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Living in the Moment: A Guide to Living a Full and Spiritual Life
Published in Hardcover by 1stBooks Library (2002)
Authors: Mary Ann Morgan and Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig
Amazon base price: $23.95
Used price: $19.54
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I tend to be a cynic when it comes to mediums and connecting spiritually with the dead. However, Mary Ann Morgan's book, Living in the Moment, has made me question my cynicism. Ms. Morgan's book is one of peace, understanding, and unconditional love. It teaches you to open your heart and mind and to share it with others. I appreciate that Ms. Morgan took the time out of her busy schedule to pass on her words to others. A great buy for you and a great gift for those you love. I am now a believer!

A guide to making a better life for yourself
I just barely got this book,have not finished it, but just had to comment on what I've read so far. It inspires me to think about my actions and the meanings behind them, and makes me want to be a better person in every aspect of my life - one step at a time. I hope more people read this book and come to terms with their inner spirits and hopes and dreams, it would sure make this crazy world a better place for all of us. Ok, now to go back and finish reading!

There's a place within each of us that once awakened never sleeps again. "Living in the Moment" awakens that place within me.

Not Deaf Enough : Raising a Child Who Is Hard of Hearing With Hugs and Humor
Published in Paperback by Alex Graham Bell Assn for Deaf (1996)
Authors: Patricia Ann Morgan Candlish and P.A.M. Candlish
Amazon base price: $26.95
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This is a MUST READ for parents of hard of hearing children
This no-nonsense book is filled with practical, useful information. I highly recommend this book to all parents of hard of hearing children.

As the parent of two hard of hearing children, I have read my share of books about deafness. This is one of the best.

Amazon says the book is out of print, but I checked with the publisher ...and they say they have just reprinted it and it should be available soon.

PAM's Sister who is a Teacher Reviews Not Deaf Enough
A very worthwhile book. I had a chance to reread your book this summer and I found myself learning even more the second time around.(Actually the third time if you count the manuscript.) I always knew your life was not easy but I didn't know just how difficult it has been. You have not only coped beautifully but managed to produce a very worthwhile work out of all your difficulties that will benefit others. Congratulations. I'm lucky to be your older sister. Your book is so easy to read, even the technical parts. I think it should be required reading for everyone in the education field. I loved the way you interspersed it with pictures. I have always been amazed at how you taught Reid to talk. You done great SIS!

Practical, Focused Help for Children with Hearing Problems
"Not Deaf Enough" (the title is devastating in itself,can be read on at least two levels. The first is obvious. The author, mother of a child with hearing deficiencies, gives the reader an account and the benefit of her and her famly's experiences with the system proved deficient. The advice is practical and focussed and comes from an intelligent, tenacious, loving, resourceful and articulate woman. Candlish pulls no punches and does not pussyfoot around the problem. If you are fortunate enough not to have had a major challnege of this sort in your family, then read the book from the perspective of someone who felt that the outside world should get a return on her and her family's investment. With any luck, this book will inspire others to give help and support to others less fortunate. There should be more books written such as this written so clearly. A third level, of course, is that the book is also a character sketch of someone who is playing the hand that she has been dealt without whining and without asking for a new deal.

Kouk & the Ice Bear
Published in Paperback by Atomium Books (1991)
Authors: Ann Rocard and Morgan
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $2.64
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Kouk and the Ice Bear By Ann-Rocard, Morgan
This is a beautiful book about a little Eskimo boy named Kouk, who loves to get into mischief. He is always playing jokes and never wants to work. One day, his jokes take him too far and he ends up on Ice Bear island. He must go through ice palaces, mazes and meet magical animals until he finds his way home. This is a wonderful and fun story for all ages. The pictures are vibrant and hold the childs attention. Also, it's a great book to introduce children to other children of other cultures

The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook
Published in Paperback by Daughters of the Moon (01 July, 1998)
Authors: Ffiona Morgan, Pam Newman, and McGuire Lee Ann
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $6.95
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Perfect for women who love women and food!
I ordered this book as a holiday gift for my partner. After I received it, I could not stop reading it long enough to wrap it!

We have found lots of yummy new dishes, thanks to the generous vegetarian sections. Though with all of the beautiful photographs and erotic stories to distract us, I'm still surprised that we managed to actually cook anything!

The Daughters of the Moon company has been a pleasure to deal with, and I hope they find great success with this unique and incredible book.

