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I Will Never Leave You: How Couples Can Achieve the Power of Lasting Love
Published in Hardcover by Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd) (1995)
Authors: Hugh Prather and Gayle Prather
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $1.79
Collectible price: $7.00
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A life changer
I picked up this book at the recommendation of a friend right after my wife left. I gave her the book to try to work things out, and I feel if she would have just read it, things could have been different; it's that powerful. The points presented seem so easy, and so simple to implement, but most of us just do not for whatever reason.

I highly recommend this book to anyone in relationship crisis, as well as anyone attemping to avoid relationship issues in the future.

Defying the Ebb Tide of Divorce
When conflicts arise in a marriage, the promise of peace through divorce is a temptation that few can resist. Divorce has become an acceptable and frequently encouraged solution to marital problems. As the Prathers tell us, today's "separation psychology," with its myriad of support groups and counselors, promotes selfishness: "you have a right to the kind of life you want," "the right partner will share your interests, meet your needs, and grow at the same rate you grow," "what's best for you is best for the children." Then we have the lure of certain "new age" ideas, such as the concept of soul mates, which excuses us from fulfilling our commitment to our original "imperfect" partner while we search for our "perfect counterpart."
The Prathers contend that none of us "deserves" an "ideal primary relationship and the fulfillment of all our dreams. What we deserve is love, and we have it only when we give it." For more than 20 years, Hugh and Gayle Prather have counseled couples and encouraged them to give to one another, thus building permanent, satisfying, and spiritually based relationships - the kind that can "go through fire."
The Prathers found that couples who divorces in spite of counseling are rarely happier after separation, and the betrayal of abandonment is damaging to their children and the community, as well as to the soul of the betrayer. The Prathers see the rash of divorces in today's society as one of the symptoms of an epidemic of fear and hatred. Their hope is that I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU will serve as an emergency manual to deal with tis ongoing disaster.
Filled with wit and wisdom, this manual takes us through all the stages a couple typically experiences in a long-term relationship. It clearly outlines the exercises and sensitizing techniques that the Prathers and their clients have used to successfully heal the breaches in their faltering unions.
The Prathers hold up the real relationship as the ideal for all couples to strive toward. Their definition of a "real" relationship is "one in which two people love each other to fulfill themselves rather than withdraw from each other to fulfill themselves." It is "unquestionably a haven from fear... Once it becomes the goal of any two people, it not only lasts but grows stronger and lovelier with every effort." Any couple who sets this kind of relationship as a goal will find that the Prathers' book will serve as a guide through the storms of life until the two can say to each other: "I love you; I bless you; I want to walk home to God with you."


Simply Excellent
This is a beautiful, thoughtful book written by a husband and wife team who offer an antidote to the prevailing mindset which has resulted in a high divorce rate and millions of broken promises. The Prathers impart some wisdom on the subject of enduring relationships based on their own experiences and those of the many couples they have counseled over the years.

The authors take us through the different stages of a marriage and map out what to expect and how to deal with these changes. They present an excellent strategy for having arguments, and discuss how much people lose out on by choosing divorce. There is a good chapter on dealing with an affair. They end with the six promises of a real relationship

I felt that almost everything they have to say here rings true. This is a great roadmap for staying married forever and reaping the rewards of lifelong love and friendship. They inspire me to have a successful and "real" marriage.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

The Couple's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Lovers
Published in Paperback by Marlowe & Company (2000)
Authors: William Martin, Hugh Prather, Gayle Prather, and Hank Tusinski
Amazon base price: $11.16
List price: $13.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.12
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Lends a vision of what is worth waiting for...
Each time I think it's time I settled for something less than fulfilling in life I sit down and read through this book. It calms my soul. It realigns my senses to what it is I'm truly seeking in life and in a partner. I have given this as a wedding gift to those who I think have the mind and soul for such small wisdom as this. I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks to be complete before entering into a relationship or who seeks understanding of why their past relationship failed. It has helped me to keep clarity of mind.

