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Published in Hardcover by Fedogan & Bremer (2001)
Authors: Donald Wandrei, D. H. Olson, and Les Edwards
Amazon base price: $29.00
Used price: $21.28
Collectible price: $30.71
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Moonlighting meets James Bond meets Sherlock Holmes, sort of
Donald Wandrei was one of the great pulp writers of the late 20's and early 30's. He's best known for his cosmic science fiction and his macabre horror stories, and indeed was a Weird Tales Magazine and Astounding Stories regular. The eight stories in this collection show that he could also write pulp detective fiction with the best of them. His investigator Professor I. V. "Ivy" Frost is a mix of supersleuth, inventor, scientist, and master fighter all rolled into one. Deadly, logical, courageous, and stoic like the more famous denizen of Baker Street, he is also a man with a super gadget or two up his sleeve. In addition he just happens to have a beautiful, brainy, gutsy, blonde assistant named Jean Moray, who has her own advanced degrees AND a garter belt thigh holster complete with pearl handled .25. The slyly humorous romantic/sexual tension between Frost and Moray made the stories as far as I was concerned.

The editors of Clue Magazine asked Wandrei to develop a series character in an effort to compete with the more well known hard boiled fiction of Black Mask Magazine. Wandrei's ratiocinative adventurer quickly became one of the most popular series characters in Clue's history and at one time was in line for a series of motion picture reels. Sadly these never came to pass, nor did a planned Frost novel, but the stories are still exciting and enjoyable examples of pulp mystery and mayhem. The first eight stories are published in this volume, with the remaining ten promised for a future edition. Like all the pulp stories written during this period a little "willing suspension of disbelief" is necessary, but Wandrei's quick action plots and writing take the willing reader on an exciting ride of thrills and suspense. Of these stories all are good, but I would particularly suggest the first one, "Frost", along with "The Artist of Death" and "Merry-Go-Round." However each story in this volume has it's own appeal.

Also, the gorgeous cover illustration of Frost and Moray by Les Edwards is worth the price of the book alone. I'm surprised there isn't a scan of it on the link for the book, since I think it a great selling point. One hopes that perhaps Amazon will eventually add it.

In closing I definitely recommend this book, and am eagerly looking forward to the second collection of Frost tales whenever they come out.

Imaginative and superbly written short fiction
Fans of the old-style pulp mystery/detective fiction will relish Donald Wanderi's Frost, an outstanding collection of imaginative and superbly written short fiction revolving around the adventures of Professor Frost, a picky investigator who chooses only the most challenging cases, and is aided by a beautiful female sidekick. Swift action and unpredictable plots in true pulp style mark a fine selection of of terrific and original adventures by a mastery storyteller.

Confessions of Aubrey Beardsley
Published in Paperback by Bantam Doubleday Dell ()
Author: Donald S Olson
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $5.95
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Folks, this book is awesome
Hi people!
I know this book is out of print but I think its a crime. This is the most engrossing biographical novel I've ever read. When I was done, I wanted more. Find it if you can!

How You Can Quit Work and Have the Money to Do It
Published in Hardcover by Dearborn Publishing (1982)
Author: Donald E. Olson
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $2.21
Collectible price: $10.95
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The BEST book I have ever read about personal finance
"HOW YOU CAN QUIT WORK AND HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT" is by far the best book I have read on the topic of personal finance. I purchased this book back in 1982. Not only did this book cover the practical aspects of money management and investing, but it also covered the much more important matter of developing the proper mental attitude toward personal finance and wealth accumulation. I already have reached "complete financial independence" with a net worth exceeding $200,000. The premise of this book is, "You can plan to quit your job and never have to work again -- unless you want to for the fun of it." I work at my present job "for the fun of it." However, when my work no longer is "fun," then I will walk out the door promptly.

The Narrow Way
Published in Paperback by Lighthouse Baptist Church (01 August, 1999)
Authors: John R. Olson and Dr. Donald V. Erickson
Amazon base price: $7.49
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Awesome Book .... A Must read for any Student of the Bible !
Dr. Erickson in his book "The Narrow Way" brings us back to Bible Doctrines commonly known today as Baptist Distinctives. Through diligent research and pratical application he brings to light the roots of the New Testament Church and her doctrines. I would recommend this book any student of the Bible.

Queer Corners
Published in Paperback by Bridgecity Books (1999)
Author: Donald Olson
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.98
Collectible price: $12.95
Buy one from zShops for: $14.95
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Pretty good!
I lived through Ballot Measures 8, 9 & 13. It was interesting to see those times "fictionalized", and fun to play "spot-someone-you-know".

