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Maximum Performance
Published in Hardcover by Simon & Schuster (1977)
Author: Laurence Englemohr, Morehouse
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $2.12
Collectible price: $6.35
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awesome combo
dinosaur training lost secrets of strength and development by brooks d kubik and maximum performance imagine that totally functional

Needs to be reissued
The other reviewers are correct, this book is the tops and needs to be reissued in the 21st century. I remember when there were large stacks of these in paperback in many stores that sold new books. I mistakenly thought "Maximum Performance" would always be available. Unfortunately, the book publishing business has changed in dramatic ways that do not always serve the needs and interests of the book purchasing public.

I had not referred to "Maximum Performance" in many years and a few months ago unexpectedly saw a good copy in a used book store. That refreshed my memory. I did not buy the used copy because I thought I had a good copy, but when I returned home I learned that it had become water damaged. Alas, when I returned to the used book store the copy I'd seen had been sold. Still, I read through my water damaged and slightly smelly copy of Morehouse's "Maximum Performance" and decided that even a discolored and odoriforous copy was better than no copy. It remains in my library in a sealed plastic bag until the book is re-issued or I can find another copy.

Regardless of the specific physical activity, whether you are teaching about sports or coaching them, whether you are interested in improving your own physical performance or interested in avoiding injuries in your own physical performance, in sports or at work, this book has a lot to offer you. I was working on a Fire Department and EMS ambulance service when I first read this book and was quickly able to apply much of the advice to daily working tasks. My skills in lifting patients and lifting fire hose, performing CPR and climbing ladders, all improved with a little thought and rehersal as suggested in Dr. Morehouse's excellent book. By following Dr. Morehouse's advice I also ended up playing quarterback on our fire department football team even though I was by no means the biggest or strongest player on the field.

At the time, Dr. Morehouse was a pioneer in the field and developed an incredibly successful record training Olympic caliber athletes as well as spacefaring astronauts. He set the standard with "Maximum Performance" and it is a treasure that is missed and needs to be reissued in the 21st century.

Excellent book!
I had a hard time finding this book, but it was definitely worth it! The books concentrates on giving physiologically sound advice, which is often at odds with intuition. For example, the the author explores how "trying too hard" may hamper performance, along with how to optimize anxiety levels for your sport. I keep rereading this book, and there is always something new there. I've read other sports books, but none that actually gave me this amount of directly applicable tips.

Total fitness in 30 minutes a week
Published in Unknown Binding by ()
Authors: Laurence Englemohr Morehouse and Leonard Gross
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $999.99
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A Fitness Classic
Dr. Morehouse hates to exercise but loves to be fit. He spent a career training astronauts, athletes, and Navy personnel. And he worked out what may be the simplest system for developing elements of fitness that have ever been conceived. He based his plan on the need of Naval personnel to live and work in confined spaces, so what he suggests will work in a dorm room or apartment. Buy this book, you will never regret it. Filled with great advice such as saying that no one has the right to put you under so much pressure that you lose your will to stay fit.

mental and physical fitness
imagine the combo keep your brain alive and total fitness in 30 minutes a week

Still Great After All These Years
I purchased this book soon after it became available in paperback in 1976. I used the exercise program back then, along with a low carb diet, the result was a 30 pound weight loss, felt energetic and in great shape. I have purchased many fitness books since then but this book is filled with great information that has stood the test of time and it will continue to benefit any one who reads it and follows the program - it only takes 30 minutes a week!

Physiology of exercise
Published in Unknown Binding by Mosby ()
Author: Laurence Englemohr Morehouse
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $6.95
Collectible price: $7.00
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