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The Origins of the Inquisition in Fifteenth Century Spain
Published in Hardcover by Random House (1995)
Authors: Benzion Netanyahu and Benjamin Netanyahu
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The Best
The definitive book on the Inquisition is B. Netanyahu's The Origins of the Inquisition. This work goes back to the 6th century BCE and traces the destructive path of anti-Semitism and xenophobia all the way to Spain. One of the main points of this book is stating how most of the Conversos were good Christians and not heretics. This book also makes known how most of the hatred for Jews and later New Christians came from the lowest classes who felt socially, politically, religiously, and most importantly economically threatened by these supposedly alien people. It is also worth mentioning that Netanyahu believes that the hatred of the New Christians stemmed from RACISM; first for the Jews and then for their descendants, the sociopolitical jealousies only stoked the underlying fire. Netanyahu also demonstrates how the Morranos were caught in the middle a power struggle between monarchic supremacy and nobiliar and urban aristocratic independence. This work is worth your time and will add to your edification.

THE history of the inquisition in spain
this encycolpedic oeuvre is almost overwhelming in its sheer scale; however, the attention to detail is necessary in order to understand how this horrifying portion of liturgical history developed. social contexts and authentic resources make this a very thorough history of the inquisition as it was experienced in spain. i only wish i could find an equally thorough treatment of the inquisition in italy and france. a very revealing work for the lay person who wants to know more about liturgical history, the woman's place in medieval social order, and the development of the social relationships among medieval spanish christians, jews, and muslims.

Don Isaac Abravanel Statesman and Philosopher
Published in Paperback by Jewish Publication Society (1972)
Authors: Benzion Netanyahu and Benjamin Netanyahu
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Biography of a Jew whose Influence far exceeds his Fame
Don Isaac Abravenel lived at the juncture of the Medieval and the Renaissance, and through the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. His writings help preserve the Jews through this troubled time, but also delayed the resettlement of the Land of Israel.

Ben-Zion Netanyahu (father of the hero of Entebbe, and of the recent Israeli PM) first tells of the life of Abravenel, and then discusses his outlook and religion. This unusual treatment works very well. Netanyahu first introduces us to the attitudes and assumptions of the people who lived at the time, which are so often very different than our own, and then discusses how Abravenel fit into, or differed from, that zeitgeist. By building step by step -- World Outlook, View of History, Political Concepts, and finally Messianism, the author educates us about Abravenel's world, as well as his beliefs. I was surprised at Abravenel's prediction that the coming of the Messiah would be immediately preceded by a war between Christians and Moslems.

The endnotes, bibliography, and index are all very helpful.

[This review is based on the original 1953 edition.]

A Durable Peace: Israel and Its Place Among the Nations
Published in Hardcover by Warner Books (2000)
Authors: Benjamin Netanyahu and Binyamin Netanyahu
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Forceful argument for the right-wing Israeli position
Benjamin Netanyahu is one of Israel's best public relations assets: his style of speaking and writing is totally in synch with American culture. His positions are admittedly biased toward the Zionist side, but his arguments are very logically laid out in a straightforward manner, with an ironic sense of humor. He doesn't waste time with emotional, philosophical diatribes against the other side, which one finds so much in writings about the Middle East, but simply describes the facts. One comes away with an appreciation for how ridiculous the pre-1967 borders were from the standpoint of military defense, and how those borders were the result of a pause in the ongoing war between Israelis and surrounding Arab countries. The reason the Arabs don't have a state in the West Bank is that the Arab countries refused to allow one to be established when they controlled that territory! All they wanted was to destroy the state of Israel, and this hasn't really changed, despite what some Arabs might say to the Western press. Just read about what they say to their fellow Arabs back home! It's clear after reading this book that if you accept the state of Israel in Palestine, you can't ask Israel to simply withdraw to the pre-1967 borders, for that would be suicide. Netanyahu also makes the useful point that Jordan was part of Palestine, and that this should be considered when judging whether Israel controls too large a portion of Palestine.
The shortcoming of the book is that Netanyahu glosses over the terrible injustice done to the Palestinian Arabs by Britain at the creation of Israel and the continuing injustice of Israel's treatment of Arabs within Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The despicable record of Arabs with regard to human rights and terrorism does not negate the wrongs done by Israel and Britain. The Arab countries are just as much to blame, but Israel and Britain must share the responsibility. The Arabs displaced from the tiny portion of Palestine required for Israel should not just be regarded as nonentities.

