is OK, but there are better things to read.

Read it - you will enjoy it!
I do not read many fiction books, but I was recommended to Trading Reality. I could not put it down. The characters were extremely believable, both in their thoughts, actions, and in their reactions to situations. I will not spoil the story line, but the ending was strong, yet a little predictable. This book was an excellent blend of bond trading (of which I know little) and computers (of which I know a bit more). It was also very thought provoking; just where will virtual reality take us? I shall certainly be reading other titles by this author. Go on read it, you will enjoy it.

It's OK, but a slight disappointment
When I first read Michael Ridpath's "Free to Trade", I was thoroughly enthralled by the use of bond trading as background for a suspense story line. There have been few truly integrated financial mystery novels. (A couple others are "The Takeover" and "Nest of Vipers.") Due to what I considered an exceptional first novel, I was slightly disappointed by "Trading Reality." Ridpath's latest novel is more cyber-techno than financial; too bad when you consider Ridpath's background in the financial markets. Although he starts the novel in a bond trading room in London, it quickly moves into different territory, that of computer generated virtual reality. That said, this is a pretty good novel, with a fairly intricate and convoluted plot, including a few red herrings, a couple of nasty characters, and a predictable, yet satisfying, ending. I would have preferred if the protagonist developed a more creative financial bailout. Even so, the ending was reminiscent of the classical English sleuth gathering all of the principal characters into one room, making them squirm, and finally announcing the murderer. Frankly, this would probably make a great movie script. It could easily be placed in the USA. Throughout the book, I found myself substituting American locations (Wall Street for London; the coast of Maine for Scotland; Harvard for Oxford), and it still played well. How about it Hollywood!

The Market Maker
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (1999)
Author: Michael Ridpath
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Good financial based novel
I quite enjoyed this book. Maybe 'cause I love the intrigue of the money markets. This is a good novel about what happens when things go wrong and to the extreme when things get dangerous. Certainly worth a read.

A real Book Maker
Although it reminded me very much of Grisham's "The firm", I liked it a lot and I am looking forward to reading the other Ridpaths. I found it very interesting getting a brief survey on London's brokerage scene and Nick's feelings and sceptiscism against it. Ridpath really knows how to treat the reader and to keep him continuing until the very end. The reason why I gave the book only four stars is the simple fact, that I don't believe that a single person is able to put so much pressure on an istitution like a big brokerage firm and I also find it unlikely hiring an outsider just because of his language skills.

Highly Recommended & addictive
my first Michael Ridpath book and addicted ever since, pity he's written only four thusfar. This book grips you from the start and you are sucked into the plot straight away.

Free to Trade
Published in Audio Cassette by Chivers Audio Books (1996)
Authors: Michael Ridpath and Alex Jennings
Amazon base price: $84.95
Used price: $17.50
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Needs some sharpening
There is a germ of a good book in here. It needs to be whittled down by 50% and the characters need more personality. It has some excitement in the trading scenes, but you have to slog through worthless stuff to get to them. For example, we go through a long, dull chapter describing a visit to the narrator's mum, hear a description of his father, his father's death, etc. and it really is all for naught. I hope his other books are better. Maybe if he read some Hammet or Hemmingway he can pick up some pointers on how to make the prose more efficient.

Plodding style and corney characters - not much fun!
Thrillers set in real worlds are often the best escapism, I find. But not this time. Why? Because Ridpath's leaden writing deprives his setting of any real blood or believability. The result is rather tedious, because you'll find it very hard to care what happens to any of the hollow characters involved. A very over-hyped thriller...

A good mystery
Ridpath did an excellent job of weaving information about financial markets and trading into a mystery that spans the globe from London to Phoenix. He did a great job of portraying the people caught up in the bond and borrowing industry, and the ethical dilemmas they face. I would heartedly recommend the book.

I would put the book on par with Dick Francis and Grisham.

The Marketmaker
Published in Audio Cassette by ISIS Audio (1999)
Authors: Michael Ridpath and Neil Conrich
Amazon base price: $84.95
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Nothing like Free to Trade
Ridpaths third novel is further evidence of a downward trend. The main character Nick is not someone who generates reader sympathy. What are we to make of him when he ditches his girlfriend in a critical scene mid way thro' the book? Or when he makes a play for his best friends wife? Nick is also naive in the extreme eg "What exactly is money laundering?". Nick is a drip who should have stayed in acedemia - why was he hired for his Russian expertise when no use of this is ever made by his bank? All the characters have faces which "redden" - even middle aged folk? Basic errors abound - Lord Kerton is about forty - then ten pages later he is near retirement age? The dialogue lacks conflict. The prose is laboured and pedantic. As someone else has mentioned - who can believe that a lone English guy can take on the Brazilian drug lords? Nice cover though.

A formula too far....
This thriller is a little like a throw-back to the 1970s. The trouble is, the author's heart doesn't seem to be in it. Long lectures about financial matters, culled from financial journals, the internet or The Economist really don't make for a good novel, thriller or no. This story meanders slowly and predictably through a kidnap plot, adding a South American flavour, but none of this livens up a very tired idea. A disappointment.

A first rate book: Ridpath's best yet
I really enjoyed this book. It held my attention from start to finish. Easy to read, gripping and interesting.

Dinero Asesino
Published in Paperback by Planeta Pub Corp (1995)
Author: Michael Ridpath
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
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How to Write a Million: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Author
Published in Paperback by Constable Robinson (23 January, 1995)
Authors: Orson Scott Card, Lewis Turco, Ansen Dibell, and Michael Ridpath
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $14.88
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Trading Reality: 18-unit Dumpbin
Published in Hardcover by Arrow/Children s (A Division of Random House Group) (02 September, 1996)
Author: Michael Ridpath
Amazon base price: $
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