At first it seemed fairly derivative of Tales of the City, but as I got further in the characters got more depth, and now I'm disappointed that the promised sequel doesn't seem to be out.

It made me laugh outloud, want to cry, couldn't put it down
From the very beginning I was impressed with the way the author used his words to magically transport me into the book, my mind could see with great realism the actual settings and surroundings. The characters were a great group of friends and enemies. In one chapter I openly gasped when a certian individual fell and not to give the story away felt his pain and anguish. I can't say I have had these emotions in all the other books I have read. The story may be a satire, but, when finished "the message" applies to each of us in some way.

Tales of the City redux
What an engaging read! Olson does a great job developing a quirky cast of characters who live in a gay enclave of Portland, Oregon.

I had a really tough time putting this book down once I picked it up and began reading it. It's not often that gay fiction holds my attention as well as Queer Corners.

I'm hoping that Olson rewards his readers by writing a series of books featuring this same cast of characters.

Will Work For Peace: New Political Poems
Published in Paperback by Zeropanik Press ()
Authors: Brett Axel, Sherman Alexie, Marge Piercy, Carolyn Kizer, Martin Espada, Diane di Prima, W. D. Snodgrass, Bob Holman, Peter Viereck, and Leslea Newman
Amazon base price: $13.50
Used price: $18.00
Buy one from zShops for: $25.00
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Will Work for Peace is a triumph of poetic Davids.
As one of the poets featured in Will Work for Peace, one might expect me to be a bit biased, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Most poets work in a virtual vacuum, only tenuously connected to each other by the occasional workshop or shared membership in a 'poetry society'. When Brett Axel first approached me for a submission to an anthology he was considering, the names Marge Piercy, Lyn Lifshin, Moshe Bennaroch and so many others were abstractions to me as a fledgling poet. I knew these tremendous writers were 'out there' somewhere, beating down doors with their words and keeping a struggling artform alive. But to think that someday I would ever share a credit with these dynamic modern poets would be a pipe dream at best. It is through the sincere efforts of Brett Axel that many newer voices like mine have an extraordinary opportunity to appear with Pulitzer Prize winners and other poetic heavyweights. By way of an honest review, however, I will say this- not everything in this book will be to your particular liking. I myself came across some works that did not move me in the way the author may have intended. Some imagery can be raw and visceral, using shock value in place of craft at times. But to ignore those voices would be an even more shocking turn of events, so praise be to the editor for not sacrificing his vision to a senseless conformity. As Pete Seeger so aptly put it in his quote, trying to read all these poems at one time would be like trying 'to swallow Manhattan whole'. I say to you- buy this book, read this book, but understand that it's what you do after reading this book that will ultimately define who you could be. Poetry is alive and well, and lives in the blunt pages of Will Work for Peace.

Thumbs Up
Just amazing start to finish! I like the disregard for fame used in putting the book together. That great poems got in even if they were writtenby nobodys. Look at Roger Bonair-Agard's poem on page 74. Shortly after Will Work For Peace came out he won Slam Nationals, becoming Slam Champion of 1999, which will be getting him lots of offers. But Zeropanik Press didn't need to be told he was good by an award. They could tell by his writing! Good for them and good for all of us because Will Work For Peace is a literary milestone. It's a new standard for all future anthology editors to try to live up to. Thumbs up to Brett Axel and Thumbs up to Zeropanik Press for their guts and integrty.

You have to read this book!
Brett Axel visited my Church and I bought a copy of Will Work For Peace from him, not for poetry, but because I care about working for peace. I started reading through it thinking It'd just go on my shelf and that'd be the end of it, but the book grabbed me and kept me rivited. If I had known that poetry was this alive I'd have been into poetry. I've been reading some of the poems to my friends who also didn't think poetry was important and they are saying the same thing. Fantastic! There's no way to get through this book without having your old mindsets challenged. It's funny, powerful, sad, and uplifting. A book that deserves to be read by everyone. A book that really can make the world a better place!

London for Dummies (For Dummies)
Published in Paperback by Hungry Minds, Inc (1900)
Authors: Donald Olson and for Dummies Travel
Amazon base price: $15.99
Used price: $4.44
Buy one from zShops for: $4.03
Average review score:

Good solid travel book.
London for Dummies contains a wealth of information. Information that you need before you even leave home. Just the discussion on ATM cards vs traveler's checks is worth the price of the book.