A Commanding Authority On Israel's Position
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu compiles a history of the developments in Israel to make a clear, almost obvious, picture of the issues Israel faces in its conflicts. It is not enough that Israel has built a nation against all odds that is the sole model of a successful democracy in the Middle East; it still faces intended annihilation from fundamentalist regimes that are today unfettered by even the restraint of the old Soviet empire. Radical regimes are actively seeking nuclear weaponry to exterminate the great Zionist experiment.

The book makes an excellent reference work on the current Middle East politics. The Maps and Appendixes pinpoint the logic of the requirements to assure Israel's peace and security.

Netanyahu's writing is clear and intelligent. His perspectives are from the common soldier and citizen to the top power structures. His knowledge goes beyond the events and the people; offering clarity to differences in politics and culture and how they affect the solution to a durable peace.

While sharply analyzing the issues and Israel's successes, his most important point is that it is not enough for Israel to win militarily; they must also win politically. Israel has done poorly on this front compared to the Arab countries and the Palestinians. It probably explains Netanyahu's frequent appearances on US TV and media forums. This book successfully debunks so many of the myths of the Palestinian and Israeli issues we have come to accept as fact in much of the western press.

For those who support Israel's right to exist and want to have a commanding authority on the history and realities to assure their security, you will not find a better source.

Netanyahu at his best!
One cannot be near Benjamin Netanyahu without the feeling of being in the presence of greatness. There can be little doubt, that in the annals of history, the former Israeli Prime Minister will be remembered as one of the great leaders of our time.

In typical fashion, Netanyahu takes the reader to the point, quickly and decisively. The truth is meticulously outlined and even ardent detractors would be challenged to find one word of this fine work to be disputable and not based on fact.

Whether you are an avid follower of the problems in the Middle East, or if you can't even locate Israel on a map, but want to find out the truth about what is going on in Israel, this book is a must read. This may well be Mr. Netanyahu's best book yet.

Netanyahu: The Road to Power
Published in Hardcover by Birch Lane Pr (1998)
Authors: Ben Caspit, Ilan Kfir, and Ora Cummings
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $10.00
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Bibi, will we see you again?
This book is a great book on the former PM of Israel. It gives an inside look into his life and gives the reader a close up of the Israel political scene and how things are done. At times, it also steps into his bedroom and examines his relationship with his wife, at times giving the reader details that Netanyahu probably would not want made public. He was and still is an important man in Israeli politics and the role he will play in the future, if any, is still unknown, but this biography is the only book on him available in the US. It is written so well that there is no need for any other and if you want an inside look at the man known as "Bibi" or you just want to learn more about Israeli politics, pick up this book.

Fascinating and Insightful Book
A fascinating and compelling book, whick brings to light the personality and political motivations of one of Israel's most controversial leaders. As you read about Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu's early life you can't help to have some admiration for the man. How he overcame obstacles and possessed a vibrant determination in his youth is inspiring. It also helps explain many mysteries about the Netanyahu and his political views. It also contains many interesting tidbits about Netanyahu's personal life and his three wives, and his tendency to be unfaithful. An all around facsinating and entertaining books whichs finally explains Benjamin Netanyahu, and inspires one at the same time. If you are interested in the middle east,politics, or judaism I strongly recommend this book!

An excellent book.
This is a well written book on Binyamin Netanyahu. It provides anyone interested it the Middle East a basic understanding of Mr Netanyahu. Reading this book helped give me a better understanding of where he stands on certain issues.

Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists
Published in Paperback by Noonday Press (1997)
Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
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Hard solutions for a deadly problem
As a former Naval Counter-terrorism analyst, I look for books that provide factual material without a sugarcoating of political ideology. Prime Minister Netanyahu has well accomplished this feat within this book. By using both personal experience and historical perspective, PM Netanyahu provides a step by step program for the isolation and eventual defeat of terrorist organizations. He provides heretofore unknown facts that gives an insight into the mindset of the terrorists and those that fight them. This book is a 'must read' for any student of International Politics, Terrorism, those wishing to learn the truth of international terrorism

Explains why the US is a friend to Israel
This book is an excellent introduction to the way Israel views and intends to deal with Arab terror. Netanyahu's immense experience in dealing with terror gives him an authority on the subject. After the tragedy of 9/11, this account is especially relevant for Americans. Since Israel is at the receiving end of the same terrorism which targets America, this book will explain to many Americans why Israel is such a crucial ally in the current war on terror and appreciate her moral high ground in the midst of a sea of dictatorship, human rights abuses, and Islamic fundamentalism.

Reading the review of "a reader" from New York, I wish to note a few things. First, the book is published in 1997, so only somebody who does not respect truth and wishes to DECEIVE OTHERS can say that the author "attepts to capitalize on 911." Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I understand "911" happened in 2001... Next, I had a good laugh out of the fact that a certain nationality in the Middle East is compared to an "old lady." This "old lady" brought down two large towers in Manhattan and daily dismembers Israeli children. And in her youth she initiated 4 very modern wars to snuff out the remains of the Jewish race. The review of "a reader" is a case study in how FACTS seems to be COMPLETELY DISREGARDED when the topic is the Middle East. This ignorance and hypocrisy is quite dangerous since it appeals to the worst in human nature.

Netanyahu offers a guiding light to the nations afflicted by terrorism. This book is a must for anyone seeking a strong and authoritative voice on terrorism and how it must be fought.

Faces the problem head on! Highly recommended.
A first class book befitting the present climate following the September 11th terrorist attacks upon the US and the Palestinian terrorist upsurge against Israeli civilians in the Mid-East.

Most people will be aware of Benjamin Netanyahu's history as a former Prime Minister of Israel, but few are aware of his service as a soldier in an elite anti-terrorist unit in the Israeli army. Netanyahu having considerable experience of fighting terrorism on the diplomatic, political and also military battlefields.

Netanyahu pulls no punches in his direct, vigorous assault upon terrorism. This latest edition being published since the aforementioned terrorist attacks and includes reference and comment in relation to them.

Anti-terrorism measures voiced by Netanyahu are weighed against the question of civil liberties and he also projects his views on the rise of Militant Islam and the nuclear threat provided by terrorist entities.

The author candidly and honestly declares his opinion that, what is at stake today in facing the present upsurge of terrorism and fundamentalism, is nothing less than the survival of our civilisation. He advocates that any such talk in apocalyptic terms which might have been irrelevant exaggeration some ten years ago, is now becoming an accepted fact of life.

Despite such a shocking affirmation, the former Israeli PM expresses confidence that the threat can be successfully tackled if the enormous reserves of power and facilities at the disposal of the West are appropriately and quickly marshalled.

Netanyahu believes that no international terrorism can flourish without the support of sovereign states. He maintains that the latter train, arm and indoctrinate the terrorists within safe havens provided by these regimes, who more often than not share their agendas, dispatching these groups or individuals to serve as their proxies of terror.

The views of the author have been proved true and accurate time and time again as the 'war against terrorism' continues.

One need look no further than Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories. Fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups are granted freedom to operate and receive the financial and political support from all these entities. Not to mention Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Arafat's rule in the Palestinian autonomous areas has seen the freedom and approval for the running of summer camps in Gaza where Palestinian children are openly seen receiving training to become suicide bombers, with undisguised instruction in the merits of martyrdom and the methods of murder. Yet the world looks on with apparent or wilful impotence.

The author proclaims that 'the success of terrorists in one part of the terror network emboldens terrorists throughout the network'. Enough said.

Netanyahu adds that such small groups and
individuals '...nullify in large measure the need to have air power or intercontinental missiles as delivery systems for an Islamic nuclear payload, as...they will be the delivery system'.

The world would be foolish to ignore such a warning and it's potential consequences, especially with the hindsight of September 11th.

