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Sports: What Sports Can Do for You and What You Can Do With Sports (New Moon Books)
Published in Paperback by Crown Pub (August, 1999)
Authors: Flynn Berry, Lauren Calhoun, Ashley Cofell, Morgan Fykes, Katie Hedberg, Elizabeth Larsson, Priscilla Mendoza, Julia Peters-Axtell, Caitlin Stern, and New Moon Girl's Editorial Board
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great book
this book encouraged me to participate in more sports, gave me more ideas and information about sports, and helped me to try new and different sports. everyone should read this book :)

Magicians of Erianne
Published in Hardcover by Harpercollins Juvenile Books (July, 1988)
Authors: James R. Berry and James A. Berry
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $3.00
Collectible price: $7.93
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The Mystic Adventures of Roxie Stoner
Published in Hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Co (June, 1974)
Author: Berry Morgan
Amazon base price: $10.00
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