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A History of Art in Africa
Published in Hardcover by Harry N Abrams (01 September, 2000)
Authors: Monica Blackmun Visona, Robin Poyner, Herbert M. Cole, Michael D. Harris, and Robin Poynor
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Guide to understanding and identifying African Art
I simply wish that I had this book and/or Dr. Poynor's courses in West African and Central African Art prior to living in Central Africa. Now that I had these courses, I find that this book is less a formal text and more a comprehensive guide to understanding the art forms created in the various regions of Africa by the peoples and cultures. This book is a must for anyone who has a true interest in following this facinating subject. I especially recommend this book to anyone planning to visit or live anywhere in Africa, particularly the Sub-saharan regions.

It brings to all, the reality of such a facinating and prevously skimmed subject, without interjecting personal belief or opinion. All facts in the book are well researched and presented.

Great textbook that can be used for reading
I took an african arts class with Poynor and he used this book and the slide images. This was a wonderful tool. I usually HATE reading art books but this one read like a recreational book. GREAT illustrations! If u would like to learn more about the culture this is definately the book to get.

It's about time
This is the most well-written, comprehensive, and lucid survey of African art available to date. I am using it as the primary text for my introduction to African art at both Princeton University and York College, CUNY and expect my students to come away with a valuable reference text that will not become outdated to quickly.

African Art at the Harn Museum: Spirit Eyes Human Hands
Published in Hardcover by University Press of Florida (T) (1995)
Author: Robin Poynor
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