The author asks the question, " we rally to defeat this evil, while there is still time, or do we press a collective snooze button and go back to business as usual ?"

He continues to assert that, whilst the fight against terrorism might inflict some innocent civilian casualties, this in itself does not constitute a 'terrorism' of it's own, as some would argue.

Such casualties,he states, are entirely unintentional,indeed regrettable, but are tragedies by comparison and appropriate measures must be taken to minimise them.

To the contrary, terrorists do not unintentionally harm civilians! They deliberately murder, maim and menace fact as many as conceivably possible!

It is Netanyahu's opinion that NOTHING can justify terrorism. No cause, grievance or agenda, irrespective of the opponent, state or race.

He asserts that any cause that uses terrorism to advance it's aims must NOT be rewarded, or seen to be rewarded...or accepted.

The recent climate of trying to equate or describe some terrorists as 'freedom fighters' is like a cancer to such commendable anti-terror standards. Those promoting such a questionable policy must have their own agendas closely scrutinised, as they perhaps have a 'goal' of their own.

The author quite rightly affirms that the situation cannot be dismissed that a militant terrorist state could SOON use it's 'proxies' to threaten or even launch a nuclear, chemical or biological attacks with apparent impunity.

Nor can the prospect be ignored that a militant regime would commit 'collective suicide' for the sake of a fanatical ideology. Such a scenario would inflict hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of civilian casualties.

Therefore the author is clear in his stand that EVERYTHING must be done to prevent such regimes (eg. Iraq, Iran) from developing such weapons or neutralising those already in their possession. Netanyahu suggests that a coalition be built around this very mission.

Although not a large book, (some 150 pages in the paperback version), it packs a considerable punch. Highly recommended read !

A Place Among the Nations: Israel and the World
Published in Hardcover by Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd) (1993)
Authors: Binyamin Netanyahu and Benjamin Netanyahu
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $6.75
Collectible price: $44.95
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A Place Among the Nations: Israel and the World
I thoroughly enjoyed Netanyahu's review of Israeli history. He started with God's promise to Abraham and ended with the Persian Gulf War. I appreciated a native Israeli's perspective and insight instead of biased Western press. I'd like everyone in the White House to read it, hopefully it would change some policies!