Glory for Sale: Fans, Dollars and the New NFL
Published in Paperback by Bancroft Press (1997)
Authors: Jon Morgan and Ann Sjoerdsma
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.09
Collectible price: $6.25
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Praise for "Glory for Sale"
If you have any interest in sports, you have to read Glory for Sale. Jon Morgan has written a fascinating and carefully crafted book about the inner workings of professional sports. Few of us have ever been privy to the secret meetings, the betrayal, the calculated lies, and the greed at work whenever a professional sports franchise tears free from a city. This book is more than the tale of Art Modell's apostasy, it is the frightening blueprint for a society whose religion sports is founded on a single commandment: Thou shalt win. -- Tim Green, author of The Dark Side of the Game and sports commentator for ABC's "Good Morning America," "NFL on Fox," and NPR's "Morning Edition

Glory for Sale is a fascinating read. Morgan manages to penetrate the personalities and structures of the NFL in a lucid and compelling fashion while providing a probing and critical analysis of city stadium subsidies, franchise movements and the business of football. -- Andrew Zimbalist, author of Baseball & Billions: A Probing Look Inside the Big Business of Our National Pastime and co-author of Sports Jobs and Tax: Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Facilities

. . . a detailed, engrossing and fast-paced account of am increasingly volatile aspect of sports. -- Bortz & Co., Sports and Media Consultants

Team relocation is a controversial and complex issue that hotly divides avid sports fans. Jon Morgan's Glory for Sale insightfully lays out the importance of stadium economics in building a competitive team, and it clearly, easily explains why teams move. It is one of the best analyses I've read. --Paul J. Much, Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin (financial advisor on sports economics to teams, leagues, stadiums, and governmental agencies)

A Tale of Two Cities; NFL-style!!!
Morgan goes through excruciating detail as to how the cities of Cleveland and Baltimore will now be forever conjoined. The book gives the reader a true perspective of the shenanigans by owners who are looking for the "easy money" of professional sports and how they will stoop to breaking the hearts of thousands of loyal fans just to fatten their wallets. Not only does it cut to the quick about the move of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore; it also touches off on that fateful winter's night when Bob Irsay packed the beloved Colts onto the Mayflower trucks and stole away the heart of a city. A great read for Clevelanders and Baltimoreans alike; both of which can take small consolation that the heartbreaks of '84 and '95 will finally be resolved when the Browns return next August.

Morgan masterfully tells a complex story with style and ease
"Glory for Sale" is full of the sort of detail most football fans only dream of accessing...the book enables readers to become part of the franchise process, to feel as though they were actually there. Jon Morgan's style is fluid and literary, and the book, however intricate, reads as easily as a novel. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the world of sports, and for anyone with a solid appreciation for plain old good writing.

Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates
Published in Paperback by Allyn & Bacon (1999)
Authors: Betsy Levonian Morgan, Ann Korschgen, and Betsy Levonian Morgan
Amazon base price: $9.00
Used price: $2.02
Buy one from zShops for: $6.95
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Excellent book for the sophomore Psych major
Outstanding book. I bought this for my daughter who, against my better judgement, chose to be a psychology major at Madison. Before I gave her the book, I read the whole thing. I'm not nearly as worried anymore. This book provides excellent overview to what can be accomplished with a Psych degree.

The right book to start with
I liked this book because it was short and easy to read and gave a great overview of careers, job options and graduate school. It's funny too. I had it assigned to me in a class and I didn't resell it!

Just what I needed
This book is a quick and easy to read friend to a psychology major. The authors direct you to other resources but give you all the basics you need to know. It reads like they've actually talked to psychology majors and know our concerns.

Sexual Harassment in Education
Published in Paperback by Education Law Association (1993)
Authors: Susan C. Hastings, Ann C. Morgan, and John F. Lewis
Amazon base price: $19.95
Average review score:

The Beginning
Lewis' book is a history and theory of the law of sexual harassment in education. The area has grown since the publication of this seminal work.


Since the Lewis book was published Title VII (and state human right acts) remains the cause of action for employees and Title IX has become the cause of action for students.

The book deserves an update.

Tiny Talks: A Book of Devotions for Small Children
Published in Hardcover by Thomas Nelson (1996)
Authors: Robert J. Morgan and Ann S. Hogue
Amazon base price: $10.99
Used price: $6.50
Collectible price: $13.22
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Practical stories/conversations about God for Preschoolers
Tiny Talks is a book filled with approx. 75 two-page stories or vignettes about thirteen fictional characters who live in Tiny Town. The stories are about everyday happenings and each contains a moral truth or information about God's character or Jesus or the Bible. For instance, in one, a little girl gets upset because she can't draw within the lines but her teacher talks to her about patience and how God is patient with us so we should be patient with ourselves too. Each story ends with a two-sentence prayer and is accompanied by a single Bible verse. They touch upon obedience, thankfulness, honesty, helping others, and so on, all in a way that kids can easily relate to. The introduction calls the book a "user-friendly guide to daily devotions for families with small children." Even though there are no color pictures -- there is only a single black and white drawing per story -- my four-year old loves to be read stories from this book each night before bedtime.

Arthur Dove: Life and Work, With a Catalogue Raisonne
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Delaware Pr (1984)
Author: Ann Lee Morgan
Amazon base price: $60.00
Used price: $279.00
Average review score:
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British Imports of Consumer Goods : A Study of Import Penetration 197485
Published in Textbook Binding by Cambridge University Press (1988)
Author: Ann D. Morgan
Amazon base price: $39.95
Used price: $129.13
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