This book was a wonderful gift from a friend. I used to beat my self up when I couldn't follow the advice of the many self help books I have. The Couple's Tao Te Ching really changed the way I looked at my behavior because it didn't tell me how to behave. I memorized this passage because it has been helping me through this global, troubled time: "The world will never know love, respect, kindness and tolerance until you experience them in the safety of your love. When you do, it will." It means a lot to me. It's more than just about a relationship with another person. It makes a lot of things clear.

Words to nurture and connect with your "Couple Spirit"
I have a library full of books on relationships and improving communication. Those books (like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, etc.), tend to be read quickly with their advice being filtered through my brain for ideas to tweak our relationship. This book is refreshingly different. If you want to involve your brain by thinking about the deep meaning of the words, you can... or you can just hear the words and feel them nurturing your heart and spirit. Each page offers beautifully written verses to provide quick inspiration or a thought to meditate on for as long as you like. This books is a great addition to any library and makes a wonderful gift for any couple.

Ecstatic Lovemaking: An Intimate Guide to Soulful Sex
Published in Paperback by Conari Pr (09 January, 2002)
Authors: Victoria, Ph.D. Lee, Gayle Prather, and Hugh Prather
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.90
Buy one from zShops for: $11.17
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Reader from California
Read this book is a beautiful gift. Sharing the book helped us explore our needs and feelings. So often, I found it seemed difficult to express myself, but reading the book together, the words started to flow---from a place of love and connection and our devotion for each other. Miracles can happen!

People of Faith: Read This Book
This book helped me to enjoy my love life more than I ever thought I could. I'm a religious woman who finds most sex books either offensive or not helpful. Ecstatic Lovemaking really touched me because it showed me that a great sex life with my husband is perfectly consistent with having the deep faith I have and know I always will have. The chapter on how "Sexuality and Spirituality Do Go Together" said it all.I also used to feel that my husband had no clue what really turned me on. Now he understands that I need to feel emotionally and spiritually close to him before I want to be sexually close to him. I think it was worth getting the book just for that, but my husband says the best part is that now I seem to want to make love with him as much as he wants to with me.

Give This Book to Your Man!
My husband and I had some breakthroughs in our sex life because of this book. I bought it because of Hugh Prather's Foreword, because I trusted what he said about how our sex life could improve if we studied this book. He was so right! We learned to understand each other so much better, and we actually have been having some sexual experiences we both think are "ecstatic." We always had a good sex life, but we had some problems and conflicts about it too. Now, we're closer than we've ever been, and I know it's just going to get better and better. Thank you, Dr. Lee!

Notes on Love and Courage
Published in Paperback by Main Street Books (1993)
Authors: Hugh Prather and Eugene A. Smith
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $0.01
Collectible price: $1.75
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Notes On Love & Courage
This beautiful and sensitive, wise and wonderful book has been my constant companion since it was first published in 1977. Prather's words have inspired me, comforted me, rebuked me, and more than anything, opened my heart to others and my need for people in my life. I particularly continue to be inspired by his passage, "Now is the time to take possession of my life. . ." In the darkest and most difficult times in my life, I have turned to NOL&C for that spark to keep me moving. Read it, underline it, dogear it, love it and use it, and keep your copy all your life--these are precious words of wisdom.

A source of reflection
This introspective book quiets the soul and clears the mind. Prather's excerpts are practical, peaceful, and anchoring, reminding us all that we are human, in need of love and of courage. Buy it if you can.

This book was amazing
I, too am looking for a couple of copies of this book but would be satisfied with one. I lent this book out and it was never returned. If anyone can tell me where I could find this please email me. I am saddened that this book is no longer being printed. Thank you.

365 Thoughts : A Daily Guide to Uplift and Inspire (Perpetual Calendar)
Published in Calendar by Our Window to the World, A Division of R. Brent & Co. Inc. (01 November, 2000)
Author: Hugh Prather
Amazon base price: $20.00
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Superbly observant and inspiring
Hugh Prather has once again found to essence of the human spirit. His words and thoughts offer wisdom and inspiration to us all. Beautifully produced.