I'm leaving for London in little less than a week and this book will be going with me along with my Eyewitness Travel Guide to London. Of all of the books I've purchased about London these seem to be the most knowledgeable and interesting. The nice thing about this dummies book is that it doesn't pander to you with corny jokes as many of the Dummies series do. Just good solid informaton. I recommend it.

Real Smarties Will Take This Dummie Book With Them
In February I made my first trip to London. While I was with someone who had traveled before, it had been years between visits so this book was invaluable for both of us! The ratings for restaurants were right on! Information and ideas of places to visit were top notch (also provided times of operation, etc.) The information on how to get around, what you would need and all other information was perfect. When we needed a doctor, and our hotel was not able to help us, we referred to the guide in the book, found a wonderful service that provided a GREAT doctor who came to the hotel and took care of everything! This is a must have for any traveler. Make sure you make room to put it in your carry-on! The only complaint is the size. Not really compact enough, worth hauling around.

Don't leave home without it.
We just returned from our first trip to the U.K. and this book was a lifesaver. I bought London for Dummies several months before we left along with several other more well known guides but I ended up using this guide more than all of the others put together. The advice on customs and the VAT saved me enough money to pay for the book several times over and made my trip back through U.S. customs a breeze.

The information in this book is very well organized and easy to follow. Special tips are found all through the book and get you ready for a few things you might not expect. I found that, mostly because of this book, I was able to travel around London as if I had been there many times.

If you are about to go to London for the first time don't go without this book. Nothing can ruin a trip like getting to a new city and feeling completely lost and alone. I never had that problem and I give a lot of credit to this book for that. Study it before you leave and be ready. It is an easy and fun read and once you get to London you will be glad you took the time to be ready.

The Complete Idiot's Travel Guide to London (Complete Idiot's Travel Guide to London, 1st Ed)
Published in Paperback by MacMillan Distribution (1999)
Authors: Donald Olson and Donald Olsen
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $4.70
Collectible price: $9.95
Buy one from zShops for: $11.99
Average review score:

"Good for Starters"
While The "Complete Idiot's...." is extremely helpful in the pre-planning stage of your trip, it doesn't always work that well on the job. As a first-time European traveler the introductory chapters are particularly good. It really is designed for someone who has not a clue what they are doing. While I found its suggestions for day trips helpful in making my pre-trip planning, I did find it unhelpful in planning hotel/B&B accomodations. Because it was slightly dated it, inadvertantly, helped me get hopelessly lost when looking for Tube directions to the new "Tate Modern" Gallery. All in all a useful tool for any beginner. Just make sure to get the very latest edition and use other souces to plan your hotel/B&B arrangements.

The most used book on our trip
Of the several books we purchased for our first trip to London, this was the one we kept coming back to. It has great basic information for the first-time traveler--practical how-to information not included in the other guidebooks we had. This book is good to read before your trip. Its time estimates were very helpful in planning our itinerary.

E-Business in Education: What You Need to Know
Published in Paperback by National Association of College & (15 July, 1999)
Authors: Donald M. Norris and Mark A. Olson
Amazon base price: $20.00
Average review score:

E-Business in Education: What You Need to Know
I have learned e-bussiness (or e-commerce) for at last a month.I think that this book could help me understand the e-bussiness environment.

The Secrets of Mabel Eastlake
Published in Hardcover by A & W Pub (1983)
Author: Donald S. Olson
Amazon base price: $13.95
Average review score:

Cat's Out of the Bag
One of the most tedious books ever written, the only secret I'd like to know is what Mr. Olson subjected himself to in order to get the thing published. The book does get two points 1) for having been written and 2) for being profoundly odd. I also look forward to his next book. Not because I expect it to make a quantum leap in readability, but because the hero of Secrets is described as being lanky and handsome, with muscles he's made hard as walnuts from hours at the gym, and I have a hunch that this is what Mr. Olson looks like. No one but an egomaniac could write something like the Secrets of Mabel Eastlake and he must have a starring role in there somewhere. His picture on the back cover may be enough to induce me to pick the thing out of a remainder bin.

I received this book in 1986 and have read it over and over again. Each time, I try to pick up on certain clues which pertain to the shock ending and would continually be blown away upon finishing. I would find myself going back through the book to see if I could find just where the preludes were placed and found myself wanting to read it again right after the last page! He was able to tie bits and pieces together with such talent you would be in awe. Amazing writer, it is a shame he only wrote this book. I wish he would do more.

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