Walking the Walk: Israel in the Middle East
In the wake of the 9-11 attacks, it's clear that the Western democracies have something to fear from Middle Eastern terrorism. Unfortunately, the democracies were content to ignore indications elsewhere in the world that the century-old policy of being nice to terrorists would fail. In this book, Benjamin Netanyau uses his powers of persuasion to insure that the Western world understands Israel's position with regard to the Arab countries and its often misunderstood position among the Western alliances. The former prime minister pulls no punches in tracing the history of Israel and the Arab countries. The result is fascinating, fact-filled reading, removed from the litany of clichés generally employed in describing tensions in the region.
Israel never was much appreciated in "Palestine", not since the Romans crushed and expelled them in the year 73 BCE. It was the Romans, says the author, who gave the name 'Palestine' to the areas inhabited by Jew and Arab in the ancient world. The name was a corruption of the word 'Philistine', and was stamped upon the Jews after they were vanquished to extinguish their Hebrew identity. The vanquished Jews, dispersed to the ends of the earth and persecuted to near extinction, yearned always for a return to their ancient homeland. When the Zionist movement accelerated in the early part of the 20th century, the Arabs began a reign of terror which extends into the present and can be witnessed on the nightly news with the bombing of pizza parlors, bat mitzvahs, public markets , shopping malls, and other civilian targets. Yet in one of the most surprising reversals in history, it is the Arabs who are the subject of the world's sympathy. It is the success of the Arab propaganda campaign that Netanyahu attempts to counter in this hard-hitting book.
The PLO can hijack and bomb airliners (Entebbe, an unsuccessful high jacking where the author's brother was killed) and even whole countries (Lebanon) and yet the world continues to speak in cliché of "Israeli aggression" , the "occupied territories", and the "brutality of the Israeli military". The Israelis were widely condemned for "aggression" against Iraq when they bombed and destroyed Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor in 1981, well before Saddam invaded Kuwait and engaged in war against the US In spite of current US worries, no retractions have yet been issued for these condemnations, though all the Western world breathes a sigh of relief until the next time Saddam has nuclear resources at his disposal, probably soon. The sum total of the "brutal Israeli bombing attack" on Saddam's reactor? One dead. Sum total of lives that might have been saved by destroying Iraq's reactor? Unknown, but Saddam used poison gas against the Kurds so go figure. After the US rescued Kuwait, that country expelled thousands of Palestinian Arabs who were living there. Did anyone complain of "Kuwaiti brutality" or speak of a separate Palestinian state in Kuwait for those Palestinians? For that matter, Palestinian-Arabs already have their own country: Jordan. The PLO actually is asking for two Palestinian states, says Netanyahu.
The book is full of facts which the West doesn't bother about in exerting pressure upon Israel. Offered a separate Palestinian state in 1948, the Palestinian Arabs said "no" just as Arafat and the PLO said "no" to a recent generous Israeli offer which would have gotten 95 percent of the West Bank and Gaza for a Palestinian-Arab state.
Does it bother anyone that several Arab nations were established by the same United Nations which assisted Israel? Does it bother anyone that the Arabs would not fight for their own liberation during the first world war and left all the fighting and dying to the Jews, the British and the US? Does it bother anyone that the Arab Grand Mufti of Jerusalem went to Hitler and Goebbels offering assistance in destroying the Jews? That even while Jews were being systematically murdered in Europe, the Arabs terrorized the British and other powers in the region in the hope of stopping Jews from saving themselves by retreating to the Jewish National Homeland?
And what about the tiny country itself? With only five million Israelis, approximately one million of whom are Arabs with Israeli citizenship, why does the very existence of this country threaten its gargantuan Arab neighbors? And while Israel confers citizenship on its Arab population, why is it against the law for Jews to live in Arabia, or Jordan? And why does the West condemn apartheid unless it occurs in the Middle East? Apparently there is very little to bother anyone, unless it involves the Jews acting in their own defense in the present struggle to survive three wars, continuous aggressions, terror bombings, and though Netanyahu scarcely mentions it, anti-Semitism.
Yet for all that, Netanyahu understands how intricately the dream of Israel is tied into the fortunes of the western democracies and moderate Arabs. Israel itself is the only democracy in the region, surrounded by an Arab world of autocrats, dictators, despots, and terrorists. Netanyahu praises Arab moderates and statesmen throughout the book and urges further resistance to the destructive undertow of Islamic fundamentalism and terror. Sadat of Egypt saw the wisdom of peace with Israel. He was assassinated by Moslem extremists. The presidents of Lebanon, and the former ruler of Jordan were also assassinated. The chain of political murder and religious assassinations extends throughout the course of Arab history, from Muslim beginnings in the 7th century. Indeed, the Prophet Mohammed is said to have beheaded nine hundred Jewish males who resisted conversion to Islam.
This book is a challenge to one's thinking. It's voluminous and illuminating, one of the best things I've read about the region. Netanyahu is a brilliant historian and an informed political leader. This is an important book, a bright light in the dark night of terror descended upon the world.


Terrorism: How the West Can Win
Published in Hardcover by Farrar Straus & Giroux (1986)
Authors: Benjamin Netanyahu and Binyamin Netanyahu
Amazon base price: $18.95
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Absurd diatribe - intellectually low brow political theory
This Netanyahu book contains several essays on the subject of "terror" - which Netanyahu defines as the "sytamatic murder or maiming of innocents to inspire fear for political means". A pretty good definition bibi for... * The foundation of the state of Israel, * The current illegal occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, * The 22 year internationally condemned invasion of Lebanon.

All the examples of terror can be applied to Bibi's Israel with ease. He comes from a state which gives 1 million arabs unequal rights, and further 2 million in the occupied territories NO rights - The simplistic, and racist overtures in this book of lies, are sickining. The descriptions of Palestinians as "a malign cancer that must be removed", and references this "new breed of humankind", which shows "no mercy, or remorse" is a dehumanising catchcry to delegitisime any opposition to rightwing polemics like Netanyahu. Netanyahu makes an emotive and reactionary arguement that lacks substance and insight - he offers few facts, many falsehoods, and not much else. A very poor effort.

