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Catholic Common Ground Initiative: Foundational Documents
Published in Paperback by Crossroad/Herder & Herder (1997)
Authors: Joseph Louis Bernardin, Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Philip J. Murnion, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, National Pastoral Life Center &U S & St, and Oscar H. Lipscomb
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A Prophetic Voice For All Catholics
At a time when extremists of both the left and the right continue to polarize the Catholic Church in the USA for what, in many cases, are no more than their own self-serving ends, it is imperative that moderate and unity-minded Catholics take up the hard work outlined by the esteemed Cardinal Bernadin in bringing church-splitting extremists to the table of dialogue. As Paul wrote in his letters, "Is Christ divided? Can one say, am I of Apollos and another, I am of Paul?" Bernadin had the intelligence, foresight, and grace to see that the Common Ground Iniative would be a way for moderate peacemakers in the Church to bring our feuding brothers and sisters together in a calmer, more productive manner. His words still ring prophetic. Come, let us reason together, that we may all be one. At the very least, the Common Ground Initiative offers real hope and stability against the polarizing impulses of special-interest Catholics whose myopic North American/USA point-of-view fails to include the mission of the worldwide church. We owe it to Cardinal Bernadin and his legacy to equip ourselves for the work of healing and reconciliation in any way we can.

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