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Ask the Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World
Published in School & Library Binding by Viking Childrens Books (1999)
Authors: Howard Schwartz, David Linn, and Arielle North Olson
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The scariest stories that kids read
I think this book is good for kids that can handle very scary stories. If you do not like to read scary stories, do not read this book at all. I think that the grownups would like the story called, "The Handkerchief." I think grownups would like it because it is very scary, and I think that's what you grownups like. I think this book is appropriate for 7 to 13 year olds. I think that because I have just begun to read it this year, and I'm sure I would have liked it last year. I'm eight right now. Even though you may be older than 13, you may still like this book. The book is pretty scary. A lot of kids fight over this book at school because they think it is the greatest.

Kids will scare themselves silly with these horror stories
If you're heading to camp this summer, this might be the perfect book to read before you go. It's not a handbook or manual on survival, rather it's a compilation of 22 scary folktales to tell around the fire or during a late-night gabfest in the cabin.

Between these pages you'll encounter ghosts, witches, demons, evil eyes, giants, monsters, talking heads and other beasties from near and far, Japan to Iceland, Eastern Europe to Mexico. The sources for the tales are listed at the back of the book. Many of them come from respected regional and national archives.

Even so, the stories vary in their effectiveness and "scare factor." Some don't rise much above the level of urban legends passed around on the Internet. Others, like the title story, are true folk tales, with obvious staying power.

The stories are short, just five-six pages each. Several of them are illustrated with pencil drawings, which are moody, if not exactly scary.

Older elementary and middle school students will get a kick out of scaring themselves silly with these horror stories.

The book Ask The Bones retold by Arielle North Olson and Howard Schwart, is a great book. This book has many stories from around the world but my favorite one is called " Next- To- Kin." This story is about this boy's aunt that is very jealous if someone goes near her husband and she has a forked tongue. She can also turn into a snake but the boy does not know this. Once the aunt grabbed the boy in jealousy and stuck her fingernails in his skin. The boy went to the old man so he could heal the wound. The old man was very wise and told the boy that his aunt is really a snake women! The old man said "If you really want to see if she really is a snake women, then, when she turns into a snake cut off the tip of the tail. If she is wounded tomorrow that means she is a snake women." The old man continued " And if you see the snake skin around then burn it so the snake women could die!" That night the boy was awake for the whole night to see if the old man was right. The snake came under the door and SLASH, the boy cut of the tip of the snake's tail. The snake went back to the other room. In the morning the boy's aunt's toe was wounded and she said she needed to rest and so she did. When the boy's aunt was better, the boy went to the room she was in and found snake skin! He quickly took it and burned it in his room. ...If you want to know what happened to the boy and his uncle then read, Ask The Bones and the story "Next- To- Kin."

Noah's Cats and the Devil's Fire
Published in Hardcover by Orchard Books (1992)
Authors: Arielle North Olson, Barry Moser, and Thomas H. Wakeman
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Kat's Kind Review
The book Noah's Cats and the Devil's Fire by Arielle North Olson was quite an interesting book. It was based on the biblical myth/legend that the devil himself tried and succeeded at getting onto Noah's Ark. The devil himself went up to Noah and asked him if he could go on the ark to stay safe from the flood. Noah rejected his request and started getting the animals onto the Ark in pairs of 2. The devil with his magical powers turned himself into a mouse with fiery red eyes. The devil then jumped onto one of the lion's mane and hid there in order to get on the boat. The only reason that the devil wanted to get on the boat was to sabotage the ark and drown all the creatures. When the devil finally got onto the boat and into the feeding room he chewed through the bags of feed for the animals. When Noah came in to feed the animals and realized the food was all over the floor he just thought that someone had already fed them and left. This made the devil quite angry. Then he thought of a new plan. The devil started to chew a hole on the floor so that he would sink the ark. So what happened next? Did the devil succeed his devious plan? You will have to read the book to find out. I think that this book is a very good book for people of all ages to read. It teaches us about the things about the bible that often we don't know about.

A short but entertaining story
The beautiful illustrations make this folktale come alive; it is a wonderful addition to any child's bookshelf.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
Published in School & Library Binding by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (1987)
Authors: Arielle North Olson, Elaine Wentworth, Arielle North Olsen, and Charles L. Olson
Amazon base price: $16.95
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The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
This is a great book about how a young girl takes on the responsibility of tending to her father's work of keeping a lighthouse while he is away. This isn't the easiest job, especially since there is a horrible storm going on. The young girl is new to living on this island but she uses courage a strength to climb the many stairs to light the candles. She knows how important it is to keep the candles lit during a storm. Miranda was sick, tired, hungry and cold but she never gave up and never lost hope that her father would return. This book is a great way to teach children how other their age work so hard in times that aren't easy. This young girl demonstrates mady great qualities. She loves her father and doesn't want to let him down so she uses all her strength to take care of the lighthouse.

Courage in small packages
Hemingway defined courage as "grace under pressure". Arielle North Olson doesn't bother with a cute phrase. She writes about a courageous 10-year old girl. Miranda isn't particularly graceful. She clings to a catwalk a hundred feet above the rocks in the midst of a storm, alternately wiping her nose on her sleeve and scraping ice off the lighthouse window. She doesn't brave the wind and the cold for money, fame or glory; she knows the winter before, when a lighthouse down the coast was dark, two ships went down with all hands. It's a wonderful story. It tells your children that you don't have to be a bullfighter, a paratrooper or a firefighter (or an adult, or male, for that matter) to be brave.

If Amazon can't find it for you, check it out of your library.

Hurry Home, Grandma
Published in Paperback by E P Dutton (1993)
Authors: Arielle North Olson and Lydia Dabcovich
Amazon base price: $4.99
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Ven Deprisa, Abuela!/Hurry Home, Grandma!
Published in Paperback by Lectorum Pubns (Juv) (1985)
Author: Arielle North Olson
Amazon base price: $3.95

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