The Answer to Terrorism

Netanyahu and the many contributors to this volume provide a detailed analysis of what terrorism is, it's causes, history and the proper response. Though I do not agree with everything in this book, it does provide one of the best analyses of terrorism available...and that's exactly why terrorist sympathizers don't want you to read it.

If the leaders of countries victimized by terrorism had implemented the measures advocated in this volume, terrorism would be doomed and the vicious attack on the US on Black Tuesday would never have happened.

Terror can be stopped !!
This is a very reasoned and well constructed book about terror. In his Book Netanyahu shatters the myths that present terror has created and present to the reader the steps that would stop it.

International Terrorism: Challenge and Response
Published in Paperback by Transaction Pub (1982)
Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $12.95
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Published in 1995 before he became the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu begins this book with a most rational and considered perspective, but by mid-way the discussion degenerates into historically "enemy" bashing. Possibly written to muster "hard-line" support for the election, this book unfortunately adds little to the debate, even though it would be hard to argue that he is not one of the leading contributors to the topic.

Terrorism now and what to do about it.
I started this book because I wanted to try to understand terrorism. I got much more than that. Mr. Netanyahu describes with great passion what he personally has experienced, including the loss of his brother, from terrorists strategy and tactics. This book is an easy read, but I found myself constantly stopping and thinking and feeling how we Americans would respond if we had been terrorized as long as Israel has. Over & over you see where we have been negligent in our intelligence and preparation for the defense of America for the hate crimes that have been perpetrated against us as against Israel. You don't have to be pro-Israel or anti-Israel to enjoy this book. I have bought many copies to get my friends and relatives to read to see what we, as Americans, will have to face for many years as we try to eliminate terrorism in the world.

Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism
Published in Audio CD by Blackstone Audiobooks (2002)
Authors: Benjamin Netanyahu and Jeff Riggenbach
Amazon base price: $18.17
List price: $25.95 (that's 30% off!)
Buy one from zShops for: $17.84
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The author is a compalsive liar, the book might have been funny if the author wasn't trying to implement it in everyday life. The book is mainly about turning the only democracy in the middle east into a banana republic(tm).

I Would Have Liked More
If you are preparing to read this book do not set aside too much time for it, speed reader or not it should not take that much time for you. Basically what the author gives us is a brief history of terrorism in the world and then some steps that a democracy can take to reduce the threat. If you have ever seen any of his interviews in the past then you probably know what to expect - he is a good speaker yet just a little bit militant. Everything he comes up with in the book is sound advise and it is interesting that now after September 11th, the U.S. government is taking many of the steps he has laid out.

I think the most interesting thing for me really was the foreshadowing to September 11th, this book was written in 1995 and he was right on the mark with his warnings. It is also very interesting to note that with the info that has come out sense September 11th about what the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community did know that if they would have followed his plan then one could see that maybe the attack could have been avoided. Overall, the book is ok. I wish he would have put more effort into it, a 140-page book is not much to get excited about. He started off with some history, but only thinly told it. There was room for him to expand on his ideas. I came away thinking that the base of the book was a newspaper or magazine article that he stretched into a book. If you like the author or are interested in the topic then I would suggest you pick up a copy.

Educated View
I read this book to have a look at the insights of a man, who personally as a soldier has had to deal with the after shocks of terrorism, and as a leader of a nation that has to deal with it every day. I don't wish to pass comment on those who have also reviewed this book before me, as they live in Israel and I don't. I am aware of Mr Netanyahu's background as well as that of his successor Mr Barak. And I feel that both will continue to hold the ideals of counterterrorism that both have experienced, partly explained in this book.

Fighting Terrorism
Published in Audio Cassette by Blackstone Audiobooks (2001)
Authors: Benjamin Netanyahu and Jeff Riggenbach
Amazon base price: $18.17
List price: $25.95 (that's 30% off!)
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