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Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America
Published in Hardcover by Pennsylvania State Univ Pr (Txt) (April, 1999)
Author: Marianne Sophia Wokeck
Amazon base price: $66.00
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A Definitive Work on a Much Neglected Subject
As an amateur genealogist and family researcher I have had many questions on the mechanics of how my ancestors made their voyage from Nassau (Germany) to Pennsylvania in the 18th Century. Most sources skip over these details. However, to understand the challenge they faced, one must know these details. Wokeck has mastered many documentary sources on both sides of the Atlantic to provide the definative answers to such questions. She also explores how these early mass migrations of Germans and Irish provided a model for the later and better known 19th Century migrations. To understand how we became Americans all of use must understand the immigrant experience. That experience began with the subject of this book: the development of the transportation of European migrants into a successful business enterprise. It began small, sporadic, and experimental and became a mass commercial enterprise which was both efficient and profitable. The text and the cited sources are invaluable. I was exhilarated after reading it. It has renewed my enthusiasm for my research at a time it was in the doldrums. Any person with a 'Palatine' ancestry should consider this a 'must read.'

Also recommended: A Tide of Alien Tongues, Marrianne Wokeck (1982)

A great book for those interested in the Pennsylvania Dutch
A few years back I got curious about my family name (again). I have asked dozens of linguists about this name, and I basically got educated guesses that were wrong. When I finally found the truth, I found that there were two original Puterbaugh immigrant ancestors. Mine was named George Puterbaugh, and he arrived in the U.S. a little while before the American Revolution. The family name has many variations (Butterbaugh, Putterback, Putterbaugh, etc.) -- but they all derive from a German place name, a town named Puderbach in the German Rhine lands. If you have read this far :-) then you probably have some interest in this area of history. If you do, then you should most definitely buy and read this book and pass it on to your children. It's the only book on the subject! It's good! Just as an example: I already knew that George Puderbach arrived in Philadelphia on a ship called the "Two Brothers" whose captain was James Arnott. NOW I also know that Shoemaker and Co. were the merchants who sold old George into indentured servitude. And there is a distinct possibility that old George ran away, because he showed up very soon in nearby Maryland, the most common escape haven for such folks. And the map shows the Great Wagon Road he may have run along! If you're interested in "Pennsylvania Dutch" (i.e. Deutsch = German) genealogy, this book is a MUST!

The fascinating mechanics of early immigration.
How did tens of thousands of Germans and Irish arrive in America before the War for Independence?

How did they decide on the journey? What factors turned their heads westward instead of to the eastern settlement schemes of Prussia, or the Austrian or Russian empires? Where did they get their advice from? Who led the Germans down the Rhine? How were they collected for trans-Atlantic shipment? Which middlemen profited from (or exploited) the "trade in strangers"? What were the costs of their passage? How were they received in the valley of the Delaware?

This scholarly book addresses the earliest trans-Atlantic mass migration to North America - those immigrants from southwestern Germany and northern Ireland who arrived prior to 1775. It answers the above questions and many more.

Our immigrant ancestors didn't just jump on a boat one day and arrive in the New World many weeks later without an entire system of personal and commercial contacts, information flows, and market forces to facilitate their passage. The huge influx of Germans prior to the Revolution followed a very complex chain of immigration which ensured that ships sailing to Philadelphia from ports in Holland carried "Redemptioners" rather than mere ballast. This book is primarily focused on their experiences.

The later and lesser pre-1775 Irish immigration differed significantly from the German experience both in immigrant composition and geographic mix between the northern counties and the southern counties of Ireland. Elements of the both the German immigrant trade and the Irish immigrant trade prior to the Revolution set the pattern for all later migration in the 1800s.

If you have Palatine, Swiss, or other German ancestors who landed in Philadelphia prior to 1775, this work is a fascinating study in understanding what they were up against - the "system" that moved them and the challenges they faced within that system.

Using both first-hand accounts and statistical analysis of diverse sources and studies, "Trade in Strangers" is an excellent way to understand early German and Irish immigration into the New World. Its focus is primarily the German immigration into the port of Philadelphia but it does mention why other destinations in America were less successful at attracting these immigrants. The smaller Irish immigration prior to 1775 is dealt with to a lesser extent and is mostly used as contrast for comparison to the simultaneous German immigration.

The elements of the system of immigration to America which were to remain constant until at least 1924 are highlighted because they were first used to channel these two early immigrant streams from Germany and Ireland.

This is a thoroughly-researched and well-written book. Historians of the American colonial experience, students of immigration, and family historians may all profit from reading this.

Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit
Published in Hardcover by Atheneum (October, 1986)
Author: Marianne Gingher
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $0.74
Collectible price: $1.06
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I first read "Bobby Rex" some 12 years ago at the tender age of 12. At that time, it was one of the first non-classic grown-up books I'd read, and I found myself unable to believe that someone could capture such simplicity and depth in single sentences. I loved the book so much I even stole a copy of it from the local library (don't worry, i've more than payed for it in overdue fines throughout the years) because I couldn't stand the thought that someone else would check it out and never return it. But I digress... Why is it such a beautiful book? Because it speaks sweet, insightful and often hilarious volumes without falling all over itself the way so many writers do these days. It's the sort of book you read and then sit back and think, God, I could write that... because it's just like someone relating stories to you. Its the tale of a young girl, Pally Thompson, who over the course of 3 or 4 years discovers the truths and myths about those people with whom she surrounds herself. -- Marianne Gingher does an absolutely brilliant job of painting smalltown lives and loves during the latter part of the 1950's. She treats her characters, all of them (even those who may not deserve it) with respect and dignity. Never sacrificing even a single word, she allows her characters to grow and breathe and, perhaps most importantly, to learn. "Bobby Rex" is a novel of discovery. Rich and honest and oozing with charm.

