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Published in Paperback by Kregel Publications (1996)
Authors: Viggo Olsen and Jeanette Lockerbie
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May change your mind about missionaries!
This man is extraordinary! While we desire wealth, security, good health, and so much more, Vic Olsen's autobiography touches my heart as I see the tremendous passion and commitment of a Christian missionary to help the people of Bangladesh while ignoring the superficial desires of our society. His life trumps the stereotype delusional missionary of the same era portrayed in The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. You may reject his perspective that Jesus Christ is the Messiah (although he provides a logical defense), but think again what this man did because he committed his life to Jesus Christ. Is not this world better off because of this man's decision? Now, what am I going to do?

The Best Example of Medical Missionary work you can find
If you're looking to do some missionary work and your going into the medical field, this is the book for you. Viggo Olsen's story in Bangladesh is extemely inspiring and lets you see how the Father truly works through him.

Daktar II: A Decade of Miracles in Bangladesh
Published in Hardcover by Moody Publishers (1990)
Author: Viggo Olsen
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