Daily Inspiration
This is a wonderful calendar. I look forward every morning to reading my "treat for the day". I love the fact that it is a perpetual calendar so that I can use it year after year. That in itself is rather unique. The thoughts at first seem simple enough and yet as I ponder each one I find it takes on new dimentions. I have already ordered 2 more for gifts. You can't go wrong on this one!

Daily, thought provoking inspiration.
This is a beautiful high quality calendar. The daily Hugh Prather quotes consistently start my day with a thoughtful moment. The artwork is inspiring and the materials give it a feel of lasting quality and durability. Since it is a perpetual calendar, it can be used year after year. It also has made an excellent gift choice for my family and friends.

A Book for Couples
Published in Hardcover by MJF Books (2001)
Authors: Hugh Prather, Gayle Prather, and R. Prather
Amazon base price: $7.98
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $5.95
Buy one from zShops for: $5.00
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From a Divorce Attorney
This is the BEST marriage relationship book I've ever read and recommended to clients who are willing to consider reconciliation instead of divorce. One problem-when I lend a client this book, it's never returned. That's why I'm having to reorder it in quantity again today. This and P.E.T. are the only two books I ever recommend to clients, and I recommend one or the other routinely to my clients, depending on their situations. The feedback from those who actually read the book is always along the lines of "Close, if not the best book I ever read". I'd put it right behind the Bible and A Course in Miracles, which seems such a part of Prather's inspiration. The Last Instruction at the end is alone worth the price of the book. A book, once read, that will never be forgotten.

Super book with real live SOLUTIONS to relationship problems
I love The Book For Couples. Not only is it fun and funny reading but it's extremely helpful. I've had mine for ten years and I still pick it up frequently.

Hugh and Gayle Prather don't waste 90% of the book telling us what is WRONG with our relationship (like so many self-help books I've read). They give practical, concrete suggestions of how to be in a relationship so it will work. It's like an owner's manual for relationships.

I'm disappointed that the Book For Couples is out of print now. I was looking for it here to give to a friend as a wedding gift. It's much more useful than another toaster. It is worth searching for. I hope I can find a copy somewhere (you too).

Sink below ego to access real love for partner
How to sink below unimportant ego issues to focus on true love for your partner. What is and isn't worth fighting over. How to forgive and move forward in relationships. Very uplifting.

Flying Without Wings: Personal Reflections on Loss, Disability, and Healing
Published in Paperback by Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd Pap) (1990)
Authors: Arnold R. Beisser, Hugh Prather, and Gerald G. Jampolsky
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $0.90
Collectible price: $1.99
Buy one from zShops for: $4.50
Average review score:

Flying Without Wings
This is an excellent true story. I think it would be very good for people in the medical and/or caregiving professions to read. Dr. Beisser is very inspirational in his journey to overcome his disability. The concepts in the book that were important to me are those feelings and experiences he relays about being dependent on physical care from nurses and doctors. Specifically, I learned alot from what he said he felt like when they cared for him grudgingly or with indifference; and also how he was affected when they simply would not listen to him. I have taken these words into my life and I always try to remember them when I am caring for someone who is dependent on me. Another important concept is the persistence he embodied. He simply never gave up, even when everybody was telling him to 'throw in the towel'. He did accomplish exactly what he set out to do, despite his obstacles. And finally, the concept of gratitude was BIG in this book. He was grateful even for his disability in the end. As amazing as this sounds, it is a pure and simple truth that we all must be grateful for absolutely everything that happens to us. Dr. Beisser shows the reader this lesson in a big way at the end of the book when he talks about his total acceptance of his circumstances and all the personal growth he has attained from those circumstances.

I'm 25 hispanic female that recently read this book. I just became fascinated for the optimistic attitude and spirit of life that this book has. No words to describe what has done in my life

Superb, life-affirming memoir about life with a disability!
Arnold Beisser grew up with two life goals: To be a doctor and to be a national tennis champion. At 23, he achieved his first goal; at 24, his second. The year was 1950. Soon after his tennis victory, en route to basic training that would have brought him to Korea as an army doctor, he developed a high fever and was brought to a military hospital. Within 24 hours, he was paralyzed from the neck down. As Beisser puts it, one moment he was a doctor; suddenly he was a patient, requiring an iron lung to breathe. He had contracted polio. This outstanding book examines the funny, sad and philosophical aspects of life with a disability and its social consequences. Particularly fascinating are Beisser's stories of the stigma many people attach to disability. His courtship and marriage, as well as his career as a psychiatrist treating professional athletes, make for compelling reading. Anyone who has struggled in life - because of disability or any other tribulation - will be permanently enriched by this unforgettable memoir.

