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Doodlebug Days
Published in Paperback by Xlibris Corporation (30 August, 2000)
Authors: Nancy Lockard Gallop, Dorothy Lockard Bristol, and Molly Murphy MacGregor
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Enchanting and Educational!
I was enchanted and educated by the adventures of this fascinating family.
As a member of a later generation that did not personally experience the depression, I feel I now have an understanding of what life would have been like if I had. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique way the two sisters took turn telling the story, sometimes-different take on the same event! Wonderful!

A More Simple Time
This is a wonderful book. It is very well written and a fast read. I was left wanting to know more. What happened to Aunt Irene & Uncle Grant as they aged? Who did sleep in Giovanni's room? It provides a full portrait of a particular middle class family from 1935 to 1937 as they moved from town to town in the San Joaquin Valley of California to follow their father's work. I loved the clarity of the portrayal of this less complicated culture. One passage sent chills down my spine because of the contrast it draws to our present experience: "In 1935 most children didn't have closets stuffed with clothes, shoes and games." I especially enjoyed all the details of life - food, clothing, styles, manners. The characters were well drawn & varied & left me with a deep longing for a sister of my own.

Seventy-Four Days of Summer
Published in Hardcover by, Inc. (2000)
Author: Dorothy Murphy
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Used price: $15.95
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