On the Road With Poppa Whopper (North-South Paperback)
Published in Paperback by North South Books (November, 1997)
Authors: Marianne Busser, Ron Schroder, Hans De Beer, J. Alison James, and Hans De Beer
Amazon base price: $5.95
Used price: $5.04
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This is a funny, very appealing story.
On the Road with Poppa Whopper is a treat. Almost believable adventures lure even the most die-hard readers to participate in Frannie and Poppa's journey. A cut above the ho-hum early readers for kids.

The Languages of Native North America
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (November, 1999)
Author: Marianne Mithun
Amazon base price: $90.00
Used price: $78.57
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A Great Linguistic Reference
This book is chock full of linguistic information about the many diverse Amerindian languages and has an excellent bibliography. My only regret is that it includes almost nothing on Amerindian sociolinguistics. It would probably be difficult and dry reading for people not already interested in linguistics; most of the book is fairly technical.

The astonishing diversity of human speech
People who are interested in unusual languages, like myself, probably have some familiarity with Marc Okrand's Klingon, created to be the speech of an alien race. This artificial language throws in some less than common sounds, and creates a somewhat unusual syntax, and attempts to sell the result as the speech of an alien race.

A few minutes with this book will suggest to the reader who takes an interest in these things that Klingon is a profound failure. Here we have a record of people here on Earth who have created alternative linguistic structures that are even more unfamiliar to English speakers. This book will open your mind to the astonishing variety of ways human verbal communication can be categorised and organised. We have languages with no clear distinction between nouns and verbs, and languages that can give tense and conditionality to adjectives. We have languages that use different pronouns for a 'we' that includes the person being addressed, and a 'we' that excludes that person.

For a reader with interests in these matters, this will be a fascinating, if somewhat dry, read. Your joy at being introduced to this fascinating variety will be tempered, though, by the ever-present elegiac note in these pages. Literally hundreds of these tongues are still spoken only by a handful of aging people; hundreds more have gone silent.

Great reference
Marianne Mithun is *the* expert on Native American languages. This book is an excellent resource for grad students, undergrads, professors, and anyone else interested in the languages of the Americas. Mithun describes in detail language phenomena and language families, and includes an extensive bibliography in case you can't find what you're looking for in this book.

King Bobble (North-South Paperback)
Published in Paperback by North South Books (15 September, 1999)
Authors: Marianne Busser, De Beer H., Ron Schroder, Hans De Beer, and J. Alison James
Amazon base price: $5.95
Used price: $2.75
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Short and Silly Stories About a Silly King and Queen
The book contains 10 short stories about the silly antics of King Bobble and Queen Bobble. The funny stories will have children giggling over the absurdity, along with the wonderful illustrations. The king is rather pompous and self-centered, as one would expect of a king, I suppose. But he always says "please" when making silly requests of his staff. The stories are just the right length for a quick story before bedtime. Everyone is polite and the characters are more like children play-acting as being king and queen. Enjoyable!

Ragged Bear (North-South Paperback)
Published in Paperback by North South Books (November, 1998)
Authors: Brigitte Weninger, Alan Marks, Marianne Martens, and Brifitte Weninger
Amazon base price: $6.95
Used price: $1.90
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Beautiful Illustrations!
The text in Ragged Bear is short and simple. It is about an old bear who is played with, but is not the favorite toy. Then, being left at the park one day gives him a new lease on life with someone who rightfully gives him the same kind of love that he had always given to others. This sweet story is accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations that bring out the most sensitive qualities of this book. The artwork alone is worth purchasing this book if you are a teddy bear lover who appreciates fine illustrations of teddy bears, but it is also an appropriate story for the youngest teddy bear lovers.

America's Prairies and Grasslands: Guide to Plants and Animals
Published in Paperback by Fulcrum Pub (01 September, 2001)
Author: Marianne D. Wallace
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.78
Buy one from zShops for: $11.00
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The geoscientific information system for the North Montreal region
Published in Unknown Binding by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada : available from Printing and Pub. Supply and Services Canada ()
Author: Marianne Kugler-Gagnon
Amazon base price: $
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Indian masterpieces from the Walter and Marianne Koerner Collection in the Museum of Anthropology, The University of British Columbia
Published in Unknown Binding by University of British Columbia Press ()
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $12.00
Collectible price: $13.22
Average review score:
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King Arthur, north-by-northwest : the matière de Bretagne in Old Norse-Icelandic romances
Published in Unknown Binding by C.A. Reitzels Boghandel ()
Author: Marianne E. Kalinke
Amazon base price: $
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