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Why Does That Man Have Such a Big Nose
Published in Library Binding by Parenting Pr (1986)
Authors: Mary Beth Quinsey and Wilson Chan
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Oh, no. My child just said what?
This is a great little book, even if you think you'll never need it. It's a gentle way to cover some difficult topics with your kids, open a dialogue, and begin to teach them tolerance and the joys of diversity. Although in some ways it may seem geared more towards a "W.A.S.P." audience, I think it could easily serve people from all cultures as a reminder that for diversity to work, acceptance must begin with all directions. I also think the adults reading this book will be reminded what kinds of innocent remarks a child will make that they haven't even thought could come up, so topics can be brought up in an easy and logical fashion. Anyway, it's a great little book, and I recommend it to all.

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