Notes to Each Other
Published in Paperback by Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd Pap) (1991)
Authors: Hugh Prather, Gayle Prather, and H Prather
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $0.91
Collectible price: $10.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.95
Average review score:

Simple and Beautiful
If you liked Notes to Myself, this book is actually better. Two points of view is four times as good.

Both books are written as snippets collected from bedtime journals written by either of the two authors. They strike true far more than seems possible. Insightful. Witty. Touching.

Great book.

Spiritual Parenting: A Guide to Understanding and Nurturing the Heart of Your Child
Published in Paperback by Crown Pub (1997)
Authors: Hugh Prather and Gayle Prather
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $4.00
Collectible price: $7.93
Buy one from zShops for: $4.38
Average review score:

A wonderful book with one reservation...
The Prathers work is one of true insight and striking sincerity. I was touched deeply by it and continue to be as I refer back to it. One thing of minor note (and what prevents the fifth star) that is not mentioned in any review I read is that this book delivers a strongly Christian message. I am not a Christian, I do however keep an open mind and do not let my personal understanding of spirituality interfere with my acceptance of the wisdom this book delivers.

If we all could be parents like this
Or, what if I had had parents like this?? After sitting on my shelf for almost 4 years, I listened to the cassette tape version of this book several weeks ago. Somehow that was OK because I'm not sure that I really could have unederstood and taken this book to heart until recently (I was well prepped by reading Alice Miller's 'For Your Own Good' just before). I liked the tape because I could hear the Prather's own voices. And what they say is wonderful and loving for children. Unfortunately, what they recommend is not the norm in our culture. They recommend love, compassion and total respect for our child's identity. Our culture, on the other hand, increasingly speaks to discipline, punishment and abandonment. The world is changed one person at a time, and if only a few people become loving parents because of this book, then the world will be blessed with more stable, loving and creative children. - - If you want the other side of this paradigm, how socially accepted child-rearing, what most of us have been taught is 'normal,' frequently involves abuse and cruelty, then pick up anything by Alice Miller. Miller's work over the past 20 years underscores the value of the Prather's approach.

This book changed the way I parent forever
The Prathers laid out the rational for a parenting style that I instinctively knew was right. They also made some complex emotional issues seem very simple. I no longer get angry with my children. Its a must for all parents.

Shortcuts to God
Published in Paperback by Celestial Arts (2000)
Authors: Gerald G., Md. Jampolsky and Hugh Prather
Amazon base price: $9.56
List price: $11.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.15
Collectible price: $6.35
Buy one from zShops for: $4.25
Average review score:

Generic book on new age spirituality
Based on A Course in Miricles, Dr. Jampolsky presents a general feel good book on spirituality. It does lack depth and has a simple pantheist view point.

Shortcut to peace
I keep this book very close to my person and readily access it on the occasions when I succumb to life's frustrations. The illustrations alone are very meaningful reminders that bring me back to a peaceful, loving center.

Finding God Wherever You Look
I remember reading Jerry's book "Love Is Letting Go of Fear" many years ago, when my own life was in chaos and I literally didn't know where to turn. Its simplicity cut through my intellectual arguments very quickly, touching deeper truths that my own fears were masking at that time in my life. I believe that this newest of Jerry's books does the same thing, at a time when so many of us are cynical about our spiritual lives, yet are constantly searching for ways to reach deeper. Jerry makes it sound easy to move beyond our own fears, and when I am able to drop my intellectual pretenses and let these words in, something quite wonderful happens. I do move beyond my own blocks to see the larger truth. This isn't a book for people who want to ponder complex theological concepts but it is a book that will spark something important in your heart.

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