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Twelve Years a Slave
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (1970)
Author: Solomon Northup
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A painful, enraging read in American and Louisiana history
This is the story of Solomon Northup, in his own words, a citizen of New York kidnapped in 1841 and taken to Louisiana as a slave, where he was found twelve years later on a cotton plantation near the Red River. It is a story that will break your heart as Solomon was torn away from his family for over a decade. According to a quote from 1853, when Solomon first published his memoirs, "Think of it: For thirty years a man, with all a man's hopes, fears and aspirations--with a wife and children to call him by the endearing names of husband and father--with a home, humble it may be, but still a home...then for twelve years a thing, a chattel personal, classed with mules and horses. ...Oh! it is horrible. It chills the blood to think that such are." And indeed, this story will both chill--and boil--your blood.

Fascinating Autobiography of a Free Man!
Solomon Northup was an educated literate man who worked in New York and was brutally kidnapped and sold into slavery in Louisiana. His autobiography was very detailed with skillfully painted pictures of the people and situations he encountered until at last he was freed. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Solomon Northup was also mentioned in the newly released children's historical novel, The Journal of Darien Dexter Duff, an Emancipated Slave that also takes place in Louisiana.

An Excellent Historical Narrative Everyone Should Read
In an age when most history that is presented to the masses is whitewashed or made politically correct it is quite refreshing to read a historical narrative "warts and all" about a period in American History that many want to forget about or gloss over.

Solomon Northup was an educated, free black man from upstate New York with a wife and children in the 1841 when through a chain of events ended up being kidnapped and sold into slavery. He eventually ended up deep in Louisiana and spent the next 12 years of his life there until he was rescued by a prominent citizen of his home state that knew him.

What stands out in this book to me are the descriptions of the various people he met and how they treated him from being very kind and gracious to vile and wicked. As a southerner I have often heard that slaves were basically happy and contented and this book will immediately put an end such a notion. Even the most illiterate and uneducated slave Solomon met yearned for freedom, as is human nature to do so. That being said there were several decent southern slave owners described in the book who treated their slaves well. One of them William Ford, almost certainly saved Solomon from being lynched by his new owner.

On the flip side there were many vile slave owners as well. Solomon was owned by a carpenter who mistreated him quite badly and Solomon had to fight him twice to prevent himself from being killed by his owner. After one of these fights he fled into the swamp being chased by his owner and several other slave owners with their bloodhounds. His description of the bloodhounds following him into the swamp and him seeing all of the snakes and alligators was quite interesting. Solomon, beside being literate was blessed with a great deal of "street" smarts and common sense. He knew how to evade the dogs when they chased him into the swamp. The aforementioned William Ford saved Solomon from the carpenter's wrath after this episode.

Solomon then went on to spend the rest of his time in captivity with another brutal slave owner. This owner was drunk half the time and continually mistreated all of his slaves. Solomon's rescue came when a Canadian drifter who worked as a laborer agreed to mail a rescue note to Solomon's home town. A few months later Solomon was rescued by a prominent gentlemen from his native New York and was reunited with his family.

This book was fascinating reading and moved at a rapid pace. Most of the books I read I never bother to write a review on unless I found them to be a good read and this is a good read!

If you want to read about slavery as it was and not in glossed over terms or political correct terms then this book is for you. The truth what a concept!

An American Story: The Odyssey of Solomon Northup
Published in Audio Cassette by Masterbuy Audio Books (2002)
Authors: Solomon Northup and Northup Solomon
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In Chains to Louisiana: Solomon Northup's Story,
Published in School & Library Binding by E P Dutton (1971)
Author: Michael. Knight
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $4.97
Collectible price: $7.88
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Puttin' On Ole Massa: The Slave Narratives of Henry Bibb, William Wells Brown, and Solomon Northup
Published in Paperback by Harpercollins College Div (1969)
Amazon base price: $
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Solomon Northup's Twelve Years a Slave: 1841-1853
Published in Paperback by Pelican Pub Co (1998)
Author: Sue Eakin
Amazon base price: $11.17
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Used price: $10.00
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Twelve Years a Slave 1841-1853 (Jewels from the Past)
Published in Paperback by Everett Co Pub (1990)
Authors: Solomon Northup, Sue,Dr. Eakin, Sue L. Eakin, W. A. Dean, and Soloman Northup
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $6.99
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Twelve Years a Slave: Excerpts from the Narrative of Solomon Northup (Book, 3 Cssts)
Published in Paperback by San Francisco Study Center (1992)
Authors: Solomon Northup and Alice Lucas
Amazon base price: $25.00
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