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The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu : The Commander of the Entebbe Rescue Operation
Published in Hardcover by Gefen Books (2001)
Author: Jonathan Netanyahu
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Inspirational... an unadulterated, human perspective
I was recently introduced to this work by a friend who took a curious interest in my decision to leave a career in securities and investments for a position with the humanitarian arm of the military. More than any military or political aspects of the book, I was profoundly impressed with the maturity, strength, and convictions of Mr. Netanyahu as an individual. His wisdom and fortitude and pride for his country are outweighed only by the depth of love for his family. What a fresh perspective juxtaposed with the persona of contemporary Western adolescents!

Great life in letters
I read this book about 20 years ago. Back then I wanted to buy a few copies to give to my relatives and could not find it. I am glad it is printed again.
Jonathan lived a short but tremendous life. He died for his people and his ideas. It is amazing to see a young man, when he was a teenager, and being so patriotic.
This should be a required reading in schools across America. May be his role model will instill in the young (and old) love for their country and sacrifice.

Self-Portrait of a Hero: From the Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu, 1963-1976
Published in Paperback by Warner Books (1998)
Authors: Jonathan Netanyahu, Binyamin Netanyahu, Ido Netanyahu, Johathan Netanyahu, Iddo Netanyahu, and Johnathan Netanyahu
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A straight forward account of a hero
Entering the mind of a man endowed with talent and strong will is a fascinating journey. The reader is introduced to the personality of Yoni Netanyahu in a most open fashion by reading his letters. That the author of these letters is a man blessed with the skill of forthright expression makes it easier to understand Yoni Netanyahu. As I read the book I could almost feel his joys, agonies, and the strength of his will to contribute to the world he lives in, in general, and the state he loves, in particular. To be fair, in this book a plot is missing. Faced with the collection Yoni's letters arranged chronologically, the reader is deprived of the order that can be found in the usual storyline, and must do without the stage, props, and other fiction employed by most novelists to enhance a plot. What is offered to the reader instead is an open book, the man as he is. The reader is left free to trace the natural growth in the personality of Yoni as he and his relationships age. No painted canvas is offered as background to character and events aside from the course of history as witnessed and acted upon by an elite soldier in Israel's army.

compulsory reading....find out the true meaning of HERO !
having read this book many times over and will continue to read it again and again and discovering more & more about a national hero

Great book. Fantastic insight to life in the Israeli Army.
This book gives the reader a great insight into life in the Israeli army from the inside. Johnathon Netanyahu is a real hero, not a plastic hollywood screen actor. A man of great intelligence (top 1% at Harvard), Johnathon faces not only life and death through his exploits in the Israeli army, but also life's day to day problems we all face.

A man cut down in his prime doing what he kows best, saving others was his mission in life. He questioned what he was doing, what Israel was doing, and what the future would bring.

Johnathon unwittingly wrote this book - not knowing that his personal letters would become the basis for this book.

I read this book over 5 years ago, and it is testament to the power Johnathon held that I can still recall these things from memory.

Top notch. Get it and you won't be able to put it down.

Self-Portrait of a Hero
Published in Paperback by Ballantine Books (1981)
Author: Jonathan Netanyahu
Amazon base price: $3.50
Used price: $1.99
Collectible price: $11.85
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